Individual of Mysis relicta, from here.

Belongs within: Eumalacostraca.

The Mysidacea are small shrimp-like crustaceans, mostly marine though the best-known species, Mysis relicta, is found in freshwater glacial lakes. There is some doubt as to whether the two major living groups, the Lophogastrida and Mysida, actually form a monophyletic unit.

Characters (from Ax 2000): Caridoid shrimp habitus. Carapace extensive, covering large part of first thorax section, but originally connected to only one thoracic segment. Second antenna with scaphocerite. Clear protruding tooth at posterior edge of labrum. Ommatidia with specific congruencies in formation of crytalline cone, with plasmatic offshoots of accessory cone cells surrounding proximal part of cone. Six pleopods with endopodites and exopodites. Tail fan of uropods and telson. Antennal and maxillary nephridia present.

    |  i. s.: Gastrosaccus RO69
    |         Gnathophausia ingens CH97
    |         Iiella ohshimai (Ii 1964) HM03
    |         Nipponomysis ornata (Ii 1964) HM03
    |         Paulocaris pachecoi Clarke 1920 S77
    |--Lophogastrida MD01
    |    |--Eucopia [Eucopiidae] MD01
    |    `--Lophogastridae MD01
    `--+--Pygocephalomorpha MD01
       `--Mysida MD01
            |--Petalophthalmidae B86
            |--Stygiomysis Caroli 1937 [Stygiomysidae] B86
            |    |--S. clarkei Bowman, Iliffe & Yager 1984 B86
            |    |--S. holthuisi (Gordon 1958) B86
            |    |--S. hydruntina Caroli 1937 B86
            |    `--S. major Bowman 1976 B86
            |--Spelaeomysis Caroli 1924 [Lepidomysidae] B86
            |    |--S. bottazzii Caroli 1924 B86
            |    |--S. cardisomae Bowman 1973 B86
            |    |--S. longipes (Pillai & Mariamma 1963) B86
            |    |--S. nuniezi Băcescu & Orghidani 1971 B86
            |    |--S. olivae Bowman 1973 B86
            |    |--S. quinterensis Villalobos 1951 B86
            |    `--S. servatus Fage 1924 B86
            `--Mysidae B86
                 |  i. s.: Idiomysis C08
                 |           |--I. inermis Tattersall 1922 C08
                 |           |--I. japonicus Murano 1978 [=I. japonica] C08
                 |           |--I. mozambicus Deprez et al. 2001 C08
                 |           |--I. robustus Connell 2008 C08
                 |           `--I. tsurnamali Bacescu 1973 C08
                 |         Kainommatomysis Tattersall 1922 C08
                 |           |--K. foxi Tattersall 1927 C08
                 |           |--K. schieckei Bacescu 1973 C08
                 |           `--K. zuluensis Connell 2008 C08
                 |         Australerythrops C08
                 |           |--A. africanus Connell 2008 C08
                 |           `--A. paradicei Tattersall 1927 C08
                 `--Mysinae B86
                      |--Leptomysis Sars 1869 [Leptomysini] B86
                      |    |--L. burgii Băcescu 1966 B86
                      |    `--L. peresi Băcescu 1966 B86
                      |--Heteromysini B86
                      |    |--Heteromysis cotti RO69
                      |    `--Heteromysoides Băcescu 1968 B86
                      |         `--H. cotti (Calman 1932) B86
                      `--Mysini B86
                           |--Anisomysis Hansen 1910 B86
                           |    `--A. vasseuri Ledoyer 1974 B86
                           |--Hemimysis Sars 1869 B86
                           |    `--H. speluncola Ledoyer 1963 B86
                           |--Troglomysis Stammer 1933 B86
                           |    `--T. vjetrenicensis Stammer 1933 B86
                           |--Mysis B86
                           |    |--M. relicta B86
                           |    `--M. stenolepis K-M02
                           `--Antromysis Creaser 1936 B86
                                |--A. anophelinae Tattersall 1951 [=Anophelina anophelinae] B86
                                |--A. cenotensis Creaser 1936 B86
                                |--A. cubanica B86
                                |--A. juberthiei Băcescu & Orghidani 1977 B86
                                |--A. peckorum Bowman 1977 B86
                                `--A. reddelli Bowman 1977 B86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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