The rusty crayfish Orconectes rusticus, from here.

Belongs within: Astacura.
Contains: Cambarus, Procambarus.

The Astacida are the freshwater crayfish. They are divisible between the Northern Hemisphere Astacoidea and the Southern Hemisphere Parastacoidea (Martin & Davis 2001).

Synapomorphies (from Dixon et al. 2003): Gastrulation an invagination process showing a ring of about forty ectoteloblasts; development direct. Ischium-merus boundary of first pereiopod perpendicular; no median ridge or suture in posterior carapace; soft cuticle present in distal part of telson.

    |  i. s.: Pacifastacus chenoderma (Cope 1871) AFZ04
    |         Paranephrops H97 [Parastacidae, Parastacoidea MD01]
    |           |--P. planifrons (Hutton 1875) H86
    |           `--P. zealandicus H97
    |--+--Astacoides madagascarensis (Milne Edwards & Audouin 1839) DAS03
    |  `--Cherax DAS03
    |       |--C. albidus G75
    |       |--C. cainii DM04
    |       |--C. destructor LOL03
    |       |--C. lorentzi Roux 1911 DAS03
    |       |--C. quadricarinutus LOL03
    |       `--C. tenuimanus DM04
    `--Astacoidea MD01
         |--Cambaroides japonicus (de Haan 1842) DAS03
         |--Astacidae MD01
         |    |--*Astacus astacus (Linnaeus 1758) DAS03 [=Potamobius astacus H86; incl. Astacus fluviatilis H86]
         |    `--Austropotamobius H86
         |         |--A. pallipes (Lereboullet 1858) DAS03
         |         `--A. torrentium (Schranck 1803) [=Au. torrentius (l. c.); incl. Astacus saxatilis] H86
         |              |--A. t. torrentium H86
         |              `--A. t. macedonicus H86
         `--Cambaridae MD01
              |--Cambarus H86
              |--Procambarus H86
              |--Troglocambarus Hobbs 1942 H86
              |    `--T. maclanei Hobbs 1942 H86
              `--Orconectes Cope 1872 H86
                   |--O. australis (Rhoades 1941) H86
                   |    |--O. a. australis H86
                   |    `--O. a. packardi Rhoades 1944 H86
                   |--O. immunis (Hagen 1870) H86
                   |--O. incomptus Hobbs & Barr 1972 H86
                   |--O. inermis Cope 1872 H86
                   |    |--O. i. inermis H86
                   |    `--O. i. testii (Hay 1891) H86
                   |--O. luteus (Creaser 1933) H86
                   |--O. meeki H86
                   |    |--O. m. meeki H86
                   |    `--O. m. brevis Williams 1952 H86
                   |--O. neglectus (Faxon 1885) H86
                   |--O. ozarkae Williams 1952 DSG03
                   |--O. palmeri H86
                   |    |--O. p. palmeri H86
                   |    `--O. p. longimanus (Faxon 1898) H86
                   |--O. pellucidus (Tellkampf 1844) H86
                   |--O. propinquus (Girard 1852) H86
                   |--O. punctimanus (Creaser 1933) H86
                   |--O. rusticus DM04
                   `--O. virilis (Hagen 1870) H86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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