Yabby Cherax destructor, copyright Chameleon.

Belongs within: Astacidea.
Contains: Cambarus, Procambarus, Orconectes.

The Astacida are the freshwater crayfish. They are divisible between the Northern Hemisphere Astacoidea and the Southern Hemisphere Parastacidae (Martin & Davis 2001). In the Astacoidea, the first pleopod is well developed and used for sperm transfer in males but reduced or absent in females, whereas in Parastacidae it is absent in both sexes. Some species are commercially significant for food, such as the yabby Cherax destructor in Australia and the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii in North America.

Synapomorphies (from Dixon et al. 2003): Gastrulation an invagination process showing a ring of about forty ectoteloblasts; development direct. Ischium-merus boundary of first pereiopod perpendicular; no median ridge or suture in posterior carapace; soft cuticle present in distal part of telson.

    |--+--Astacoides madagascarensis (Milne Edwards & Audouin 1839) DAS03
    |  `--Cherax DAS03
    |       |--C. cainii DM04
    |       |--C. destructor LOL03
    |       |    |--C. d. destructor DSB13
    |       |    `--C. d. albidus DSB13
    |       |--C. lorentzi Roux 1911 DAS03
    |       |--C. quadricarinutus LOL03
    |       `--C. tenuimanus DM04
    `--Astacoidea MD01
         |--Cambaroides japonicus (de Haan 1842) DAS03
         |--Cambaridae MD01
         |    |--Cambarus H86
         |    |--Procambarus H86
         |    |--Orconectes H86
         |    `--Troglocambarus Hobbs 1942 H86
         |         `--T. maclanei Hobbs 1942 H86
         `--Astacidae MD01
              |--Austropotamobius H86
              |    |--A. pallipes (Lereboullet 1858) DAS03
              |    `--A. torrentium (Schranck 1803) [=Au. torrentius (l. c.); incl. Astacus saxatilis] H86
              |         |--A. t. torrentium H86
              |         `--A. t. macedonicus H86
              `--Astacus DAS03
                   |--A. astacus (Linnaeus 1758) DAS03 [=Potamobius astacus H86; incl. A. fluviatilis H86]
                   |--A. gammarus G20
                   |--A. licenti van Straelen 1928 BWW93
                   |--A. marinus B97
                   |--A. pallipes CS77
                   `--A. spinirostrius Imaizumi 1938 BWW93

Astacida incertae sedis:
  Pacifastacus chenoderma (Cope 1871) AFZ04
  Parastacidae [Parastacoidea] MD01
    |--Euastacus spinifer WP99
    |--Astacopsis G88
    |    |--A. bicarinatus G09
    |    `--A. serratus WL09
    |--Paranephrops H97
    |    |--P. planifrons (Hutton 1875) H86
    |    `--P. zealandicus H97
    |--Engaewa Riek 1967 BKH12
    |    |--E. pseudoreducta Horwitz & Adams 2000 BKH12
    |    |--E. reducta Riek 1967 BKH12
    |    |--E. similis Riek 1967 BKH12
    |    |--E. subcoerulea Riek 1967 BKH12
    |    `--E. walpolea Horwitz & Adams 2000 BKH12
    `--Engaeus Erichson 1846 BKH12
         |--E. cisternarius BKH12
         |--E. disjuncticus BKH12
         |--E. fossor BKH12
         |--E. fultoni BKH12
         |--E. hemicirratulus BKH12
         |--E. karnanga BKH12
         |--E. laevis BKH12
         |--E. lyelli BKH12
         |--E. mairener BKH12
         |--E. mallacoota BKH12
         |--E. martigener BKH12
         |--E. merosetosus BKH12
         |--E. nulloporius BKH12
         |--E. orientalis BKH12
         |--E. phyllocercus BKH12
         |--E. sericatus BKH12
         |--E. spinicaudatus BKH12
         |--E. strictifrons BKH12
         |--E. urostrictus BKH12
         `--E. yabbimunna BKH12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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