Pair of Dalquestia formosa, copyright Robby Deans.

Belongs within: Palpatores.
Contains: Neopilionidae, Phalangiidae, Sclerosomatidae, Metopilio.

The Phalangioidea is a diverse clade of long-legged harvestmen, members of which are united by the possession of accessory spiracles in the tibiae of the legs.

    |  i. s.: Oligoopilionus Ciobanu 1977 C92
    |           `--*O. aquaticus Ciobanu 1977 C92
    |         Petrunkevitchiana Mello-Leitão 1936 C92
    |           `--*P. oculata (Petrunkevitch 1922) [=Phalangium oculatum] C92
    |         Kustarachne Scudder 1890 DA05 [Kustarachnida, Kustarachnidae K13]
    |           |--K. conica D07
    |           |--K. extincta D07
    |           `--K. tenuipes Scudder 1890 DA05
    |--+--Vibone Kauri 1961 VFG14, HC91
    |  |    `--*V. vetusta Kauri 1961 HC91
    |  `--+--+--Neopilionidae VFG14
    |     |  `--Phalangiidae VFG14
    |     `--Sclerosomatidae VFG14
    `--+--Dalquestia Cokendolpher 1984 HT12, C92
       |    |--*D. formosa (Banks 1910) C92 [=Eurybunus formosus C92, Globipes formosus R23]
       |    |--D. concho CS00
       |    |--D. grasshoffi HT12
       |    |--D. leucopyga Cokendolpher & Sissom 2000 CS00
       |    |--D. rothorum Cokendolpher & Stockwell 1986 CS00
       |    `--D. rugosa (Schenkel 1951) E90
       `--+--Eurybunus Banks 1893 HT12, C92
          |    |--*E. brunneus Banks 1893 C92
          |    |--E. pallidus Goodnight & Goodnight 1943 GG43
          |    |--E. riversi Goodnight & Goodnight 1943 GG43
          |    `--E. spinosus Banks 1895 R23
          `--+--Metopilio HT12
             `--Globipes Banks 1893 HT12, C92
                  |--*G. spinulatus Banks 1893 C92
                  |--G. schultzei R56
                  `--G. simplex Schenkel 1951 E90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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