Gagrellula ferruginea, from here.

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Gagrellula is a genus of sclerosomatid harvestmen known from southern Asia, characterised (albeit doubtfully) by the presence of three pseudoarticular nodules in femur II, and by the absence of denticles around the base of the eyemound.

Characters (from Roewer 1954): Femora I–IV with nodules; scutum with single median spine(s) on area 2 only or on both areas 1 and 2; eyemound smooth or granulate, without large spines, always unarmed basally; femora I and III cylindrical, longer than body.

<==Gagrellula Roewer 1910 R54
    |--*G. albitarsis (Simon 1899) R54 [=Gagrella albitarsis R23]
    |--G. aborana Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. albatra Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. albicoxa (Loman 1892) S86 [=Gagrella albicoxa R23; incl. G. albicoxa nivea Loman 1892 R23]
    |--G. albifrons Roewer 1931 S85
    |--G. albilineata Roewer 1929 R54
    |--G. albimarginata Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--G. albitarsis (Simon 1899) R54
    |--G. annulata Roewer 1910 R54
    |--G. atra (Loman 1892) R54 [=Gagrella atra R23]
    |--G. aurilimbata Roewer 1923 R54
    |--G. auropunctata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. bicolor Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. bimaculata Roewer 1911 R54
    |--G. bipunctata Roewer 1912 R54
    |    |--G. b. bipunctata R54
    |    `--G. b. maculata Roewer 1912 R54
    |--G. brunnea Roewer 1936 R54
    |--G. chamberlini Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. circulata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. conspersa Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. convexa Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. crux (With 1903) R54 [=Gagrella crux R23]
    |--G. cuneimaculata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. cuprilucens Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. curvispina Roewer 1912 R54
    |--G. didyma Roewer 1936 R54
    |--G. fasciata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. ferruginea (Loman 1902) T06 (see below for synonymy)
    |--G. frontalis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. fuscanalis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. geminata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. gertschi Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. giltayi Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. granulata Suzuki 1986 S86
    |--G. heinrichi Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. indigena Goodnight & Goodnight 1944 GG44
    |--G. johorea Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. kubotai Suzuki 1986 R54
    |--G. laeviscutum Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. leucanta Roewer 1954 S85
    |--G. lomanii (Thorell 1894) R54 [=Gagrella lomanii R23]
    |--G. luteipalpis Roewer 1954 S86
    |--G. luteomaculata Roewer 1931 R54
    |--G. melanotarsus Roewer 1911 R54
    |--G. montana Sato & Suzuki 1938 R54
    |--G. niasensis (Thorell 1891) R54 [=Gagrella niasensis R23]
    |--G. niveata Roewer 1954 S85
    |--G. opposita Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. orissa Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. palawana Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. pulverulenta Roewer 1913 R54
    |--G. rufifrons Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. rufoscutum Roewer 1912 R54
    |--G. rutila Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--G. saddlana Roewer 1929 R54
    |--G. scabra Roewer 1910 R54
    |--G. schenkeli Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. siberutiana Roewer 1929 R54
    |--G. simaluris Roewer 1923 R54
    |--G. simla Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. simplex Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. trichopalpis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--G. unicolor Roewer 1910 R54
    |--G. variegata Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--G. virescens Roewer 1910 R54
    `--G. vittata Roewer 1912 R54

Gagrellula ferruginea (Loman 1902) T06 [=Gagrella ferruginea R23; incl. Gagrellula distincta (Sato & Suzuki 1938) T06, Gagrellula testacea Suzuki 1986 T06]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[R23] Roewer, C.-F. 1923. Die Weberknechte der Erde: Systematische Bearbeitung der bisher bekannnten Opiliones. Gustav Fischer: Jena.

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