Female Asprocottus korjakovi, copyright V. G. Sideleva.

Belongs within: Cottoidea.

The Abyssocottidae is a group of sculpins endemic to Lake Baikal, many of which live in deep water and exhibit associated adaptations such as reduced scalation and a lateral line of exposed neuromasts.

See also: The sculpins of Baikal.

Abyssocottidae [Cottocomephoridae, Cottocomephorinae]
     |--+--Leocottus kesslerii [=Cottus kesslerii] KKV03
     |  `--Cottocomephorus KKV03
     |       |--C. alexandrae KKV03
     |       |--C. grewingkii KKV03
     |       `--C. inermis KKV03
     |--+--Paracottus knerii KKV03
     |  `--Procottus KKV03
     |       |--P. gotoi KKV03
     |       |--P. gurwici KKV03
     |       |--P. jeittelesii KKV03
     |       `--P. major KKV03
     `--+--Comephorus Lacepède 1800 KKV03, B78 [=Comophorus Agassiz 1846 B78; Comephoridae]
        |    |--C. baicalensis KKV03
        |    `--C. dybowski KKV03
        `--Abyssocottinae KKV03
             |  i. s.: Neocottus KKV03
             |           |--N. thermalis KKV03
             |           `--N. werestschagini KKV03
             |--Cyphocottus KKV03
             |    |--C. eurystomus KKV03
             |    `--C. megalops KKV03
             `--+--+--‘Abyssocottus’ gibbosus KKV03
                |  `--+--Batrachocottus KKV03
                |     |    |--B. baicalensis KKV03
                |     |    |--B. multiradiatus KKV03
                |     |    |--B. nikolskii KKV03
                |     |    `--B. talievi KKV03
                |     `--Limnocottus KKV03
                |          |--+--L. bergianus KKV03
                |          |  `--L. pallidus KKV03
                |          `--+--L. godlewskii KKV03
                |             `--L. griseus KKV03
                `--+--+--Cottinella boulengeri KKV03
                   |  `--Abyssocottus KKV03
                   |       |--A. elochini KKV03
                   |       `--A. korotneffi KKV03
                   `--Asprocottus KKV03
                        |  i. s.: A. abyssalis KKV03
                        |         A. parmiferus KKV03
                        |--+--A. herzensteini KKV03
                        |  `--A. platycephalus KKV03
                        `--+--A. korjakovi KKV03
                           |    |--A. k. korjakovi KKV03
                           |    `--A. k. minor KKV03
                           `--A. pulcher KKV03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B78] Britton, E. B. 1978. A revision of the Australian chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) vol. 2. Tribe Melolonthini. Australian Journal of Zoology, Supplementary Series 60: 1–150.

[KKV03] Kontula, T., S. V. Kirilchik & R. Väinölä. 2003. Endemic diversification of the monophyletic cottoid fish species flock in Lake Baikal explored with mtDNA sequencing. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 27: 143–155.

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