Dorsal view of Eugagrella rufispina, from Roewer (1954).

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Eugagrella is a genus of sclerosomatid harvestmen recognised from southern Asia, characterised (albeit doubtfully) by the presence of four pseudoarticular nodules in femur II.

Characters (from Roewer 1954): Femora I–IV with nodules; scutum with single median spine(s) on area 2 only or on both areas 1 and 2; eyemound smooth or granular, but without large, prominent, single spines; femora I and III cylindrical, longer than body.

<==Eugagrella Roewer 1910 C92
    |--*E. variegata (Doleschall 1859) C92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--E. abdominalis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. aemula Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. argentata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. barnesi Roewer 1929 R54
    |--E. carli Roewer 1929 R54
    |--E. celerrima (Loman 1892) R54 [=Gagrella celerrima R23]
    |--E. ceylonensis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. cuernosa Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. fokiana Roewer 1954 S85
    |--E. grandis Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--E. jacobsoni Roewer 1923 R54
    |--E. laticlavia (Thorell 1889) R54 [=Gagrella laticlavia R23; incl. G. mirabilis With 1903 R23]
    |--E. malabarica Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. muara Roewer 1923 R54
    |--E. palliditarsus Roewer 1923 R54
    |--E. palnica Roewer 1929 R54
    |--E. paupera Banks 1930 non Gagrella paupera With 1905 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.) R54
    |    |--E. p. paupera R54
    |    `--E. p. apicalis Banks 1930 R54
    |--E. rufescens (Thorell 1889) R54 [=Gagrella rufescens R23]
    |--E. rufispina Roewer 1954 R54
    |--E. simaluris Roewer 1923 R54
    |--E. stoliczkae (With 1903) R54 [=Gagrella stoliczkae R23]
    |--E. trimaculata Roewer 1923 S85
    |--E. yuennanana Roewer 1954 R54
    `--E. zilchi Roewer 1954 R54

*Eugagrella variegata (Doleschall 1859) C92 [=Phalangium variegatum C92, Gagrella variegata R23; incl. P. testaceum Doleschall 1859 R23, D59, G. testacea T76, G. vestita Thorell 1891 R23, P. viride Doleschall 1859 R23, D59, G. viridis T76]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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