Dorsal view of Zaleptus heinrichi, from Roewer (1955).

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Zaleptus is a genus of sclerosomatid harvestmen from southern Asia characterised by the absence of a dorsal scutal spine, and the presence of a single pseudoarticular nodule in femur II.

Characters (from Roewer 1955): Femora I–IV with nodules; eyemound dorsally smooth or granulate, without larger, upstanding spines; femora I and III longer than body.

<==Zaleptus Thorell 1876 C92
    |--*Z. trichopus Thorell 1876 C92
    |--Z. albimaculatus Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. assamensis Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. aureolus Suzuki 1969 S85
    |--Z. auropunctatus Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. biseriatus Roewer 1910 S85
    |--Z. cinctus Roewer 1923 R55
    |--Z. cochinensis Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. festivus Thorell 1889 C92
    |--Z. flavus Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--Z. gravelyi Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. gregoryi Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. heinrichi Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. indicus Roewer 1929 R55
    |--Z. inermis W03
    |--Z. jacobsoni Roewer 1923 R55
    |--Z. luteus Roewer 1931 R55
    |--Z. lyrifrons Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. marmoratus Roewer 1910 R55
    |--Z. niger Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. occidentalis Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. palpalis (Banks 1930) [=Metazaleptus palpalis] R55
    |--Z. perakensis Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. piceus Roewer 1911 R55
    |--Z. pretiosus Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. ramosus Thorell 1891 R55
    |--Z. rufipes Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. scaber Roewer 1935 S85
    |--Z. shanicus Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. siamensis Roewer 1955 S85
    |--Z. simplex Thorell 1891 R55
    |--Z. spinosus Roewer 1910 S85
    |--Z. subcupreus Thorell 1889 R55
    |--Z. sulphureus Thorell 1889 R55
    |--Z. thorellii With 1903 R55
    |--Z. tricolor Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. unicolor Roewer 1923 R55
    |--Z. validus Roewer 1955 R55
    |--Z. vanstraeleni Giltay 1930 R55
    |--Z. viridis Roewer 1929 R55
    `--Z. yodo Roewer 1955 S85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C92] Crawford, R. L. 1992. Catalogue of the genera and type species of the harvestman superfamily Phalangioidea (Arachnida). Burke Museum Contributions in Anthropology and Natural History 8: 1–60.

[R55] Roewer, C. F. 1955. Indoaustralische Gagrellinae (Opiliones, Arachnidae). (Weitere Weberknechte XVIII). 4. Teil (Schluß). Senckenbergiana Biologica 36 (3–4): 123–171.

[S85] Suzuki, S. 1985. A synopsis of the Opiliones of Thailand (Arachnida) II. Palpatores. Steenstrupia 11 (7): 209–257.

[W03] With, C. 1903. New and old Phalangiidae from the Indian region. Journal of the Linnean Society, Zoology 28: 466–509.

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