Psathyropus tenuipes, from here.

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Psathyropus is a genus of harvestmen from southern Asia, characterised (indistinctly) by the presence of two pseudoarticular nodules in femur II.

Characters (from Roewer 1954 and Suzuki 1985, as Metagagrella): Femora I–IV with nodules; scutum with median spine(s) on area 2 only or one each on areas 1 and 2; eyemound low, upper section granular, without larger spines; femora I and III cylindrical, longer than body.

<==Psathyropus Koch 1878 [incl. Metagagrella Roewer 1910] C92
    |--*P. tenuipes Koch 1878 C92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--‘Metagagrella’ aurolucens Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ bengalensis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ bilineata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ bimaculata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ biseriata Roewer 1912 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ cingulata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ conjugata Roewer 1954 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ conspicua Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ crassa Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ cuprilucida Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ curvispina Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ distincta Sato & Suzuki 1938 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ formosa Roewer 1911 [incl. M. formosa bispinosa Roewer 1923, M. duriuscula Roewer 1915] S77
    |--‘Metagagrella’ fusca Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ granulata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ guttata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ hainanensis Wang 1941 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ hirta Roewer 1915 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ hsuehshanensis Suzuki 1977 S77
    |--‘Metagagrella’ luteomaculata Suzuki 1969 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ mandalayia Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ micans Roewer 1926 R54
    |--‘Gagrella’ minax Thorell 1889 [=Metagagrella minax] R23
    |    |--G. m. minax R23
    |    `--G. m. trispinosa Thorell 1889 [=Metagagrella minax trispinosa] R23
    |--‘Metagagrella’ mysoreana Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ nigra Roewer 1912 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ octomaculata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ perakana Roewer 1954 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ punctata Suzuki 1985 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ pustulata Roewer 1910 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ roeweri Suzuki 1974 S77
    |--‘Metagagrella’ rufa Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ rufoscuta Suzuki 1982 S85
    |--‘Metagagrella’ satarensis Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ silvestrii Roewer 1927 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ similis Suzki 1985 S85
    |--‘Gagrella’ sordidata Thorell 1889 [=*Metagagrella sordidata] C92
    |--‘Metagagrella’ sulcata Roewer 1954 R54
    |--‘Metagagrella’ tongkingensis Roewer 1954 R54
    `--‘Metagagrella’ versicolor Suzuki 1964 S73

*Psathyropus tenuipes Koch 1878 C92 [=Metagagrella tenuipes TS04; incl. Met. abei Sato & Suzuki 1938 S73, Melanopa biseriata Sato & Suzuki 1938 S73, Gagrella japonica Roewer 1910 TT05, Melanopa japonica Roewer 1910 S73, Metagagrella suzukii Roewer 1954 S54, Gagrella japonica yezoensis Suzuki 1949 TS04, Met. tenuipes yezoensis TT05, Psathyropus tenuipes yezoensis TS04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C92] Crawford, R. L. 1992. Catalogue of the genera and type species of the harvestman superfamily Phalangioidea (Arachnida). Burke Museum Contributions in Anthropology and Natural History 8: 1–60.

[R23] Roewer, C.-F. 1923. Die Weberknechte der Erde: Systematische Bearbeitung der bisher bekannnten Opiliones. Gustav Fischer: Jena.

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[TS04] Tsurusaki, N., & T. Shimada. 2004. Geographic and seasonal variations of the number of B chromosomes and external morphology in Psathyropus tenuipes (Arachnida: Opiliones). Cytogenetic and Genome Research 106: 365–375.

[TT05] Tsurusaki, N., M. Takanashi, N. Nagase & T. Shimada. 2005. Fauna and biogeography of harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones) of the Oki Islands, Japan. Acta Arachnologica 54 (1): 51–63.

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