Fifteen-scaled worm Harmothoe imbricata, copyright Peter J. Bryant.

Belongs within: Phyllodocida.

The Aphroditiformia, scale worms, are a group of marine worms characterised by the presence of dorsal cirri modified into elytra or scales on alternating segments.

    |  i. s.: Eulepethidae RF98
    |         Dryptoscolex matthiesae PTV14
    |         Faustoscolex gemmatus PTV14
    |         Histriocola delicatula PTV14
    |--+--Acoetidae RF98
    |  `--Aphroditidae SS07
    |       |--Hermione hystricella H04
    |       |--Sthenelaites Roverto 1903 H62
    |       |    `--*S. dasiaeformis (Massalongo 1855) [=Nereites dasiaeformis] H62
    |       |--Aphrodita Linnaeus 1758 H62
    |       |    |--*A. aculeata Linnaeus 1758 H62
    |       |    `--A. squamata Linnaeus 1758 L58
    |       `--Protonympha Clarke 1903 H62
    |            |--*P. salicifolia Clarke 1903 H62
    |            `--P. transversa (Blake 1994) [=Foliaster transversus] CMG06
    `--+--Paralepidonotus ampulliferus (Grube 1878) RP07
       `--+--Sigalionidae SS07
          |    |--Sthenelanella uniformis Moore 1910 SS07
          |    |--Sthenelais boa (Johnston 1833) RP07
          |    |--Thalenessites Stauffer 1933 H62
          |    |    `--*T. lobatus Stauffer 1933 H62
          |    `--Sigalion Audouin & Milne-Edwards 1832 H62
          |         |--*S. mathilde Audouin & Milne-Edwards 1832 H62
          |         |--S. bandaensis (Mackie & Chambers 1990) RP07
          |         `--S. spinosus (Hartman 1939) SS07
          `--Polynoidae SS07
               |--Gattyana ciliata Moore 1902 SS07
               |--Gastrolepidia Schmarda 1861 P61
               |--Sheila bathypelagica Monro 1930 P61
               |--Gesiella Pettibone 1976 [Gesiellinae] H-S86
               |    `--G. jameensis (Hartmann-Schröder 1977) H-S86
               |--Iphionides Hartmann-Schröder 1977 [Iphioninae] H-S86
               |    `--I. glabra Hartmann-Schröder 1977 H-S86
               |--Pelagomacellicephala [Macellicephalinae] H-S86
               |    `--P. iliffei Pettibone 1985 H-S86
               |--Phyllosheila Pettibone 1961 P61
               |    `--*P. wigleyi Pettibone 1961 P61
               |--Phyllohartmania Pettibone 1961 P61
               |    `--*P. taylori Pettibone 1961 P61
               |--Hartmania Pettibone 1955 P61
               |    `--H. moorei Pettibone 1955 P61
               |--Lepidonotus SS07
               |    |--L. clava BBB-S95
               |    |--L. polychromus HS01
               |    |--L. squamatus (Linnaeus 1758) RP07
               |    `--L. sublevis Verrill 1873 SS07
               |--Malmgrenia castanea [=Harmothoe castanea, Laenilla castanea, Polynoe castanea] BK77
               `--Harmothoe RP07
                    |--H. imbricata (Linnaeus 1767) RP07
                    |--H. impar Johnston 1839 A70 [incl. Evarne pentactae Giard 1886 BK77]
                    |--H. ljungamni M62
                    `--H. lunulata (see below for synonymy) BK77

Harmothoe lunulata [=Malmgrenia lunulata, Polynoe lunulata; incl. H. picta St. Joseph 1888, H. marphysa McIntosh 1900, H. synaptae St. Joseph 1906] BK77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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