Reconstructed apparatus of Idiognathodus, viewed above centre, from Purnell & O'Donoghue (1997).

Belongs within: Spathognathodontidae.

The Idiognathodontidae are a family of conodonts known from the Upper Carboniferous and Permian, characterised by carminiscaphate platform (Pa) elements whose upper surfaces typically bear three longitudinal rows of nodes or denticles. Where the entire apparatus is known, it is seximembrate and includes an alate Sa element with a denticulate posterior process (Sweet 1988).

Idiognathodontidae [Idiognathinae, Idiognathodontinae] SD01
    |--+--Idiognathoides Harris & Hollingsworth 1933 S88, H62 [incl. Polygnathodella Harlton 1933 H62]
    |  |    |--*I. sinuata Harris & Hollingsworth 1933 H62
    |  |    |--I. convexus S88
    |  |    |--I. fossatus S88
    |  |    |--I. macer S88
    |  |    |--I. marginodosus S88
    |  |    |--I. ouachitensis S88
    |  |    |--I. sulcatus S88
    |  |    `--I. tuberculatus S88
    |  `--Neognathodus Dunn 1970 S88
    |       |--N. anodosus S88
    |       |--N. atokensis S88
    |       |--N. bassleri S88
    |       |--N. bothrops S88
    |       |--N. colombiense S88
    |       |--N. dilatus S88
    |       |--N. medadultimus S88
    |       |--N. metanodosus S88
    |       |--N. medexultimus S88
    |       |--N. roundyi S88
    |       `--N. symmetricus S88
    `--+--Declinognathodus Dunn 1966 S88
       |    |--D. lateralis S88
       |    `--D. noduliferus (Ellison & Graves 1941) HM04
       `--+--Streptognathodus Stauffer & Plummer 1932 S88, H62
          |    |--*S. excellsus Stauffer & Plummer 1932 H62
          |    |--S. alekseevi S88
          |    |--S. barskowi S88
          |    |--S. bellus Chernyk & Ritter 1997 CL02
          |    |--S. cancellosus S88
          |    |--S. eccentricus S88
          |    |--S. elegantulus S88
          |    |--S. elongatus S88
          |    |--S. excelsus S88
          |    |--S. expansus S88
          |    |--S. gracilis S88
          |    |--S. oppletus S88
          |    |--S. ruzhencevi S88
          |    |--S. simulator S88
          |    |--S. suberectus S88
          |    `--S. wabaunsensis S88
          `--Idiognathodus Gunnell 1931 S88, H62 (see below for synonymy)
               |--*I. claviformis Gunnell 1931 H62
               |--I. arendti S88
               |--I. bachmatricus S88
               |--I. claviformis S88
               |--I. delicatus T85
               |--I. ellisoni RR79
               |--I. humerus T85
               |--I. klapperi S88
               |--I. lobulatus S88
               |--I. magnificus S88
               |--I. obliquus S88
               |--I. robustus S88
               |--I. sagittalis S88
               |--I. sinuosus S88
               |--I. tersus S88
               |--I. toretzianus S88
               |--I. trigonolobatus S88
               `--*Scottella’ typica Rhodes 1952 [=*Scottognathus typica] H62

Idiognathodus Gunnell 1931 S88, H62 [incl. Scottella Rhodes 1952 non Enderlein 1910 H62, Scottognathus Rhodes 1953 SD01, H62]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CL02] Caridroit, M., A. Lamerandt, J.-M. D├ęgardin, A. F. de Dios & D. Vachard. 2002. Discovery of radiolaria and conodonts in the Carboniferous–Permian of San Salvador (Puebla, Mexico); biostratigraphic implications. Comptes Rendus Palevol 1: 205–211.

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