Tooth of Cladodus mirabilis, copyright thair.

Belongs within: Acanthodii.
Contains: Symmoriida, Paraselachimorpha, Chimaeriformes, Euselachii.

The Chondrichthyes, commonly known as the cartilaginous fishes in reference to their distinction from other living jawed vertebrates in retaining a primarily cartilaginous skeleton, include the sharks, rays and chimaeras. Members of this clade are united by the presence of tessellate prismatic calcified cartilage (Davis et al. 2012).

Chondrichthyes [Chondrichthiomorphi, Cladoselachii, Elasmobranchii]
    |--Pucapampella DFC12
    `--+--+--Doliodus DFC12
       |  `--Tamiobatis DFC12
       `--+--+--+--Cladodoides wildungensis DFC12
          |  |  `--Orthacanthus texensis DFC12, L85
          |  `--Palaeoselachii [Cladoselachimorpha] B96
          |       |--Hybocladodus L85
          |       `--+--Antarctilamna L85
          |          `--+--Cladodus L85
          |             |    |--C. hassiacus W85
          |             |    |--C. mirabilis Agassiz 1837 L85
          |             |    |--C. occidentalis W85
          |             |    |--C. robustus Newberry & Worthn 1866 L85
          |             |    |--C. terrelli W85
          |             |    |--C. turritus Newberry & Worthen 1866 W85
          |             |    `--C. wildungensis W85
          |             `--+--Symmoriida DFC12
          |                `--+--Akmonistion DFC12
          |                   `--Cladoselache [Clasoselachida, Cladoselachidae, Cladoselachiformes] DFC12
          |                        |--C. clarki L85
          |                        |--C. fyleri W85
          |                        `--C. kepleri W85
          `--+--Tristychius arcuatus DFC12, Z90
             `--+--Holocephali [Subterbranchialia] B96
                |    |  i. s.: Cochliodontiformes B96
                |    |         Squalorajiformes B96
                |    |         Chondrenchelys DFC12 [Chondrenchelyiformes B96]
                |    |           `--C. problematica B-RB13
                |    |         Copodontiformes B96
                |    |         Psammodontiformes B96
                |    |         Eomanodon simmsi Ward & Duffin 1993 D01
                |    |         Ichthypriapus Hibbard 1942 FS10
                |    |           `--*I. hubbsi Hibbard 1942 FS10
                |    |         Halonodon FS10
                |    |         Myriacanthus granulatus FS10
                |    |         Eumylodus Leidy 1873 FS10
                |    |           `--E. laqueatus FS10
                |    |--Paraselachimorpha B96
                |    `--Chimaeriformes B96
                `--Euselachii B96

Chondrichthyes incertae sedis:
  Mongolepidida MG01
    |--Shiqianolepis [Shiqianolepididae] MG01
    |    `--S. hollandi MG01
    `--Mongolepididae MG01
         |--Mongolepis rozmanae MG01
         |--Teslepis jucunda  MG01
         |--Sodolepis lucens MG01
         `--Xinjiangichthys MG01
              |--X. pluridentatus MG01
              `--X. tarimensis MG01
  Protacrodus [Protacrodontidae] MG01
  Pilolepis margaritifera MG01
  Polymerolepis MG01
  Fadenia W85
  Hamiltonichthys B09
  Kannathalepis Märss & Gagnier 2001 [Kannathalepididae] MG01
    `--*K. milleri Märss & Gagnier 2001 [=Ekismodus tetragonum Märss & Gagnier 1999 (nom. prov.)] MG01
  Elegestolepis MG01
    |--E. conica MG01
    `--E. grossi MG01
  Paracestracion sarstedtensis DC02
  Serratolamna serrata PSB03
  Diademodus Harris 1950 [Coronodontida, Coronodontidae] W85
    `--*D. hydei Harris 1950 W85
  Acrodus W85
  Edestus W85
  Petrodus W85
  Listracanthus W85
  Holmesella Gunnell 1931 W85, H62
  Peripristis W85
  Calopodus W85
  Heptanchus W85
  Bathycheilodus St. John & Worthen 1875 W85
  Pristicladodus St. John & Worthen 1875 W85
  Diplodus W85
    |--D. duplicatus [=Thrinacodus duplicatus] W85
    |--D. gibbosus Agassiz 1837 L85
    `--D. incurvus [=Thrinacodus incurvus] W85
  Cratoselache pruvosti W85
  Amblypristis cheops Dames 1888 G92
  Geisacanthus St. John & Worthen 1875 N05
  Surcaudalus rostratus Leu 1989 RE01
  Debeerius DFC12
  Onychoselache DFC12
  *Styptobasis knightiana Cope 1891 L85
  Venustodus argutus (St John & Worthen 1875) L85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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