Scanning electron micrograph of Aquilapollenites attenuatus, copyright Antoine Bercovici.

Belongs within: Angiospermae.

Aquilapollenites is a genus of pollen grains recognised from the Lower Cretaceous to the Eocene, with protrusions at one or both of the poles and three, more or less wing-like, protrusions around the equator.

    |--A. amicus Srivastava 1968 YB02
    |--A. amplus Stanley 1961 YB02
    |--A. attenuatus Funkhouser 1961 YB02
    |--A. delicatus Stanley 1961 YB02
    |--A. eurypteronus Zhou & Wang 1983 YB02
    |--A. juvenis Zhou & Wang 1983 YB02
    |--A. quadrilobus Rouse 1957 YB02
    |--A. reticulatus Chlonova 1961 YB02
    |--A. senonicus (Mtchedlishvili) Tschudy & Leopold 1971 YB02
    |--A. spinulosus Funkhouser 1961 YB02
    `--A. stelckii Srivastava 1968 YB02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[YB02] Yi, S., & D. J. Batten. 2002. Palynology of Upper Cretaceous (uppermost Campanian–Maastrichtian) deposits in the South Yellow Sea Basin, offshore Korea. Cretaceous Research 23: 687–706.

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