Blackworm Lumbriculus variegatus, copyright Malcolm Storey.

Belongs within: Annelida.
Contains: Dinophilidae, Tubificida, Haplotaxidae, Opisthopora, Hirudinea, Trichodrilus.

The Clitellata are a group of annelid worms characterised by the absence of parapodia and the presence of a clitellum, a distinct collar near the anterior end of the body that secretes a cocoon into which ova are deposited during reproduction. Clitellates have traditionally been divided between the free-living Oligochaeta (including earthworms) and parasitic Hirudinea (leeches) but phylogenetic studies have established that the former is paraphyletic to the latter.

<==Clitellata (see below for synonymy)
    |--Randiellidae [Randiellata, Randiellida] J88
    `--+--+--Dinophilidae RP07
       |  `--Capilloventer [Capilloventridae] RP07
       |       `--C. australis Erséus 1983 RP07
       `--+--Tubificida J88
          `--+--Diplotesticulata J88
             |    |--Haplotaxidae J88
             |    `--+--Tiguassu [Tiguassuidae] J88
             |       |    `--T. reginae Righi et al. 1978 J88
             |       `--Metagynophora [Megadrili] J88
             |            |--Opisthopora J88
             |            `--Moniligastridae [Moniligastrida, Moniligastrina] J88
             |                 |--Moniligaster troyi Jamieson 1977 J88
             |                 |--Desmogaster doriae Rosa 1890 J88
             |                 `--Drawida R71
             `--+--Hirudinea SS07
                `--Lumbriculidae [Lumbriculata, Lumbriculida] J88
                     |--Trichodrilus JD86
                     |--Eclipidrilus frigidus Eisen 1881 RP07
                     |--Rhynchelmis tetratheca (Michaelsen 1920) RP07
                     |--Spelaedrilus Cook 1975 JD86
                     |    `--S. multiporus Cook 1975 JD86
                     |--Guestphalinus Michaelsen 1933 JD86
                     |    `--G. wiardi Michaelsen 1933 JD86
                     |--Hrabea Yamaguchi 1936 JD86
                     |    `--H. ogumai Yamaguchi 1936 JD86
                     |--Lumbriculus SS07
                     |    |--L. hoffmeisteri KA01
                     |    `--L. variegatus (Mueller 1774) SS07
                     |--Bythonomus Grube 1889 JD86
                     |    |--B. beattiei Cook 1975 JD86
                     |    |--B. lehmanni J88
                     |    `--B. sulci Hrabĕ 1934 JD86
                     `--Lamprodrilus Michaelsen 1901 JD86
                          `--L. michaelseni JD86
                               |--L. m. michaelseni JD86
                               `--L. m. carpaticus Botea 1978 JD86

Clitellata incertae sedis:
  Chaetogaster limnaei M47
  Calliobdella vivida M02
  Platybdella buccalis K-MC02
  Teleudrilus ragazzii G89
  Perichaeta modiglianii Rosa 1889 R89
  Ilyodrilus templetoni KA01
  Quistadrilus multisetosus KA01
  Acanthobdella ZHT01 [Acanthobdellida J88, Acanthobdellidae]
    `--A. peledina ZHT01
  Discodrilidae G09
    |--Branchiobdella [Branchiobdellida, Branchiobdellidae] G09
    `--Bdellodrilus G09
  Lumbricopsis Fritsch 1907 H62
    `--*L. permicus Fritsch 1907 H62
  Branchiura ED08
    |--B. pleurotheca ED08
    `--B. sowerbyi KA01

Clitellata [Diplotesticulata, Euclitellata, Haplotaxida, Haplotaxidea, Microdrili, Monotesticulata, Oligochaeta, Prosopora, Lumbriculina, Phreoryctina]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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