Pa element of Pseudopolygnathus martenburgensis trigonicus, from here.

Belongs within: Spathognathodontidae.
Contains: Polygnathus, Ctenopolygnathus.

The Polygnathidae are a group of conodonts known from the Early Devonian to the Early Carboniferous, with an apparatus including carminate pectiniform elements with a straight or more or less curved platform and a free anterior blade (Bardashev et al. 2002, for Polygnathidae + Eognathodidae + Eopolygnathidae). In the late Devonian Ancyrognathus, the platform elements bore an anteroposterior keel from with a series of distinct nodes extended across the anterior lobe of the element, overall creating the appearance of a raised Y that was matched by keels on the ventral surface (Sweet 1988).

Polygnathidae [Polygnathinae]
    |--Rhodalepis Druce 1969 BWZ02
    |--Ancyrolepis Ziegler 1959 BWZ02
    |    `--*A. cruciformis Ziegler 1959 M62
    |--Polylophodonta Branson & Mehl 1934 BWZ02
    |    `--P. confluens (Ulrich & Bassler 1926) (see below for synonymy) H62
    |--Scaphignathus Helms 1959 BWZ02
    |    `--*S. velifera Ziegler 1960 M62
    |--Gnathodella Matern 1933 H62
    |    `--*G. angulata Matern 1933 H62
    |--Schmidtognathus Ziegler 1966 BWZ02
    |    |--S. hermanni N79
    |    `--S. wittekindti S88
    |--Ambalodus Branson & Mehl 1933 H62
    |    |--*A. triangularis Branson & Mehl 1933 H62
    |    `--A. galerus S88
    |--Avignathus Lys & Serre 1957 D02
    |    |--A. decorosus (Stauffer 1938) (see below for synonymy) D02
    |    `--A. bifurcatus Dzik 2002 D02
    |--Nothognathella Branson & Mehl 1934 H62
    |    |--*N. typicalis Branson & Mehl 1934 H62
    |    `--N. sublaevis Sannemann 1955 KU04
    |--Panderodella Bassler 1925 H62
    |    |--*P. truncata Bassler 1925 H62
    |    `--P. gracilis H62
    |--Nicollidina Dzik 2002 D02
    |    |--*N. brevis (Bischoff & Ziegler 1957) [=Spathognathodus brevis] D02
    |    |--N. postera (Klapper & Lane 1985) D02
    |    `--N. raaschi (Klapper & Barrick 1983) D02
    |--Mehlina Youngquist 1945 D02, H62
    |    |--M. irregularis Youngquist 1945 [incl. M. gradatus Youngquist 1945] D02
    |    |--M. semialternans ((Wirth 1967) D01 [=Ozarkodina semialternans S88]
    |    |--M. strigosa S88
    |    `--M. unica Klapper, Uyeno et al. 2004 KU04
    |--Tortodus Weddige 1977 D02
    |    |--*T. kockelianus (Bischoff & Ziegler 1957) D02
    |    |    |--T. k. kockelianus S88
    |    |    `--T. k. australis S88
    |    |--T. intermedius S88
    |    `--T. treptus (Ziegler 1958) D02
    |--Ancyrognathus Branson & Mehl 1934 BWZ02 [incl. Ancyroides Miller & Youngquist 1947 H62]
    |    |--*A. symmetrica Branson & Mehl 1934 H62
    |    |--A. ancyrognathoideus (Ziegler 1958) KU04
    |    |--A. asymmetricus (Ulrich & Bassler 1926) D02
    |    |--A. bifurcatus (Ulrich & Bassler 1926) KU04
    |    |--A. calvini (Miller & Youngquist 1947) KU04
    |    |--A. cryptus S88
    |    |--A. iowaensis Youngquist 1947 KU04
    |    |--A. sinelaminus (Branson & Mehl 1934) KU04
    |    |--A. triangularis Youngquist 1945 KU04
    |    `--A. ubiquitus Sandberg et al. 1988 D02
    |--Siphonodella Branson & Mehl 1944 BWZ02 [=Siphonognathus Branson & Mehl 1934 non Richardson 1858 H62]
    |    |--S. praesulcata S88
    |    `--+--*S. duplicata (Branson & Mehl 1934) H62, S88, H62 [=*Siphonognathus duplicata H62]
    |       |--S. carinthiaca S88
    |       |--S. cooperi S88
    |       |--S. isosticha S88
    |       |--S. lobata S88
    |       |--S. sulcata S88
    |       |--+--S. crenulata S88
    |       |  `--S. quadruplicata S88
    |       `--+--S. obsoleta S88
    |          `--S. sandbergi S88
    |--Pseudopolygnathus Branson & Mehl 1934 BWZ02
    |    |--*P. prima Branson & Mehl 1934 H62
    |    |--P. dentilineatus S88
    |    |--P. fusiformis S88
    |    |--P. lobatus S88
    |    |--P. marginatus S88
    |    |--P. martenburgensis S88
    |    |    |--P. m. martenburgensis S88
    |    |    `--P. m. trigonicus S88
    |    |--P. multistriatus S88
    |    |--P. nudus S88
    |    |--P. oxypageus S88
    |    |--P. radinus S88
    |    `--P. triangulus S88
    `--Gondwania Bardashev, Weddige & Ziegler 2002 [Eognathodidae, Eopolygnathidae] BWZ02
         |--G. irregularis (Druce 1975) (see below for synonymy) BWZ02
         |--+--G. drucei Bardashev, Weddige & Ziegler 2002 BWZ02
         |  `--+--G. juliae (Lane & Ormiston 1979) [=Eognathodus sulcatus juliae] BWZ02
         |     `--+--‘Eognathodus’ secus Philip 1965 [=E. sulcatus secus] BWZ02
         |        `--+--‘Spathognathodus’ trilinearis Cooper 1973 (see below for synonymy) BWZ02
         |           `--Polygnathus BWZ02
         `--+--G. grahami Bardashev, Weddige & Ziegler 2002 BWZ02
            `--+--*G. nevadensis (Clark & Ethington 1966) [=Spathognathodus bipennatus nevadensis] BWZ02
               `--Eognathodus Philip 1965 BWZ02
                    |  i. s.: E. bipennatus V03
                    |--*E. sulcatus Philip 1965 [=Spathognathodus sulcatus] BWZ02
                    `--+--E. zeravshanicus Bardashev & Ziegler 1992 (see below for synonymy) BWZ02
                       `--+--Ctenopolygnathus BWZ02
                          `--Parapolygnathus Klapper & Philip 1971 D02
                               |--*P. angusticostatus (Wittekindt 1966) D02 (see below for synonymy)
                               |--P. brevis (Miller & Youngquist 1947) D02
                               `--P. linguiformis (Hinde 1879) D02

Avignathus decorosus (Stauffer 1938) [=Polygnathus decorosus; incl. *A. beckmanni Lys & Serre in Lys et al. 1957] D02

Eognathodus zeravshanicus Bardashev & Ziegler 1992 [=E. trilinearis zeravshanicus, Polygnathus zeravshanicus] BWZ02

Gondwania irregularis (Druce 1975) [=Eognathodus irregularis; incl. Eognathodus sulcatus eosulcatus Murphy 1989] BWZ02

*Parapolygnathus angusticostatus (Wittekindt 1966) D02 [=Polygnathus angusticostatus D02, Ctenopolygnathus angusticostatus BWZ02]

Polylophodonta confluens (Ulrich & Bassler 1926) [=Polygnathus confluens; incl. Polygnathus gyratilineata Holmes 1928, *Polylophodonta gyratilineata] H62

‘Spathognathodus’ trilinearis Cooper 1973 [=Eognathodus trilinearis, Polygnathus trilinearis] BWZ02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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