Pa element of Pterospathodus amorphognathoides lithuanicus, copyright Valdek Mikli.

Belongs within: Prioniodontida.
Contains: Spathognathodontidae.

The Ozarkodinida are a major group of conodonts that have P elements that are carminate and angulate, and that lack digyrate or pastinate elements (Sweet & Donoghue 2001); these elements are also the primary means of identifying taxa within the group. The apparatus is otherwise sexi- or septimembrate, with the S and M elements being generalised in form and varying little between species (Sweet 1988).

<==Ozarkodinida SD01
    |  i. s.: Synclydagnathus Rexroad & Varker 1992 [=Syncladognathus (l. c.)] D02
    |--+--Spathognathodontidae S88
    |  `--Kockelellidae SD01
    |       |--Ancoradella Walliser 1964 S88
    |       |    `--A. ploeckensis S88
    |       `--Kockelella Walliser 1957 H62
    |            |--*K. variabilis Walliser 1957 H62
    |            |--K. abrupta S88
    |            |--K. absidata S88
    |            |--K. amsdeni S88
    |            |--K. ortus (Walliser 1964) M02
    |            |--K. patula S88
    |            |--K. ranuliformis S88
    |            |--K. stauros S88
    |            `--K. walliseri S88
    `--Pterospathodontidae SD01
         |  i. s.: Carniodus Walliser 1964 S88
         |           `--C. carnulus S88
         |--+--Apsidognathus Walliser 1964 S88
         |  |    `--A. tuberculatus S88
         |  `--+--Astropentagnathus Mostler 1967 S88
         |     |    `--A. irregularis S88
         |     `--+--Johnognathus Mashkova 1977 S88
         |        `--Aulacognathus Mostler 1967 S88
         |             |--A. bullatus S88
         |             `--A. kuehni S88
         `--Pterospathodus Walliser 1964 M02
              |--P. amorphognathoides EB01
              |    |--P. a. amorphognathoides M02
              |    |--P. a. angulatus M02
              |    |--P. a. lennarti M02
              |    `--P. a. lithuanicus M02
              |--P. celloni M02
              |--P. eopennatus M02
              `--P. pennatus (Walliser 1964) M02
                   |--P. p. pennatus S88
                   `--P. p. procerus S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[M02] Männik, P. 2002. Conodonts in the Silurian of Severnaya Zemlya and Sedov archipelagos (Russia), with special reference to the genus Ozarkodina Branson & Mehl, 1933. Geodiversitas 24 (1): 77–97.

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