Florida crown conch Melongena corona, copyright Andrea Westmoreland.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.

The Melongenidae, crown conches, are a group of large, solid-shelled neogastropods similar in appearance to large whelks.

<==Melongenidae [Cassidulina, Cassidulinae]
    |--Echinofulgur Olsson & Harbison 1953 [Echinofulgurinae] BR05
    `--Melongeninae BR05
         |--Heligmotoma Mayer-Eymar 1896 [Heligmotomidae] BR05
         |--Volema Röding 1798 [Volemidae] BR05
         |    `--V. cornuta [=Galeodes (Volema) cornuta] H62
         |--‘Galeodes’ Röding 1798 non Olivier 1791 BR05
         |    |--G. cochlidium (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex cochlidium] H09
         |    `--G. pricei (Smith 1887) [=Fusus pricei] H09
         `--Melongena Schumacher 1817 [incl. Cassidulus Gray 1854 nec Lamarck 1801 nec Berthold 1827] BR05
              |--M. (Rexmela) bispinosa (Philippi 1844) P89
              |--M. corona C59
              |    |--M. c. corona BC01
              |    `--M. c. johnstonei Clench & Turner 1956 BC01
              |--M. lainei (Basterot 1825) GK02
              |--M. patula ZLK11
              |--M. perponderosa Martin 1919 [=M. (Pugilina) ponderosa (Martin 1895) non Trophon ponderosum] F27
              |--M. (Pugilina) ponderosa [=Trophon ponderosum] F27
              `--M. sprucecreekensis Tucker 1994 BC01

Melongenidae incertae sedis:
  Volegalea Iredale 1938 WG71
    `--V. wardiana Iredale 1938 WG71
  Rhombopsis Gardner 1916 [=Neptunella Meek 1864 non Gray 1854] P66
    `--*R. newberryi (Meek & Hayden 1857) [=Fusus newberryi, *Neptunella newberryi] P66
  Bruclarkia P66
    `--‘Fusus’ corpulentus Conrad 1849 [=Priscofusus corpulentus] P66
  Hemifusus ZLK11
    |--H. colosseus ZLK11
    |--H. ternatanus ZLK11
    `--H. tuba ZLK11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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