Termitusa lativentris, from Seevers (1957).

Belongs within: Staphylinidae.

The Termitusina are a group of limuloid staphylinid beetles found living in the Ethiopian region in association with termites of the genera Cubitermes, Thoracotermes and Pericapritermes.

See also: Life with termites.

Characters (from Seevers 1957): Body-form limuloid. Head strongly deflexed, usually with long axis vertical; small part of vertex visible from above. Pronotum large, shield-like; sides strongly arcuate, converging anteriorly but anterior margin transverse, anterior angles evident. Anterior margin of submentum emarginate. Anterior angles of mentum not produced, apex straight. Abdomen acuminate. Ninth tergite deeply bifid, the two parts elongated as stout processes.

<==Termitusina JK75
    |--Thoracotusa JK75
    |    |--T. alzadae JK75
    |    |--T. carrissoensis JK75
    |    `--T. kymrae JK75
    |--Termitusodes JK75
    |    |--T. congolensis JK75
    |    |--T. lativentris JK75
    |    |--T. leleupi JK75
    |    |--T. media JK75
    |    `--T. summa JK75
    `--Termitusa Wasmann 1905 [incl. Glaphyrinus Bernhauer in Bernhauer & Paulian 1942] S57
         |--*T. sjoestedti Wasmann 1905 S57
         |--T. atlanticus JK75
         |--T. bandai JK75
         |--T. boultoni JK75
         |--T. cameroni Reichensperger 1929 S57
         |--T. cloveri JK75
         |--T. coatoni JK75
         |--T. delignei JK75
         |--T. dybasi JK75
         |--T. escalerae Fauvel 1906 S57
         |--T. hexaseta JK75
         |--T. hystrix Wasmann 1911 S57
         |--T. katangensis JK75
         |--T. lativentris Seevers 1957 S57
         |--T. lightningae JK75
         |--T. lujae Wasmann 1911 S57
         |--T. malawiensis JK75
         |--T. minor JK75
         |--T. mixaseta JK75
         |--T. mundus (Bernhauer in Bernhauer & Paulian 1942) [=*Glaphyrinus mundus, Glaphyrius mirandus ms] S57
         |--T. muneris JK75
         |--T. pasteelsi JK75
         |--T. quadricollis Cameron 1952 S57
         |--T. regina JK75
         |--T. ruellei JK75
         |--T. sheasbyi JK75
         |--T. superhirsutus JK75
         |--T. ugandae JK75
         |--T. viegasi JK75
         |--T. wasmanni JK75
         `--T. williamsi JK75

*Type species of generic name indicated


[JK75] Jacobson, H. R., & D. H. Kistner. 1975. Numeric analyses of relationships of genera and species of the subtribe Termitusina (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae). Systematic Zoology 24 (2): 191–198.

[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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