Daphnella rissoides, copyright G. & Ph. Poppe.

Belongs within: Conoidea.
Contains: Asperdaphne (Asperdaphne), Xanthodaphne, Pseudodaphnella, Eubela, Rugobela, Buccinaria, Nepotilla, Philbertia, Hemilienardia, Raphitoma, Veprecula, Eucyclotoma, Kermia, Pleurotomella (Pleurotomella), Taranis, Gymnobela, Daphnella (Daphnella).

The Raphitomidae is a very diverse group of conoid gastropods, many species of which show a reduction in the radular apparatus or other structures of the foregut (Bouchet et al. 2011). Members include the distinctive West Pacific genus Thatcheria in which the shell has a pagodiform spire with a sharp carina above middle whorl height below a broad flat shoulder (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Bouchet et al. 2011): Shell very variable in shape and size, from buccinoid to ovate or to elongate-fusiform or high-cylindrical and from about 2 to over 140 mm high. Sculpture variously developed, from nearly smooth shell to well-developed spiral and axial elements; subsutural ramp, when separated from rest of the whorl, usually smooth or with traces of anal sinus growth. Apertural armature rarely well expressed, inner lip usually smooth. Anal sinus either subsutural, shaped as a ‘reversed-L’, or on subsutural ramp, asymmetric, very shallow to rather deep, typically not constrained but sometimes even almost tubular. Siphon short to rather long. Protoconch typically planktotrophic, multispiral, of 2.5–6.5 whorls, protoconch I often spirally striated, protoconch II with diagonally cancellated sculpture. Paucispiral protoconch with predominantly spiral striation. Operculum absent. Radula of hypodermic marginal teeth of very variable morphology. Teeth relatively very long to very short and reduced. Solid base of teeth from very small to rather large, side projections around base sometimes present. Barb(s) present or absent; cockscomb-shaped structure present near tooth tip in at least one species. Tooth canal opening laterally or subapically. Reduction in radular apparatus and other structures of anterior foregut frequent, grading to complete absence.

<==Raphitomidae [Daphnellinae, Daphnellini, Pleurotomellinae, Raphitominae, Thatcheriidae, Thatcheriinae]
    |--+--Hemilienardia PK11
    |  `--Raphitoma PK11
    `--+--+--Veprecula PK11
       |  `--Rimosodaphnella Cossmann 1915 PK11, BK11 [=Rimosodalphnella (l. c.) P66]
       |       |--*R. textile (Brocchi 1814) [=Murex textilis] P66
       |       |--R. ciprianii (Hornung 1920) [=Daphnella (Rimosodaphnella) ciprianii] P66
       |       `--R. salinasi (Calcara 1841) [=Pleurotoma salinasi] P66
       `--+--Glyphostomoides Shuto 1983 PK11, BK11
          |--Tritonoturris Dall 1924 PK11, BK11
          |    |--*T. robillardi (Adams 1869) [=Clathurella robillardi] P66
          |    |--T. amabilis (Hinds 1843) P66 [=Clavatula amabilis P66, Clathurella amabilis H09]
          |    |--T. capensis (Smith 1882) [=Pleurotoma (Defrancia) capensis] P66
          |    |--T. cumingii (Powys in Powys & Sowerby 1835) BK11 [=Buccinum cumingii P66]
          |    |--T. elegans (Pease 1860) [=Clathurella elegans] P66
          |    |--T. menecharmes (Melvill 1923) [=Veprecula menecharmes] P66
          |    `--T. paucicostata (Adams 1869) [=Clathurella paucicostata] P66
          `--+--+--Eucyclotoma PK11
             |  `--Kermia PK11
             `--+--Pleurotomella Verrill 1873 PK11, BK11 (see below for synonymy)
                |    |  i. s.: ‘Daphnella’ aculeola Hedley 1915 [=Tasmadaphne aculeola] P66
                |    |         P. aguayoi (Carcelles 1953) S11
                |    |         *Fusidaphne’ bullata Laseron 1954 P66
                |    |         P. gibbera Jeffreys in Bouchet & Waren 1980 BW80
                |    |         P. megalembryon (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) BW80 (see below for synonymy)
                |    |         P. obesa Bouchet & Waren 1980 BW80
                |    |         *Tasmadaphne’ spicula Laseron 1954 P66
                |    |         P. thalassica Dall 1919 O27
                |    |--P. (Pleurotomella) BK11
                |    |--P. (Anomalotomella Powell 1966) P66
                |    |    |--P. (*A.) anomalapex Powell 1951 P66
                |    |    |--P. (A.) annulata Thiele 1912 P66
                |    |    |--P. (A.) enderbyensis Powell 1958 P66
                |    |    |--P. (A.) frigida Thiele 1912 P66
                |    |    `--P. (A.) ohlini (Strebel 1905) [=Thesbia ohlini] P66
                |    |--P. (Cyrtoides Nordsieck 1968) BK11
                |    `--P. (Systenope Cossmann 1889) P66
                |         |--P. (*S.) polycolpa (Cossmann 1889) [=Raphitoma (*S.) polycolpa] P66
                |         |--P. (S.) goniocolpa (Cossmann 1889) [=Raphitoma goniocolpa] P66
                |         |--P. (S.) guepellensis (Cossmann 1889) [=Raphitoma guepellensis] P66
                |         `--P. (S.) linophora (Cossmann 1889) [=Raphitoma linophora] P66
                `--+--Taranis BK11
                   `--+--+--Teretiopsis Kanto & Sysoev 1989 PK11,BK11
                      |  |    `--T. hyalina Sysoev & Bouchet 2001 PK11
                      |  `--+--Gymnobela PK11
                      |     `--Thatcheria Angas 1877 PK11, BK11 [incl. Cochlioconus Yokoyama 1928 BK11]
                      |          |--T. (Thatcheria) P66
                      |          |    |--*T. (T.) mirabilis Angas 1877 P66
                      |          |    |--T. (T.) carinata (Martin 1933) [=Cryptoconus carinatus] P66
                      |          |    |--T. (T.) gradata (Yokoyama 1928) [=*Cochlioconus gradatus] P66
                      |          |    |--T. (T.) liratula (Powell 1942) [=Waitara liratula] P66
                      |          |    |--T. (T.) pagodula (Powell 1942) [=Waitara pagodula] P66
                      |          |    `--T. (T.) vitiensis Charig 1963 P66
                      |          `--T. (Waitara Marwick 1931) P66
                      |               `--T. (*W.) waitaraensis (Marwick 1926) [=Turricula waitaraensis] P66
                      `--Daphnella Hinds 1844 PK11, BK11 (see below for synonymy)
                           |  i. s.: D. cassandra Hedley 1904 H09
                           |         D. cestrum Hedley 1922 H22
                           |         D. cheverti Hedley 1922 H22
                           |         D. cladara Sysoev & Bouchet 2001 BK11
                           |         D. clathrata Gabb 1865 O27
                           |         D. crebriplicata H22
                           |         D. cymatodes H22
                           |         D. diluta Sowerby 1896 H22
                           |         D. effusa Carpenter 1864 C64
                           |         D. electra D19
                           |         D. granata Hedley 1922 H22
                           |         D. hayesi Usticke 1959 BC01
                           |         D. mitrellaformis (Nomura 1940) BK11
                           |         ‘Clathurella’ papuensis Tapparone Canefri 1878 H22
                           |         D. pluricarinata (Reeve 1845) [=Pleurotoma pluricarinata] H09
                           |         D. pulvisculus Chino 2006 BK11
                           |         D. sigmastoma Hedley 1922 H22
                           |         D. stegeri BC01
                           |           |--D. s. stegeri BC01
                           |           `--D. s. monocincta Usticke 1969 BC01
                           |         D. stiphra Verco 1909 H22
                           |         D. terina Melvill & Standen 1896 H22
                           |         D. vitrea (Reeve 1845) P66
                           |--D. (Daphnella) BK11
                           `--D. (Hemidaphne Hedley 1918) BK11
                                |--D. (*H.) souverbiei (Smith 1882) [=Pleurotoma (Daphnella) souverbiei] P66
                                |--D. (H.) axis (Reeve 1846) P66 [=Pleurotoma axis P66, Clathurella axis H22]
                                |--D. (H.) cyclophora (Deshayes 1863) P66 (see below for synonymy)
                                |--D. (H.) lirata (Reeve 1845) [=Pleurotoma lirata] P66
                                |--D. (H.) reeveana (Deshayes 1863) P66 (see below for synonymy)
                                |--D. (H.) rissoides (Reeve 1843) (see below for synonymy) H22
                                |--D. (H.) subula (Reeve 1845) [=Pleurotoma subula] P66
                                |--D. (H.) subuloides Schepman 1913 P66
                                `--D. (H.) supracancellata Schepman 1913 P66

Raphitomidae incertae sedis:
  Andonia Harris & Burrows 1891 [Andoniinae] BR05
    `--*A. bonellii (Bellardi & Michelotti 1840) [=Fusus bonellii] BR17
  Austrodaphnella Laseron 1954 BK11
    `--*A. clathrata Laseron 1954 P66
  Hokianga Laws 1947 P66
    `--*H. nodulata Laws 1947 P66
  Favriella Hornung 1920 BK11
    `--*F. weberi (Hornung 1920) [=Daphnella (*Favriella) weberi] P66
  Microgenia Laseron 1954 BK11
    `--*M. edwini (Brazier 1894) P66 (see below for synonymy)
  Isodaphne Laseron 1954 BK11
    `--*I. garrardi Laseron 1954 P66
  Fenestrodaphne Powell 1944 P66
    `--*F. pulchra Powell 1944 P66
  Magnella Dittmer 1960 BK11
    `--*M. andersoni Dittmer 1960 P66
  Phandella Casey 1903 P66
    `--*P. nepionica Casey 1903 P66
  Syngenochilus Powell 1944 P66
    `--*S. radiapex Powell 1944 P66
  Daphnobela Cossmann 1896 P66
    `--*D. juncea (Sowerby 1822) [=Buccinum junceum] P66
  Thesbia Jeffreys 1867 BK11
    |--*T. nana (Lovén 1846) [=Tritonium nanum] P66
    `--T. microtoma Cossmann 1899 P66
  Leiosyrinx Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
    |--*L. immedicata Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
    |--L. apheles Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
    |--L. liphaima Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
    `--L. matsukumai Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
  Teretia Norman 1888 BK11 [=Teres Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus 1883 non Harris 1829 P66]
    |--*T. teres (Forbes in Reeve 1844) [=Pleurotoma teres; incl. P. boreale Lovén 1846] BW80
    |--T. anceps (Eichwald 1830) (see below for synonymy) P66
    |--T. nana (Hornung 1920) [=Daphnella (Teres) nana] P66
    `--T. thaumastopsis (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) (see below for synonymy) BW80
  Asperdaphne Hedley 1922 BK11 [incl. Scabrella Hedley 1918 non Sacco 1890 P66]
    |  i. s.: A. perissa (Hedley 1909) [=Mangilia perissa] H22
    |--A. (Asperdaphne) BK11
    `--A. (Aspertilla Powell 1944) BK11
         |--A. (*A.) legrandi (Beddome 1883) P66 (see below for synonymy)
         `--A. (A.) exsculpta Powell 1944 P66
  Typhlosyrinx Thiele 1925 BS01
    |--*T. vepallida (Martens 1902) (see below for synonymy) BS01
    |--T. neocaledoniensis Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
    |--T. panamica Bouchet & Sysoev 2001 BS01
    |--T. praecipua (Smith 1899) [=Pleurotoma (Surcula) praecipua] BS01
    `--T. supracostata (Schepman 1913) [=Surcula supracostata] BS01
  Xanthodaphne BK11
  Stilla Finlay 1926 BK11
    |--*S. flexicostata (Suter 1899) P66 [=Mangilia flexicostata P66, Nepotilla flexicostata H22]
    |--S. anomala Powell 1955 P66
    |--S. delicatula Powell 1927 P66
    |--S. fiordlandica Fleming 1948 P66
    `--S. paucicostata Powell 1937 P66
  Cryptodaphne Powell 1942 BK11
    |--*C. pseudodrillia Powell 1942 P66
    |--C. abbreviata (Schepman 1913) [=Pleurotomella abbreviata] P66
    |--C. affinis (Schepman 1913) [=Pleurotomella affinis] P66
    |--C. biconica (Schepman 1913) [=Pleurotomella biconica] P66
    `--C. gradata (Schepman 1913) [=Pleurotomella gradata] P66
  Puha Marwick 1931 P66
    |--*P. fulgida Marwick 1931 P66
    |--P. hebes (Hutton 1873) [=Pleurotoma hebes] P66
    |--P. japonica Shuto 1961 P66
    |--P. pusula Laws 1947 P66
    `--P. sinusigera (Powell 1942) P66
  Phymorhynchus Dall 1908 BK11
    |--*P. castanea (Dall 1895) P66 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. alberti (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1906) [=Pleurotoma alberti] BW80
    |--P. argeta (Dall 1889) [=Pleurotomella argeta] P66
    |--P. chevreuxi (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1897) BW80 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. major Warén & Bouchet 2001 BK11
    |--P. oceanica (Dall 1908) [=Pleurotomella (Phymorhynchus) oceanica] P66
    `--P. sulcifera (Bush 1893) (see below for synonymy) BW80
  Pontiothauma Smith 1895 BK11
    |--*P. mirabile Smith 1895 P66
    |--P. abyssicola Smith 1895 P66
    |--P. ergata Hedley 1916 P66
    |--P. minus Smith 1906 P66
    `--P. pacei Smith 1906 P66
  Zenepos Finlay 1928 BK11
    |--*Z. totolirata (Suter 1908) P66 [=Daphnella totolirata P66, Nepotilla totolirata H22]
    |--Z. chariessa (Suter 1908) [=Daphnella chariessa] P66
    |--Z. lacunosa (Hutton 1885) [=Daphnella lacunosa] P66
    |--Z. mimica (Sowerby 1896) P66 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Z. minuta (Tenison-Woods 1877) P66 (see below for synonymy)
    `--Z. miranda (Thiele 1925) [=Taranis (Nepotilla) miranda] P66
  Exomilus Hedley 1918 BK11
    |--*E. lutrarius (Hedley 1907) [=Mangelia lutraria] P66
    |--E. anxius (Hedley 1909) [=Mangilia anxia] P66
    |--E. ‘cancellatus’ (Beddome 1882) P66 [=Mangilia cancellata non Adams 1865 P66, Drillia cancellata H22]
    |--E. cylindricus Laseron 1954 P66
    |--E. dyscritos (Verco 1906) [=Terebra dyscritos, Mangilia dyscritos] H22
    |--E. fenestratus (Tate & May 1900) [=Donovania fenestrata, Trophon fenestratus] H22
    |--E. pentagonalis (Verco 1896) [=Drillia pentagonalis] P66
    `--E. telescopialis (Verco 1896) [=Drillia telescopialis] P66
  Teleochilus Harris 1897 [incl. Litachilus Powell 1944] BK11
    |--*T. gracillimus (Tenison-Woods 1877) [=Daphnella gracillima] P66
    |--T. balcombensis Powell 1944 P66
    |--T. comptus Powell 1944 P66
    |--T. denseliratus Powell 1944 P66
    |--T. duplicatus Powell 1944 P66
    `--T. royanus Iredale 1924 [=*Litachilus royanus] P66
  Maoridaphne Powell 1942 P66
    |--*M. clifdenica (Laws 1939) [=Daphnella clifdenica] P66
    |--M. haroldi Powell 1942 P66
    `--M. kaiparica (Laws 1939) [=Daphnella kaiparica] P66
  Spergo Dall 1895 BK11
    |--S. (Spergo) BK11
    |    |--*S. (S.) glandiniformis Dall 1895 P66
    |    |--S. (S.) daphnelloides Dall 1895 P66
    |    |--S. (S.) fusiformis (Kuroda & Habe in Habe 1962) P66, BK11
    |    `--S. (S.) fusus MacNeil 1960 P66
    `--S. (Speoides Kuroda & Habe in Habe 1962) BK11
         `--S. (*S.) yoshidai (Kuroda & Habe 1961) [=*Speoides yoshidai] P66
  Clinura Bellardi 1875 BK11
    |--*C. calliope (Brocchi 1914) [=Murex (Pleurotoma) calliope] P66
    |--C. anassa Murphy & Rodda 1960 P66
    |--C. bituminata (Beets 1843) [=Surculites bituminata] P66
    |--C. controversa (Bellardi 1847) [=Pleurotoma controversa] P66
    |--C. generosa (Marwick 1931) [=Waitara generosa] P66
    |--C. sabatiorum Bellardi 1877 P66
    |--C. sopronensis (Wolf 1870) [=Pleurotoma sopronensis] P66
    |--C. subtrochlearis (Friedberg 1912) [=Surcula (Clinura) subtrochlearis] P66
    `--C. trochlearis (Hörnes 1854) [=Pleurotoma trochlearis] P66
  Pseudodaphnella BK11
  Eubela BK11
  Rugobela P66
  Buccinaria BK11
  Nepotilla BK11
  Thatcheriasyrinx Powell 1969 BK11
    `--T. orientis (Melvill 1904) BK11
  Rocroithys Sysoiev & Bouchet 2001 BK11
    `--R. niveus Sysoev & Bouchet 2001 BK11
  Microdaphne McLean 1971 BK11
    `--M. morrisoni Rehder 1980 BK11
  Abyssobela Kantor & Sysoev 1986 BK11
  Abyssothauma Sysoev 1996 BK11
  Acamptodaphne Shuto 1971 BK11
  Acanthodaphne Bonfitto & Morassi 2006 BK11
  Aliceia Dautzenberg & Fischer 1897 BK11
    `--*A. aenigmatica Dautzenberg & Fischer 1897 [=Clavus aenigmatica] P66
  Austropusilla Laseron 1954 BK11
    |  i. s.: A. profundis Laseron 1954 P66
    |--*A. (Austropusilla) hilum (Hedley 1908) P66 [=Mangelia hilum P66, Filodrillia hilum L54]
    `--A. (Metaclathurella Shuto 1983) BK11
  Bathybela Kobelt 1905 [incl. Bathypota Nordsieck 1968] BK11
    |--*B. nudator (Locard 1897) [=Thesbia nudator] P66
    `--B. tenellunum (Locard 1897) BW80 (see below for synonymy)
  Cenodagreutes Smith 1967 BK11
  Clathurina Melvill 1917 BK11
    `--*C. foraminata (Reeve 1845) [=Pleurotoma foraminata, Kermia foraminata] P66
  Famelica Bouchet & Warén 1980 BK11
    |--*F. catharinae (Verrill & Smith 1884) [=Famelica catharinae] BW80
    |--F. bitrudis (Barnard 1963) [=Daphnella bitrudis] BW80
    |--F. mirmidina (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) [=Pleurotoma mirmidina] BW80
    |--F. monoceros (Watson 1881) (see below for synonymy) BW80
    |--F. monotropis (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) [=Pleurotoma monotropis] BW80
    `--F. scipio (Dall 1889) [=Mangilia scipio] BW80
  Kuroshiodaphne Shuto 1965 BK11
    |--*K. fuscobalteata (Smith 1879) (see below for synonymy) P66
    `--K. subzonata (Smith 1879) [=Daphnella subzonata, Maoridaphne (Kuroshiodaphne) subzonata] P66
  Lusitanops Nordsieck 1968 BK11 [incl. Pseudazorita Nordsieck 1977 BW80
    |--*L. lusitanica (Sykes 1906) [=Pleurotomella lusitanica, Pleurotomoides (*Lusitanops) lusitanica] BW80
    |--L. blanchardi (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) (see below for synonymy) BW80
    |--L. bullioides (Sykes 1906) [=Pleurotomella bullioides] BW80
    |--L. cingulata Bouchet & Waren 1980 BW80
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ dyscrita BW80
    |--L. expansa (Sars 1878) [=Bela expansa] BW80
    |--L. hyaloides (Dautzenberg 1925) [=Pleurotoma (Pleurotomella) hyaloides] BW80
    |--L. macrapex Bouchet & Waren 1980 BW80
    `--L. sigmoidea Bouchet & Waren 1980 BW80
  Mioawateria Vella 1954 BK11
    |--*M. personata (Powell 1942) [=Awateria (*Mioawateria) personata] P66
    |--M. expalliata (Laws 1947) [=Awateria (Mioawateria) expalliata] P66
    |--M. experta (Laws 1947) [=Awateria (Mioawateria) experta] P66
    |--M. karakaensis (Marwick 1931) [=Awateria (Mioawateria) karakaensis] P66
    `--M. pahaoaensis (Vella 1954) [=Awateria (Mioawateria) pahaoaensis] P66
  Neopleurotomoides Shuto 1971 BK11
    |--*N. rufoapicata (Schepman 1913) [=Clathurella rufoapicata] BW80
    |--N. callembryon (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) BW80 (see below for synonymy)
    `--N. distincta Bouchet & Waren 1980 BW80
  Pagodidaphne Shuto 1983 BK11
  Paramontana Laseron 1954 BK11
    |--*P. modesta (Angas 1877) P66 [=Clathurella modesta P66, Pseudodaphnella modesta L54]
    |--P. fusca Laseron 1954 P66
    |--P. mayana (Hedley 1922) [=Pseudodaphnella mayana] P66
    |--P. oligoina (Hedley 1922) [=Pseudodaphnella oligoina] P66
    |--P. punicea (Hedley 1922) [=Pseudodaphnella punicea] P66
    `--P. rufozonata (Angas 1877) S11 (see below for synonymy)
  Taranidaphne Morassi & Bonfitto 2001 BK11
  Thatcherina Verez-Peláez 1998 BK11
  Truncadaphne McLean 1971 BK11
  Tuskaroria Sysoev 1988 BK11
  Vepridaphne Shuto 1983 BK11
  Philbertia BK11
  Diaugasma Melvill 1917 RO-SF98
    |--*D. epicharta (Melvill & Standen 1903) [=Daphnella (*Diaugasma) epicharta] P66
    |--D. marchadi (Knudsen 1956) [=Philbertia marchadi] RO-SF98
    `--D. olyra (Reeve 1845) [=Pleurotoma olyra, Daphnella (Diaugasma) olyra] P66

Asperdaphne (*Aspertilia) legrandi (Beddome 1883) P66 [=Drillia legrandi P66, Clathurella legrandi H22, Daphnella legrandi H22]

Bathybela tenellunum (Locard 1897) BW80 [=Pleurotoma tenellunum BW80, *Bathypota tenellula (l. c.) BW80, Pleurotomella tenellunum P66; incl. Pleurotomella costlowi Petuch 1974 BW80]

Daphnella Hinds 1844 PK11, BK11 [incl. Eudaphne Bartsch 1931 non Reuss 1922 P66, Eudaphnella Bartsch 1933 BK11]

Daphnella (Hemidaphne) cyclophora (Deshayes 1863) P66 [=Pleurotoma cyclophora P66, Clathurella cyclophora H22, Mangelia cyclophora H22]

Daphnella (Hemidaphne) reeveana (Deshayes 1863) P66 [=Pleurotoma reeveana P66; incl. Clathurella tumida Pease 1867 H22]

Daphnella (Hemidaphne) rissoides (Reeve 1843) [=Pleurotoma rissoides, Clathurella rissoides; incl. Pleurotoma dentatum Souverbie 1869 non P. dentata Lamarck 1804, Daphnella dentata, Pusionella testabilis Jousseaume 1896] H22

Famelica monoceros (Watson 1881) [=Pleurotoma (Thesbia) monoceros, Clathurella (Daphnella) monoceros; incl. Mangilia ischna Dall 1927] BW80

*Kuroshiodaphne fuscobalteata (Smith 1879) [=Daphnella fuscobalteata, Maoridaphne (*Kuroshiodaphne) fuscobalteata] P66

Lusitanops blanchardi (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) [=Pleurotoma blanchardi, Azorilla blanchardi, *Pseudazorita blanchardi] BW80

*Microgenia edwini (Brazier 1894) P66 [=Pleurotoma (Clathurella) edwini H22, P66, Nepotilla edwini H22, Taranis edwini H22]

Neopleurotomoides callembryon (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) BW80 [=Pleurotoma callembryon BW80, Pleurotomella callembryon P66, Pleurotomoides callembryon BW80]

Paramontana rufozonata (Angas 1877) S11 [=Clathurella rufozonata P66, Pseudodaphnella rufozonata L54; incl. Clathurella nodorete May 1915 H22, P. rufozonata var. nodorete H22, Mangelia trachys Tenison-Woods 1878 H22, P. rufozonata var. trachys H22]

*Phymorhynchus castanea (Dall 1895) P66 [=Pleurotomella castanea P66; incl. Pl. cingulata Dall 1889 BW80, Phymorhynchus cingulata P66, Pl. (Phymorhynchus) clarinda Dall 1908 BW80, P66, Ph. speciosus Olsson 1971 BW80]

Phymorhynchus chevreuxi (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1897) BW80 [=Pleurotoma chevreuxi BW80, Azorita chevreuxi BW80, Pleurotomella chevreuxi P66]

Phymorhynchus sulcifera (Bush 1893) [=Pleurotomella sulcifera; incl. Pleurotoma adelpha Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896, Pleurotoma fischeri var. costulata Locard 1897 non P. costulatum Cantraine 1835, Pleurotoma decoloratum Locard 1897, Pleurotoma fischeri Locard 1897, Pleurotoma imum Locard 1897, Pleurotoma milneedwardsi Locard 1897] BW80

Pleurotomella Verrill 1873 PK11, BK11 [incl. Azorilla Nordsieck 1968 BK11, Fusidaphne Laseron 1954 BK11, Tasmadaphne Laseron 1954 BK11]

Pleurotomella megalembryon (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) BW80 [=Pleurotoma megalembryon BW80, *Azorilla megalembryon BW80, Teretia megalembryon P66]

Teretia anceps (Eichwald 1830) [=Pleurotoma anceps, *Teres anceps; incl. P. fusiforme Requien 1848, Fusus laviae Calcara 1845, P. minutum Aradas 1847, Clathurella anceps soluta Marshall 1912] P66

Teretia thaumastopsis (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1896) [=Pleurotoma thaumastopsis; incl. Pleutomella (Eucyclotoma) aperta Dall 1927] BW80

*Typhlosyrinx vepallida (Martens 1902) [=Pleurotoma (Leucosyrinx) vepallida, Pleurotoma (Surcula) vepallida, Pleurotomella (Typhlosyrinx) vepallida] BS01

Zenepos mimica (Sowerby 1896) P66 [=Daphnella mimica P66, Nepotilla mimica H22; incl. N. mimica var. marmorata Verco 1909 H22]

Zenepos minuta (Tenison-Woods 1877) P66 [=Drillia minuta P66, Daphnella minuta H22; incl. Da. mimica var. fusca Sowerby 1896 H22]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 5 June 2021.


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