Termitodiscus heimi, from Seevers (1957).

Belongs within: Staphylinidae.

The Termitodiscini are a group of minute limuloid staphylinid beetles found in association with fungus-growing termites in Africa and Asia (Seevers 1957).

Characters (from Seever 1957): Body-form limuloid; head concealed beneath very large pronotum, hypognathous; antennae inserted in deep fossae medial to eyes, their scapes resting in these fossae; antennae 10- or 11-segmented, their second and third segments small, the fourth to terminal segment forming a compact club; pronotum approximately twice as broad as long, its sides and apex continuously arcuate; pronotal hypomera very large, but not visible from the side; elytra broad, their epipleura very large; prosternum keeled; mesocoxae set in margined acetabula, narrowly or broadly separated; hind coxae broad, produced laterally to meet elongated metepimera; tarsi 4, 5, 5-segmented; abdomen acuminate; aedeagus typically aleocharine in structure.

<==Termitodiscini [Termitodiscinae] S57
    |--Discoxenus Wasmann 1904 S57
    |    |--*D. assmuthi Wasmann 1904 S57
    |    |--D. acuticornis Wasmann 1916 S57
    |    |--D. crassicornis Wasmann 1916 S57
    |    `--D. lepisma Wasmann 1904 S57
    |--Termitogerrus Bernhauer 1932 [incl. Lissodiscus Grassé & Poisson 1940] S57
    |    |--*T. burgeoni (Bernhauer 1932) [=Termitodiscus (*Termitogerrus) burgeoni] S57
    |    |--T. habilis (Silvestri 1947) [=Lissodiscus habilis] S57
    |    |--T. lepidulus (Grassé & Poisson 1940) [=Termitodiscus (*Lissodiscus) lepidulus] S57
    |    |--T. bellicosi (Silvestri 1905) [=Termitodiscus bellicosi, Lissodiscus bellicosi] S57
    |    `--T. quaerens (Silvestri 1947) [=Lissodiscus quaerens] S57
    `--Termitodiscus Wasmann 1899 S57
         |--*T. heimi Wasmann 1899 S57
         |--T. braunsi Wasmann 1912 S57
         |--T. butteli Wasmann 1916 S57
         |--T. escherichi Wasmann in Escherich 1911 [incl. T. escherichi var. piceus Wasmann 1916] S57
         |--T. minutus Cameron 1926 S57
         |--T. splendidus Wasmann 1899 S57
         `--T. transvaalensis Silvestri 1947 S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

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