Paederus riparius, from here.

Belongs within: Paederinae.

Paederus is a diverse genus of staphylinid beetles, generally coloured in contrasting patterns of red and black. Many species are found in damp habitats alongside rivers or in marshy fields (Newton et al. 2001).

Characters (from Fagel 1961): Pronotum and prosternum not separate; weak prosternal extension; abdomen thick; pleurites well marked; sternite 1 with strong longitudinal carina; median lobe of aedeagus with ventral and dorsal lamella, median opening, parameres generally symmetrical, fused to median lobe over large part of their length and carrying numerous rows of bristles which do not reach the apex.

Paederus Fabricius 1775 NT01 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. angusticeps F61
    |--P. australis B35
    |--P. caffer Boheman 1848 F61
    |--P. cruenticollis C91
    |--P. fastuosus F61
    |--P. fuscipes Curtis 1823 (see below for synonymy) F61
    |--P. gestroi M86
    |--P. impressipennis F61
    |--P. longipennis G89
    |--P. nigripes Bernhauer 1932 F61
    |--P. nigrolineatus F61
    |--P. obliteratus N90
    |--P. riparius (Linnaeus 1758) B14
    |--P. rudebecki Fagel 1961 F61
    `--P. termitophilus Wasmann 1911 S57

Paederus Fabricius 1775 NT01 [incl. Leucopaederus Casey 1905 NT01, Neopaederus Blackwelder 1939 F61, Paederillus Casey 1905 NT01, Paederomorphus Gautier des Cottes 1862 F61; Paederina]

Paederus fuscipes Curtis 1823 [incl. P. abyssinicus Cam. 1950, P. aestuans Erichson 1839-1840, P. alfierii Koch 1934, P. angolensis Er. 1843, P. erichsoni Wollaston 1867, P. mayumbeanus Cameron 1939] F61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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