Prunum sapotilla, from here.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.
Contains: Marginellini.

The Marginellidae, margin shells, are a group of small neogastropods with a thickened lip to the shell, and lacking an operculum. Members of the subfamily Marginelloninae are generally larger than Marginellinae, and have a distinctive short radula bearing broad rachidian teeth with a large number of cusps.

<==Marginellidae [Marginelladae, Marginelloidea, Rhachiglossidae]
    |--Marginellona Martens 1904 [Marginelloninae] BR05
    `--Marginellinae BR05
         |--Austroginella Laseron 1957 [Austroginellini] BR05
         |--Marginellini BR05
         `--Prunum Adams & Adams 1853 [Prunini] BR05
              |--P. martini (Petit 1853) S11
              |--P. poulosi Lipe 1996 BC01
              `--P. (Prunum) sapotilla (Hinds 1844) [incl. Marginella evax Li 1930] BC01

Marginellidae incertae sedis:
  Cryptospira Hinds 1844 F27a
  Gibberula Swainson 1840 F27a
    |--G. albotriangularis Rolán & Fernandes 1997 BC01
    |--G. aldridgei (Usticke 1969) [=Persicula aldridgei] BC01
    |--G. charbarensis (Melvill 1897) [=Marginella (Gibberula) charbarensis] BC01
    |--G. decorfasciata Rolán & Fernandes 1997 BC01
    |--G. pulchella (Kiener 1830) MG-H11
    `--G. rauli Fernandes 1987 BC01
  Mesomarginella valei Powell 1932 HS01
  Granula BR05
    |--G. achenea Roth & Coan 1971 BC01
    `--G. insularum Roth & coan 1971 BC01
  Cypraeolina Cerulli-Irelli 1911 O27
    `--C. pyriformis (Carpenter 1865) [=Volutella pyriformis] O27
  Closia Gray 1857 P61
    |--*C. sarda [=Marginella sarda] P61
    |--C. maoria Powell 1937 P61
    `--C. profunda (Suter 1909) P61
  Rivomarginella G88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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