Olivella altatae, copyright Femorale.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.

Olivella, the dwarf olives, is a genus of predatory marine gastropods similar to the olives of the family Olividae, but with a more produced spire and a large, thin, horny operculum (Oldroyd 1927).

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell polished, small; spire produced, acute, suture canaliculated; aperture narrow behind, enlarged anteriorly; columella plicated in front, callous posteriorly. Operculum horny, thin, half ovate, with apical nucleus.

<==Olivella Swainson 1831 [Olivellidae, Olivellina, Olivellinae] BR05
    |--O. (Olivella) BC01
    |    |--*O. (O.) undatella O27
    |    |--O. (O.) adelae Olsson 1956 BC01
    |    |--O. (O.) altatae Burch & Campbell 1963 BC01
    |    `--O. (O.) sphoni Burch & Campbell 1963 BC01
    `--O. (Dactylidella) cymatilis Berry 1963 BC01

Olivella incertae sedis:
  O. biplicata Sowerby 1825 O27
    |--O. b. biplicata O27
    |--O. b. angelina Oldroyd 1921 O27
    |--O. b. fucana Oldroyd 1921 O27
    |--O. b. lapillus Vanatta 1915 O27
    `--O. b. parva Oldroyd 1920 O27
  O. boetica Carpenter 1863 O27
    |--O. b. boetica O27
    |--O. b. diegensis Oldroyd 1921 O27
    `--O. b. mexicana Oldroyd 1921 O27
  O. lata C60
  O. nympha Adams & Angas 1863 H09
  O. pedroana Conrad 1855 O27
  O. porteri Dall 1910 O27
  O. stegeri Olsson 1956 BC01
  O. volutella ZLK11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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