Alectrion glans, copyright Koghisberg.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.
Contains: Arcularia, Nassarius.

The Nassariidae, dog whelks, are a group of mostly scavenging marine neogastropods, most commonly found in sandy or muddy areas in shallow waters. They are small to medium in size, with a shell bearing a high spire and oval aperture. Within the Nassariidae, members of the Nassariinae and Cyllene are generally smaller than Dorsaninae or Bullia.

<==Nassariidae [Alectrionidae, Arculariidae, Nassidae, Nassina, Nassinae]
    |--Dorsaninae BR05
    |    |--Dorsanum Gray 1847 BR05
    |    `--Duplicata Korobokov 1955 [Duplicatinae] BR05
    |--Bullia Gray 1834 [Bulliinae] BR05
    |    |--B. annulata Lamarck 1816 HJ08
    |    |--B. rhodostoma C60
    |    `--B. rogersi Smythe in Smythe & Chatfield 1981 BC01
    |--Cyllene Gray 1834 [Cylleninae] BR05
    |    |--C. cernohorskyi Fernandes & Rolán 1992 BC01
    |    |--C. lactea Adams & Angas 1863 H09
    |    |--C. pulchella Adams & Reeve 1850 H09
    |    `--C. rubrolineata Sowerby 1870 MG-H11
    `--Nassariinae BR05
         |--‘Nassa’ Lamarck 1799 non Röding 1798 BR05
         |--‘Cyclops’ Montfort 1810 non Müller 1776 [Cyclopsidae] BR05
         |--Cyclonassa Swainson 1840 [Cyclonassinae] BR05
         |--Arcularia BR05
         |--Nassarius BR05
         |--Ilyanassa Stimpson 1865 O27
         |    `--I. obsoleta (Say 1822) SS07 [=Alectrion obsoletus O27]
         `--Alectrion Montfort 1810 BR05
              |  i. s.: A. dispar [=Xeuxis dispar] C60
              |         A. fasciata (Lamarck 1822) F27
              |         A. papillosus Linnaeus 1758 WG71
              |         A. particeps Hedley 1915 WG71
              |         A. rufula Kiener 1834 WG71
              |--*A. (Alectrion) glans Linnaeus 1758 O27, WG71
              `--A. (Schizopyga Conrad 1850) O27
                   |--A. (S.) californianus Conrad 1856 O27
                   |--A. (S.) cerritensis Arnold 1903 O27
                   |--A. (S.) cooperi (Forbes 1850) [=Nassa cooperi] O27
                   |--A. (S.) fossatus Gould 1849 O27
                   |--A. (S.) insculptus Carpenter 1864 O27
                   |    |--A. i. insculptus O27
                   |    `--A. i. eupleura Dall 1916 O27
                   |--A. (S.) mendicus Gould 1849 O27
                   |--A. (S.) nodicinctus Adams 1851 O27
                   |--A. (S.) noduliferus (Philippi 1848) [=Buccinum noduliferum] O27
                   |--A. (S.) perpinguis Hinds 1844 O27
                   `--A. (S.) tegulus Reeve 1858 O27

Nassariidae incertae sedis:
  Parcanassa Iredale 1936 WG71
    `--P. pauperata Lamarck 1822 WG71
  Zeuxis Adams & Adams 1853 WG71
    |--Z. dorsatus Röding 1798 WG71
    `--Z. siquijorensis ZLK11
  Plicarcularia Thiele 1929 WG71
    |--P. granifera Kiener 1834 WG71
    `--P. thersites Bruguière 1789 WG71
  Niotha Adams & Adams 1853 WG71
    |--N. bicolor Hombron & Jacquinot 1853 WG71
    |--N. gemmulata Lamarck 1822 WG71
    `--N. pyrrhus Menke 1843 WG71
  Nanina Risso 1826 BR05
    |--N. (Acusta) assimilis Adams 1866 A66a
    `--N. sieboldtiana A66a
  Reticunassa paupera M54
  Hebra horrida (Dunker 1847) BW09
  Buccinanops S11
    |--B. gradatus (Deshayes 1844) S11
    `--B. monilifer (Velenciennes 1834) S11
  Nassodonta Adams 1866 S11, A66b
    |--*N. insignis Adams 1866 A66b
    `--N. dorri (Watteblet 1886) S11
  Radulphus Iredale 1924 P61
    |--*R. royanus P61
    `--R. necopinatus Finlay 1930 P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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