Colony of Nasutitermes luzonicus, copyright Choon Huat Quah.

Belongs within: Nasutitermitinae.

Nasutitermes is a pantropical genus of nasute termites.

Characters (from Syaukani & Thompson 2011): Soldier caste generally monomorphic, rarely dimorphic; head capsule variable in size and shape, without constriction behind antennal sockets; rostrum conical to cylindrical; antenna 11–14-segmented; pronotum saddle-shaped; legs relatively short; abdomen elongate.

<==Nasutitermes Banks 1920 H42
    |--N. aquilinus S57
    |--N. arenarius S57
    |--N. bivalens S57
    |--N. brevirostris S57
    |--N. ceylonicus [=Eutermes ceylonicus] S57
    |--N. chaquimayensis S57
    |--N. columbicus S57
    |--N. corniger S57
    |--N. corporaali S57
    |--N. costalis S57
    |--N. coxipoensis S57
    |--N. dendrophilus S57
    |--N. dixoni GN54
    |--N. ehrhardti S57
    |--N. electrodominicus GE05
    |--N. ephratae S57
    |--N. eucalypti (Mjöberg 1920) J13
    |--N. exitiosus GN54
    |--N. fulviceps S57
    |--N. fumipennis S57
    |--N. gaigei S57
    |--N. globiceps GE05
    |--N. guayanae S57
    |--N. incurvus S57
    |--N. intermedius S57
    |--N. itapocuensis S57
    |--N. jaraguae S57
    |--N. latifrons S57
    |--N. longipennis (Hill 1915) J13
    |--N. luzonicus [incl. Eutermes laspinasensis, N. laspinasensis] S57
    |--N. maculiventris [incl. Eutermes lujae] S57
    |--N. magnus (Froggatt 1898) J13
    |--N. matangensis [=Eutermes matangensis] S57
    |--N. meinerti [=Eutermes meinerti] S57
    |--N. minimus S57
    |--N. mojosensis S57
    |--N. nigriceps [incl. N. acajutlae, N. pilifrons] S57
    |--N. novarumhebridarum S57
    |--N. octopilis S57
    |--N. olidus S57
    |--N. peruanus S57
    |--N. pilifrons S57
    |--N. pilosus S57
    |--N. pluriarticulatus S57
    |--N. proximus S57
    |--N. rufirostris S57
    |--N. sanctaeanae S57
    |--N. similis S57
    |--N. surinamensis S57
    |--N. torquatus S57
    |--N. triodea (Froggatt 1898) J13
    `--N. usambarensis S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GC54] Grassé, P.-P., & C. Noirot. 1954. Apicotermes arquieri (Isoptère): ses constructions, sa biologie. Considérations générales sur la sous-famille des Apicotermitinae nov. Annales des Sciences Naturelles—Zoologie et Biologie Animale, ser. 11, 16: 345–388.

[GE05] Grimaldi, D., & M. S. Engel. 2005. Evolution of the Insects. Cambridge University Press: New York.

[H42] Hill, G. F. 1942. Termites (Isoptera) from the Australian Region (including Australia, New Guinea and islands south of the Equator between 140°E. longitude and 170°W. longitude). Commonwealth of Australia Council for Scientific and Industrial Research: Melbourne.

[J13] Jones, D. T. 2013. The termites of Barrow Island, Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 83: 241–244.

[S57] Seevers, C. H. 1957. A monograph on the termitophilous Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Fieldiana Zoology 40: 1–334.

Syaukani & G. J. Thompson 2011. Taxonomic notes on Nasutitermes and Bulbitermes (Termitidae, Nasutitermitinae) from the Sunda region of southeast Asia based on morphological and molecular characters. ZooKeys 148: 135–160.

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