Acrotrichis fascicularis, from here.

Belongs within: Polyphaga.

The Ptiliidae, featherwing beetles, are a group of very small beetles with narrow wings bearing long marginal hairs, believed to be adapted for passive flotation (Dybas 1990).

Characters (from Dybas 1990): Antennae usually slender, 11-segmented (occasionally 10-segmented); first two segments considerably enlarged; terminal two or three segments gradually or more abruptly enlarged to form loose club. Head capsule with gular sutures absent, posterior arms of tentorium attached on or near ventral rim of capsule. Wings (when present) with membrane very narrow, borne on single sclerotised stalk or two sclerotised basal struts, furnished with very long marginal hairs. Leg tarsi with only two or (indistinctly) three segments visible. Spermatheca usually well sclerotised, with distinctive pump apparatus.

    |--Cephaloplectinae [Limulodidae, Limulodinae] B14
    |    |--Cephaloplectus mus (Mann 1926) B14
    |    `--Limulodes B14
    |--Ptiliinae B14
    |    |--Discheramocephalus brucei Grebennikov 2008 B14
    |    `--Motschulskium sinuatocolle Matthews 1872 B14
    `--Acrotrichinae D90
         |--Smicrus D90
         |--Ptiliopycna moerens D90
         |--Nephanes D90
         |    `--N. titan D90
         `--Acrotrichis E02
              |--A. fascicularis D90
              |--A. godmani D90
              `--A. josephi (Matthews 1872) [incl. A. subcognata] E02

Ptiliidae incertae sedis:
  Actidium lineare Matthews 1874 E02
  Ptiliodes austerus Johnson 1982 E02
  Nanosellini D90
    |--Nanosella fungi GE05
    |--Suterina microcephala D90
    |--Throscoptilium duryi D90
    |--Cylindrosella dampfi D90
    |--Hydnosella globitheca D90
    `--Porophila malkini D90
  Ptinella E02
    |--P. cavelli E02
    |--P. mekura D90
    `--P. taylori E02
  Ptenidium S55
    |--P. corpulentum Allivert 1849 E12
    |--P. laevigatum S55
    `--P. ponteleccianum zur Strassen 1955 S55
  Pteryx [incl. Ptiliodina] D90
  Ptinellodes D90
    |--P. lecontei D90
    `--P. suteri D90
  Bambara [incl. Eurygyne] D90
    |--B. fusca D90
    `--B. testacea [incl. B. lutea] D90
  Nossidium D90
  Actinopteryx fucicola D90
  Micridium [incl. Dilineum] D90
  Millidium minutissimum D90
  Ptiliola [incl. Nanoptilium] D90
  Ptiliolum D90
    `--‘Nephanes’ rugulodorsus D90
  Rodwayia LB91
    |--R. intercoxalis Lea 1919 L19
    |--R. minuta L19
    |--R. orientalis LB91
    `--R. ovata L19
  Cochliarion LB91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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