Marginella glabella, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Marginellidae.
Contains: Marginella (Glabella), Marginella (Volvarinella).

The Marginellini are a group of margin shells characterised by the complete loss of the buccal mass including the radula.

<==Marginellini [Porcellanina, Porcellaninae] BR05
    |--Volvarina Hinds 1844 P61
    |    |--*V. avena [=Marginella avena] P61
    |    |--V. albescens (Hutton 1878) [=Marginella (Volvarina) albescens] P61
    |    |--V. fusca C64
    |    |--V. insulana Gofas & Fernandes 1988 BC01
    |    |--V. maoriana (Powell 1932) [=Marginella (Volvarina) maoriana] P61
    |    |--V. mustelina (Angas 1871) P61 [=Hyalina mustelina H09, Marginella (Volvarina) mustelina P61]
    |    |--V. parvistriata (Suter 1908) [=Marginella (Volvarina) parvistriata] P61
    |    |--V. plicatula (Suter 1910) [=Marginella (Volvarina) plicatula] P61
    |    |--V. serrata C64
    |    |--V. triticea C64
    |    |--V. varia C64
    |    `--V. veliei (Pilsbry 1896) [=Marginella veliei, Hyalina (Volvarina) veliei] MP65
    `--Marginella Lamarck 1799 [=Porcellana Gray 1847 nec da Costa 1776 nec Lamarck 1801] BR05
         |  i. s.: M. alta Watson 1886 H09
         |         M. aureocincta Stearns 1872 D88
         |         M. australis H86a
         |         M. aveniformis Marshall 1919 F27a
         |         M. brachia Watson 1886 H09
         |         M. brevispira Sacco 1890 F27b
         |         M. caerulescens C64
         |         M. carquejai Gofas & Fernandes 1994 BC01
         |         M. clandestina M62
         |         M. coerulescens [=Voluta coerulescens; incl. M. subcoerulea] G79
         |         M. coma F27a
         |         M. conica Harris 1897 F27a
         |         M. cypraeola C64
         |         M. dubia Hutton 1873 F27a
         |         M. fraudulenta Suter 1917 F27a
         |         M. fusiformis Hinds 1844 H09
         |         M. guttula Reeve 1865 H09
         |         M. harrisi Cossmann 1899 [=Eratoidea harrisi, M. ovata Harris 1897 (preoc.)] F27b
         |         M. hectori Kirk 1882 F27a
         |         M. hordeacea H86b
         |         M. interrupta G79
         |         M. kirki Marwick 1924 F27a
         |         M. laevigata Brazier 1877 H09
         |         M. laevis N79
         |         M. luculenta Gofas & Fernandes 1994 BC01
         |         M. marginata [incl. M. bivaricosa] G79
         |         M. marwicki Finlay 1927 (see below for synonymy) F27b
         |         M. minor C64
         |         M. ochracea Angas 1871 H09
         |         M. ovulum Sowerby 1846 H09
         |         M. pachia Watson 1886 H09
         |         M. philippii M62
         |         M. polita C64
         |         M. poppei Boyer & Neefs 1999 BC01
         |         M. propinqua F27a
         |         M. prunum [incl. Voluta plumbea Sol. ms] C64
         |         M. pulchella M54
         |         M. regularis Carpenter 1865 O27
         |         M. ringiculaeformis [=Cancellaria ringiculaeformis] PH90
         |         M. sapotilla C64
         |         M. spinacia Gofas & Fernandes 1988 BC01
         |         M. strombiformis [=Voluta strombiformis, Vespertilio johnstoni Cossmann 1899] F27b
         |         M. subtrigona Carpenter 1865 O27
         |         M. trochiscus Tomlin 1919 [=M. (Volvarina) brevispira Oppenheim 1906 non Sacco 1890] F27b
         |         M. undulans Gofas & Fernandes 1994 BC01
         |         M. ventricosa H86a
         |         M. whitecliffensis Marwick 1926 F27a
         |--M. (Marginella) O27
         |    |--*M. (M.) glabella (Linnaeus 1758) [=Voluta glabella, *Porcellana glabella] BR17
         |    |--M. (M.) nubeculata O27
         |    `--M. (M.) persicula (Linnaeus 1758) G20, L58 [=Voluta persicula G20]
         |--M. (Glabella) P61
         |--M. (Hyalina Schumacher 1817) O27
         |    |--Marginella (H.) californica Tomlin 1916 O27
         |    `-- Marginella (H.) myrmecoon Dall 1919 O27
         |--M. (Kagomea Habe 1951) P61
         |    |--M. (*K.) novemprovincialis P61
         |    |--M. (K.) ficula (Murdoch & Suter 1906) P61
         |    `--M. (K.) hardingae Dell 1956 P61
         |--M. (Microvulina Habe 1951) P61
         |    |--M. (*M.) nipponica P61
         |    |--M. (M.) angasi Crosse 1870 P61
         |    `--M. (M.) vidae Dell 1956 P61
         `--M. (Volvarinella) P61

Marginella marwicki Finlay 1927 [=M. brevispira Marwick 1924 nec Sacco 1890 nec Oppenheim 1906] F27b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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