Asparagus fern Asparagus setaceus, copyright Forest & Kim Starr.

Belongs within: Liliidae.

The genus Asparagus includes the cultivated asparagus A. officinalis and related species. Members of the genus have reduced, scale-like leaves, whose overall appearance give many species the vernacular name of asparagus ferns.

Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Evergreen or summer-green perennials, roots fleshy and cylindric or tuberous. Stems erect or climbing, branched, often woody. Leaves reduced, scale-like, often with basal spine, with solitary or fascicled needle- or leaf-like cladodes. Flowers small, campanulate, usually axillary or terminal, solitary or in small fascicles, or racemose on special branches lacking cladodes; pedicels articulate; segments 6, more or less similar, free or nearly so, spreading above. Berry one- to several-seeded. Seeds globose or flat on one side.

<==Asparagus [Asparagineae]
    |--A. acutifolius PT98
    |--A. aphyllus Linnaeus 1753 PL04
    |    |--A. a. ssp. aphyllus PT98
    |    `--A. a. ssp. orientalis PT98
    |--A. asparagoides (Linnaeus) Wight 1909 HE80
    |--A. cooperi [=Protasparagus cooperi] K02
    |--A. laricinus [=Protasparagus laricinus] K02
    |--A. officinalis Linnaeus 1753 HE80
    |--A. racemosus PP07
    |--A. scandens Thunberg 1794 HE80
    |--A. setaceus (Kunth) Jessop 1966 [incl. A. plumosus] HE80
    `--A. tenuifolius H91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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