Green-legged matchstick, probably Callitala major, copyright Tony Jewell.

Belongs within: Caelifera.

The Eumastacoidea includes the matchstick and monkey grasshoppers, and is most diverse in tropical regions. Members of this group have three-segmented tarsi, and the hind margin of the head more or less emarginate dorsally, exposing the neck membrane. Of the two families, the Proscopiidae are found in South America, while the Eumastacidae are more cosmopolitan (Rentz 1996).

    |--Proscopiidae [Proscopinae] K73
    |    |--Anchotatus janinae TW05
    |    `--Proscopia scabra Klug 1820 [incl. Taxiarchus paraensis Rehn 1906] R18
    `--Eumastacidae K73
         |  i. s.: Morsea californica TW05
         |--Biroella [Biroellinae] K73
         |    |--B. queenslandica Sjöstedt 1920 K73
         |    `--B. tardigrada Sjöstedt 1920 K73
         `--Morabinae K73
              |--Namatjira aliceae K81
              |--Geckomima R96
              |--Warramunga desertorum Rehn 1952 K73
              |--Bundinja carpentaria K81
              |--Heide amiculi R96
              |--Callitala K73
              |    |--C. bipunctata Sjöstedt 1921 K73
              |    |--C. brevicornis (Walker 1870) (see below for synonymy) K73
              |    |--C. centralis Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--C. gecko (Sjöstedt 1920) [=Psednura gecko] K73
              |    |--C. isa Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--C. lesueuri Rehn 1952 K73
              |    `--C. major Sjöstedt 1921 K73
              |--Moraba K73
              |    |--M. amiculi Sjöstedt 1921 [incl. M. gracilis Sjöstedt 1921] K73
              |    |--M. asinus Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. carbolineata Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. carissima Rehn 1952 [=M. cultrata carissima] K73
              |    |--M. consobrina Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. cultrata Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. curvicercus Sjöstedt 1934 K73
              |    |--M. darwinensis K81
              |    |--M. fratercula Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. gracilicollis Sjöstedt 1921 K73
              |    |--M. granulosa Sjöstedt 1930 K73
              |    |--M. improcera Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. keyi Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. laticornis Sjöstedt 1921 [incl. M. longiscapus Sjöstedt 1921] K73
              |    |--M. longicornis (Sjöstedt 1920) [=Psednura longicornis] K73
              |    |--M. longirostris Sjöstedt 1934 K73
              |    |--M. macleayorum Rehn 1952 [incl. M. collina Rehn 1952] K73
              |    |--M. missiliformis Rehn 1952 [=M. misilliformis] K73
              |    |--M. obscura Sjöstedt 1921 K73
              |    |--M. parva Sjöstedt 1921 K73
              |    |--M. phasma Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. prora Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. sagittifera Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--M. serricornis Walker 1870 K73
              |    |--M. viatica (Erichson 1842) K73 (see below for synonymy)
              |    |--M. virgo Key 1963 K73
              |    `--M. walkeri K81
              |--Warramaba virgo K81
              |--Stiletta nitida K81
              |--Hastella obtusipinnis K81
              |--Filoraba phallica K81
              |--Nanihospita acaudata K81
              |--Achurimima interioris K81
              |--Proscopiomima consobrina K81
              |--Aruntina alacris K81
              |--Aliena arida K81
              |--Alatiplica spatulifera K81
              |--Moritala hasta K81
              |--Crois pinguis K81
              |--Swanea carbolineata K81
              |--Capsigera foliosa K81
              |--Furculifera gracilifurca K81
              |--Flindersella acuticercus K81
              |--Callimunga isa K81
              |--Prorifera spanner K81
              |--Keyacris K73
              |    |--K. interpres Rehn 1952 K73
              |    |--K. marcida Rehn 1952 K73
              |    `--K. scurra (Rehn 1952) [=Moraba scurra] K73
              |--Vandiemenella K81
              |    |--V. pichirichi W78
              |    `--V. viatica K81
              |--Spectriforma K81
              `--Culmacris K81
                   |--C. archaica K81
                   |--C. curvicercus K81
                   |--C. diversa K81
                   `--C. orientalis K81

Callitala brevicornis (Walker 1870) [=Opomala brevicornis; incl. C. brevirostris Sjöstedt 1921, C. galeata Rehn 1952 (n. d.), C. parvicornis Sjöstedt 1934] K73

Moraba viatica (Erichson 1842) K73 [=Truxalis viatica K73, Psednura viatica K72; incl. M. australis Rehn 1952 K73, M. incohata Rehn 1952 K73]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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