Italian bugloss Anchusa azurea, copyright Alberto Salguero Quiles.

Belongs within: Boraginaceae.

The Boragineae is a group of plants in the family Boraginaceae found almost entirely in Eurasia, characterised by flowers with a simple style and usually well-developed faucal appendages (Långström & Chase 2002). Borage Borago officinalis is a native of the Mediterranean region that is cultivated as a vegetable green.

Characters (from Långström & Chase 2002): Flowers with usually well-developed faucal appendages; style simple, with one or two stigmas; pollen colporate; nutlets with basal scar often surrounded by annular rim, gynobase flat.

<==Boragineae [Anchusae, Borageae]
    |--Borago officinalis Linnaeus 1753 LC02, CD07
    `--+--+--Nonea versicolor LC02
       |  `--Pentaglottis sempervirens LC02
       `--Anchusa LC02
            |--A. arvensis [=Lycopsis arvensis] H93
            |--A. azurea H91
            |--A. caespitosa SL06
            |--A. capensis BR65
            |--A. officinalis [incl. A. procera] H93
            `--A. ovata O88

Boragineae incertae sedis:
  Anchusella LC02
  Brunnera LC02
  Caryolopha sempervirens LC02, C55b [=Anchusa sempervirens C55b]
  Cynoglottis barrelieri LC02, GR98
  Elizaldia LC02
  Oskampia LC02
  Psilostemon LC02
  Stomotechium LC02
  Trachystemon LC02
  Symphytum LC02
    |--S. asperum H93
    |--S. caucasicum V09
    |--S. cordatum H09
    `--S. officinale C55b
  Lycopsis LC02
    |--L. orientalis C55b
    `--L. variegata C55a
  Pulmonaria LC02
    |--P. mollis C55a
    |--P. officinalis C55b
    |--P. rubra H09
    `--P. virginica C55b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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