Conidia of Curvularia lunata, copyright J. Scott.

Belongs within: Pleosporales.

The Pleosporaceae are a family of fungi including both saprobic species and necrotrophic pathogens, some of which are economically significant. Curvularia lunata is also known as a pathogen of humans, potentially causing facultative infections through breaks in the skin or inhalation.

Characters (from Cannon & Kirk 2007): Ascomata perithecial, more or less globose, thick-walled, immersed or erumpent, black, opening by a well-developed lysigenous ostiole, sometimes hairy or setose; peridium usually thick, wi th several layers of large thick-walled pseudoparenchymatous cells. Interascal tissue of cellular pseudoparaphyses. Asci more or less cylindrical, fissitunicate, the inner wall often thickened in the apical region. Ascospores brown, septate, sometimes muriform, often with a gelatinous sheath. Anamorphs hyphomycetous.

Pleosporaceae EB03Outline
    |--Pyrenophora LK04
    |    |--P. phaeocomes JK06
    |    `--P. tritici-repentis LK04
    `--+--Curvularia LK04
       |    |--C. brachyspora ML04
       |    |--C. geniculata RH91
       |    |--C. inaequilis HS98
       |    `--C. lunata C-OE-PG-C91
       `--+--Setosphaeria monoceras LK04
          `--Cochliobolus LK04
               |--C. heterostrophus JK06
               `--C. sativus SL02

Pleosporaceae incertae sedis:
  Extrawettsteinina EB03Outline
  Falciformispora EB03Outline
  Kriegeriella EB03Outline
  Lewia EB03Outline
  Macrospora scirpicola EB03Outline, HH00 [=Pleospora scirpicola HH00]
  Macroventuria EB03Outline
  Monascostroma EB03Outline
  Platysporoides EB03Outline
  Pseudoyuconia EB03Outline
  Wettsteinina EB03Outline
  Zeuctomorpha EB03Outline
  Decorospora Inderbitzin, Kohlmeyer & Volkmann-Kohlmeyer 2002 EB03Notes
    `--*D. gaudefroi (Patouillard) Inderbitzin, Kohlmann & Volkmann-Kohlmeyer 2002 EB03Notes
  Valsaria [incl. Phaeocreopsis Saccardo & Sydow in Lindau 1900] RS99
    `--V. rubricosa (see below for synonymy) RS99
  Pleospora JK06
    |--P. herbarum JK06
    `--P. rudis IL01
  Leptosphaerulina EB03Outline
    |--L. chartarum E99
    `--L. crassiasca E99

Valsaria rubricosa [incl. Valsaria cinnamomi, Valsonectria cinnamomi, Hypocreopsis hypoxyloides Spegazzini 1899, *Phaeocreopsis hypoxyloides (Spegazzini) Saccardo & Sydow in Lindau 1900, Valsaria hypoxyloides, Valsonectria hypoxyloides, P. pezizaeformis, Hypocreopsis pezizaeformis, Valsonectria reticulata] RS99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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