Mideopsis sp., from here.

Belongs within: Neohydrachnidia.

The Mideopsidae are a group of heavily sclerotised water mites.

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Adults with dorsal and ventral shields present; typically with three pairs of genital acetabula, rarely up to seven pairs, acetabula confined to gonopore in both sexes; openings for insertion of legs IV with no or with only very small projections. Larvae with idiosoma extremely flattened dorsoventrally; gnathosoma recessed beneath protruding anterior edge of dorsal plate; dorsal plate bearing five pairs of setae, including verticils, scapulars and setae c1 laterally; coxal plates I-III on each side separated by complete suture lines, coxal plates of two sides separate; excretory pore plate triangular with anterior apex attenuate; legs with five movable segments; leg tarsi bearing paired claws.

    |--Gretacarus [Gretacarinae] WL09
    |    `--G. australicus G01
    |--Plaumannia Lundblad 1936 RFF05 [Plaumanniinae WL09]
    |    |--P. arrenuripalpis Lundblad 1936 RFF05
    |    `--P. crenophila Lundblad 1938 RFF05
    |--Guineaxonopsinae WL09
    |    |--Guineaxonopsis Imamura 1983 WL09, S86
    |    `--Kuschelacarus ovalis WL09
    `--Mideopsinae [Mideopsellinae] WL09
         |--Penemideopsis WL09
         |--Mideopsellides geae WL09
         |--Tilia davisae WL09
         |--Mideopsella Lundblad 1937 WL09, RFF05
         |    `--M. forficipalpis Lundblad 1937 RFF05
         |--Phreatomideopsis Schwoerbel 1986 WL09, S86 [Phreatomideopsinae]
         |    `--P. arrenuripalpis Schwoerbel 1986 S86
         |--Tiramideopsis Cook 1967 S86
         |    |--T. (Tiramideopsis) S86
         |    |    |--T. (T.) ovalis Cook 1967 S86
         |    |    |--T. (T.) pallida Cook 1967 S86
         |    |    `--T. (T.) tanasachiae Cook 1967 S86
         |    `--T. (Navimideopsis Cook 1967) S86
         |         `--T. (N.) expansipes Cook 1967 S86
         `--Mideopsis Neuman 1880 S86
              |  i. s.: M. borealis WL09
              |         M. dentifera Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |         M. mexicana WL09
              |         M. orbicularis (Müller 1776) PH91
              |         M. plaumanni Lundblad 1937 RFF05
              |         M. singularis Viets 1954 RFF05
              |         M. sucaba WL09
              |         M. venusta Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |         M. violacea Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |--M. (Mideopsis) S86
              |    |--M. (M.) beta Cook 1980 S86
              |    |--M. (M.) choconensis Cook 1980 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) clavipes Lundblad 1936 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) elongata (Viets 1935) RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) forkensis Imamura 1977 S86
              |    |--M. (M.) gradatipalpis Viets 1954 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) infractipalpis Viets 1954 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) laversi Cook 1976 S86
              |    |--M. (M.) longidens Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) microdactylus Viets 1954 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) oviformis Lundblad 1944 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) ovum Lundblad 1937 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) pacrodactylus Lundblad 1938 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) rectangularis Lundblad 1937 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) rostrata Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |    |--M. (M.) ryugaensis Imamura 1957 S86
              |    `--M. (M.) trifoliata Viets 1959 RFF05
              |--M. (Mideopsides Lundblad 1943) RFF05
              |    `--M. (M.) gibberipalpis Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |--M. (Neoxystonotus Lundblad 1927) RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) affinis Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) biverrucata Viets 1954 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) caviventris Lundblad 1941 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) curvipes Viets 1954 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) genitalis Lundblad 1936 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) maculata Viets 1935 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) paprzyckii Lundblad 1944 RFF05
              |    |--M. (N.) sica Lundblad 1943 RFF05
              |    `--M. (N.) trilobata Viets 1935 RFF05
              |         |--M. t. trilobata RFF05
              |         |--M. t. lineata Lundblad 1936 RFF05
              |         |--M. t. remotipora Viets 1954 RFF05
              |         `--M. t. vicinipora Viets 1954 RFF05
              `--M. (Xystonotus Wolcott 1900) S86
                   |--M. (X.) interstitialis Cook 1976 S86
                   |--M. (X.) pallida Cook 1976 S86
                   |--M. (X.) paramecia Cook 1976 S86
                   |--M. (X.) pumila Cook 1974 S86
                   `--M. (X.) sabulonis Cook 1976 S86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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