Meranoplus bicolor, from here.

Belongs within: Myrmicinae.
Contains: Crematogaster.

The Meranoplini is a group of ants with a compact mesosoma and nine-segmented antenna. Meranoplus, the shield ants, are slow-moving ants found in the Old World tropics and subtropics, which have the dorsum of the anterior mesosoma flattened with projecting edges to form a distinct shield (Heterick 2009).

Characters (from Tree of Life): Mesosoma short and compact. Promesonotum forming a shield that overhangs the pleurae laterally and usually overhangs the propodeum posteriorly. Antennae with 9 segments, with a 3-segmented club.

<==Meranoplini E14
    |  i. s.: Promeranoplus Emery 1914 E14
    |           `--*P. rouxi Emery 1914 E14
    |         Prodicroaspis Emery 1914 E14
    |           `--*P. sarasini Emery 1914 E14
    |         Calyptomyrmex E14
    |         Dicroaspis E14
    |--+--Mayriella BS06
    |  |    |--M. ebbei BS06
    |  |    `--M. occidua H09
    |  `--+--Xenomyrmex floridanus BS06
    |     `--+--Eutetramorium mocquerysi BS06
    |        `--Metapone madagascarica BS06
    `--+--+--Crematogaster BS06
       |  `--Pristomyrmex Mayr 1866 SB08, B03 (see below for synonymy)
       |       |--*P. pungens Mayr 1866 YT99
       |       |--P. brevispinosus Emery 1887 B03
       |       |    |--P. b. brevispinosum B03
       |       |    `--P. b. sulcatus B03
       |       |--*Hylidris’ myersi Weber 1941 YT99
       |       |--P. pulcher N-ZLI11
       |       |--P. quadridentata André 1905 [=P. (*Odontomyrmex) quadridentata] YT99
       |       |--*Dodous’ trispinosus Donisthorpe 1946 YT99
       |       `--P. yaeyamensis Yamane & Terayama 1999 [incl. P. brevispinosus sulcatus var. formosae] YT99
       `--+--Meranoplus Smith 1854 BS06, B03
          |    |--*M. bicolor (Guér. 1838) (see below for synonymy) B03
          |    |--M. belli Forel 1902 B03
          |    |--M. dichrous H09
          |    |--M. dimidiatus H09
          |    |--M. diversus H09
          |    |--M. fenestratus H09
          |    |--M. ferrugineus H09
          |    |--M. laeviventris Emery 1889 E89
          |    |--M. leveillei Emery 1883 E14
          |    |--M. malaysianus N-ZLI11
          |    |--M. mcarthuri H09
          |    |--M. mucronatus Smith 1857 B03
          |    |--M. oceanicus H09
          |    |--M. puryi H09
          |    |--M. radamae BS06
          |    |--M. rothneyi Forel 1902 B03
          |    |--M. rugosus H09
          |    `--M. similis H09
          `--+--Pheidologeton Mayr 1862 BS06, B03
             |    |--*P. diversus (Jerdon 1851) (see below for synonymy) B03
             |    |--P. affinis (Jerdon 1851) (see below for synonymy) B03
             |    |--P. laboriosus E89
             |    |--P. lamellifrons Forel 1902 B03
             |    |--P. nanus Roger 1863 B03
             |    |--P. ocellifer E89
             |    |--P. pygmaeus N-ZLI11
             |    `--P. silenus N-ZLI11
             `--Formicoxenini MR08
                  |--Formicoxenus nitidulus A71
                  `--Nesomyrmex Wheeler 1910 BS06, MR08
                       |--*N. clavipilis Wheeler 1910 TO99
                       |--N. angulatus (Mayr 1862) [=Leptothorax angulatus] MR08
                       |--N. antoinetteae Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. braunsi (Forel 1912) [=Dilobocondyla (Tetramyrma) braunsi] MR08
                       |--N. cederbergensis Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. denticulatus (Mayr 1901) [=Leptothorax denticulatus] MR08
                       |--N. echinatinodis BS06
                       |--N. entabeni Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. ezantsi Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. inye Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. karooensis Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. koebergensis Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. larsenae Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. mcgregori Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. nanniae Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. njengelanga Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. ruani Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. saasveldensis Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       |--N. simoni (Emery 1895) [=Tetramorium simoni] MR08
                       |--N. stramineus (Arnold 1948) [=Limnomyrmex stramineus] MR08
                       |--N. tshiguvhoae Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08
                       `--N. vannoorti Mbanyana & Robertson 2008 MR08

*Meranoplus bicolor (Guér. 1838) [=Cryptocerus bicolor; incl. M. dimicans Walker 1859, M. villosus Motsch. 1859] B03

Pheidologeton affinis (Jerdon 1851) [=Ocodoma affinis; incl. Atta bellicosa Smith 1858, Solenopsis calida Smith 1863, S. laboriosa Smith 1861] B03

*Pheidologeton diversus (Jerdon 1851) [=Ocodoma diversa; incl. Pheidole ocellifera Smith 1858, Pheidole taprobanae Smith 1858] B03

Pristomyrmex Mayr 1866 SB08, B03 [incl. Dodous Donisthorpe 1946 YT99, Hylidris Weber 1941 YT99, Odontomyrmex Andre 1905 YT99]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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