Erythrogonia quadriplagiata, photographed by Marco Gaiani.

Belongs within: Cicadellidae.

The Cicadellini is a group of sharpshooter leafhoppers characterised by the extension of the frons a short distance onto the vertex.

Characters (from Takiya & Cavichioli 2005): Ocelli located on crown, nearly always closer to posterior margin than to apex or anterolateral margin; frontogenal sutures almost always extending onto crown up to or near ocelli; antennal ledges usually not strongly protruberant in dorsal view; face usually inflated, not pubescent; proepisternum exposed; forewings with inner apical cell parallel to long axis of wing; posterior knees (femur-tibia articulation) usually attaining lateral lobe of pronotum at rest position; posterior tibiae with macrosetae in four regular rows and usually compressed laterally; male pygofer and/or subgenital plates nearly always with macrosetae and/or microsetae not evenly dispersed.

    |--Sphinctogonia comitatula Melichar 1926 WT07
    |--Willeiana vallonia Distant 1908 [incl. Cardioscarta rogata Melichar 1932] WT07
    |--Rotigonalia Young 1986 WT07
    |    `--R. concedula (Melichar 1926) [=Cyclogonia rudicula var. concedula] WT07
    |--Kolla Distant 1908 WT07
    |    `--K. elongatula (Melichar 19510 [=Poeciloscarta elongatula] WT07
    |--Janastana Young 1977 WT07
    |    `--J. erupta (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta erupta] WT07
    |--Ramosulus Young 1977 WT07
    |    `--R. fulgidus (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta fulgida] WT07
    |--Lautereria Young 1977 WT07
    |    `--L. oriunda (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta oriunda] WT07
    |--Mascarenotettix Evans 1954 WT07
    |    `--M. retinens (Melichar 1951) [=Poeciloscarta retinens] WT07
    |--Madranga Young 1986 WT07
    |    `--M. salebra (Melichar 1951) [=Poeciloscarta salebra] WT07
    |--Kogigonalia Young 1977 WT07
    |    `--K. spectabilis (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta spectabilis] WT07
    |--Cicadella SP02
    |    |--C. spectra (Distant 1908) [=Tettigoniella spectra] L61
    |    `--C. viridis SP02
    |--Neiva WT07
    |    |--N. rufipes Melichar 1925 WT07
    |    `--N. variolata (Melichar 1925) [incl. Acharista maculata Melichar 1925] WT07
    |--Poecilocarda WT07
    |    |--P. binaria (Signoret 1860) [incl. Poeciloscarta mocquerysii Melichar 1951] WT07
    |    `--P. minuscula Linnavuori 1961 L61
    |--Sibovia China 1927 WT07
    |    |--S. aprica (Melichar 1926) [=Entogonia aprica] WT07
    |    |--S. conjuncta (Melichar 1926) [=Entogonia conjuncta] WT07
    |    `--S. praevia (Melichar 1926) [=Entogonia praevia] WT07
    |--Juliaca Melichar 1926 WT07
    |    |--J. bilineata (Melichar 1951) [=Microgoniella bilineata] WT07
    |    |--J. dorsisignata (Melichar 1951) [=Microgoniella (Microscita) dorsisignata] WT07
    |    |--J. homalina (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta homalina] WT07
    |    |--J. limboclavula (Osborn 1926) [incl. Microgoniella obstinatula Melichar 1951] WT07
    |    `--J. pedisequula [incl. Microgoniella elegans Melichar 1951] WT07
    |--Soosiulus Young 1977 WT07
    |    |--S. comitatulus (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta comitatula] WT07
    |    |--S. klagesi Young 1977 WT07
    |    |--S. sermunculus (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta sermuncula] WT07
    |    |--S. servulus (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta servula] WT07
    |    |--S. solidus (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta solida] WT07
    |    `--S. velocissimus (Melichar 1932) [=Cardioscarta velocissima] WT07
    `--Erythrogonia Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. duplicata Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. eburata Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. onerata Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. partita Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. phoenicia (Signoret 1853) [=E. phoenicea (l. c.); incl. E. hospita Melichar 1926] WT07
         |--E. quadriplagiata (Walker 1851) [incl. E. gracilis Melichar 1926] WT07
         |--E. separata Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. socialis Melichar 1926 WT07
         |--E. sparta Melichar 1926 WT07
         `--E. velox Melichar 1926 WT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L61] Linnavuori, R. 1961. Hemiptera (Homoptera): Cicadellidae. In: Hanström, B., P. Brinck & G. Rudebeck. South African Animal Life: Results of the Lund University Expedition in 1950–1951 vol. 8 pp. 452-486. Almqvist & Wiksell: Uppsala.

[SP02] Shcherbakov, D. E., & Yu. A. Popov. 2002. Superorder Cimicidea Laicharting, 1781: Order Hemiptera Linné, 1758. The bugs, cicadas, plantlice, scale insects, etc. [=Cimicida Laicharting, 1781, =Homoptera Leach, 1815 + Heteroptera Latreille, 1810). In History of Insects (A. P. Rasnitsyn & D. L. J. Quicke, eds) pp. 143-157. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht.

Takiya, D. M., & R. R. Cavichioli. 2005. The new South American sharpshooter genus Lanceoscarta gen.n. (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Cicadellinae) with description of three new species. Entomologische Abhandlungen 62 (2): 175-183.

[WT07] Wilson, M. R., & D. M. Takiya. 2007. Cicadellinae (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) described by Leopold Melichar in the Hungarian Natural History Museum. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 99: 29-48.

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