Umbilicaria section Velleae

Hairy navel lichen Umbilicaria hirsuta, from here.

Belongs within: Umbilicariaceae.

The section Velleae in the genus Umbilicaria is a group of lichens with a more or less smooth surface.

Characters (from Frey 1933): Upper side of thallus smooth or finely cracked, never with net-like ribs or wavy ridges. Underside of thallus with rhizines or, failing this, having a cracked and warty areolar network that is visible to the naked eye. Rhizines flexible, simple or branched, may be lumpy and warty, with finely granular cortex, not flat strap-shaped and not clearly externally defined. Cortex between rhizines at least partially clearly warty-areolate; when rhizines are entirely absent, areolar network is clearer, stronger and more regular. Apothecia usually rare, if present, strongly grooved. Spores colourless.

Umbilicaria sect. Velleae Frey 1931 F33
    |--U. grisea (Swartz) Acharius 1794 (see below for synonymy) F33
    |    |--U. g. f. grisea F33
    |    `--U. g. f. subpapyria Frey 1933 F33
    |--U. hirsuta (Swartz) Acharius 1793 (see below for synonymy) F33
    |    |--U. h. var. hirsuta F33
    |    |--U. h. var. melanotricha Flot. 1850 F33
    |    |--U. h. var. papyria (Acharius) Nylander 1861 (see below for synonymy) F33
    |    `--U. h. var. pyrenaica Frey 1933 F33
    |--U. polyrrhiza (Linnaeus) Acharius 1794 (see below for synonymy) F33
    |    |--U. p. var. polyrrhiza F33
    |    `--U. p. var. luxurians (Acharius) Nylander 1861 (see below for synonymy) F33
    `--U. vellea (Linnaeus) Acharius 1794 (see below for synonymy) F33

Umbilicaria grisea (Swartz) Acharius 1794 [=Lichen griseus Swartz ex Westring 1793, Gyrophora grisea (Swartz) Swartz ex Billberg & Swartz 1819, G. hirsuta var. grisea (Swartz) Fries 1871, Umbilicaria vellea var. spodochroa f. grisea (Swartz) Schaerer 1850; incl. Lichen murinus Acharius 1798, Gyrophora depressa var. hirsuta f. murina (Acharius) Schaerer 1818, G. hirsuta var. murina (Acharius) Floerke 1810, G. murina (Acharius) Acharius 1803, Lecidea hirsuta var. murina (Acharius) Sprengel 1827, Umbilicaria depressa var. murina (Acharius) Duby 1830, U. murina (Acharius) de Candolle ex Lam & de Candolle 1805] F33

Umbilicaria hirsuta (Swartz) Acharius 1793 [=Lichen hirsutus Swartz ex Westring 1793, Gyrophora hirsuta (Swartz) Acharius 1803, Lecidea hirsuta (Swartz) Sprengl 1827, Umbilicaria depressa var. hirsuta (Swartz) Schaerer 1826, U. vellea var. hirsuta (Swartz) Fries 1831; incl. Gyrophora hirsuta var. vestita Fries 1871] F33

Umbilicaria hirsuta var. papyria (Acharius) Nylander 1861 [=Gyrophora hirsuta var. papyria Acharius 1803, G. grisea f. papyria (Acharius) Zahlbr. 1927, U. murina f. papyria (Acharius) Harmand 1910, U. vellea var. depressa f. papyria (Acharius) Schaerer 1850] F33

Umbilicaria polyrrhiza (Linnaeus) Acharius 1794 [=Lichen polyrrhizos Linnaeus 1753, Gyromium polyrrhizum (Linnaeus) Wahlenberg 1820, Gyrophora polyrrhiza (Linnaeus) Körb. 1859; incl. Gyrophora diabolica Zahlbr. ex Herre 1906, Lichen pellitus Acharius 1794, Gyrophora depressa var. spodochroa f. pellita (Acharius) Schaerer 1818, Gyrophora pellita (Acharius) Acharius 1803, Umbilicaria pellita (Acharius) Acharius 1794, U. varia var. pellita (Acharius) Leight. 1856] F33

Umbilicaria polyrrhiza var. luxurians (Acharius) Nylander 1861 [=Gyrophora pellita var. luxurians Acharius 1810, G. luxurians (Acharius) Röhling 1813, G. polyrrhiza f. luxurians (Acharius) Fries 1871] F33

Umbilicaria vellea (Linnaeus) Acharius 1794 [=Lichen velleus Linnaeus 1753, Gyrophora depressa var. spodochroa f. vellea (Linnaeus) Schaerer 1818, G. vellea (Linnaeus) Acharius 1803; incl. Umbilicaria vellea var. diffracta Nylander 1869, G. vellea var. diffracta (Nylander) Zahlbr. 1927, U. vellea var. depressa f. prolifera Schaerer 1850, G. vellea f. prolifera (Schaerer) Arnold 1878, G. vellerea Nylander ex Hue 1891, U. vellerea (Nylander) Minks 1900] F33

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F33] Frey, E. 1933. Cladoniaceae (unter Ausschluss der Gattung Cladonia), Umbilicariaceae. In Die Flechten (Dr. L. Rabenhorst’s Kryptogamenflora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz vol. 9) sect. 4, part 1. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft M. B. H.: Leipzig (reprinted 1971. Johnson Reprint Corporation: New York).

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