Meranoplus bicolor worker tending leafhopper, copyright Kalesh Sadasivan.

Belongs within: Meranoplini.

Meranoplus is a palaeotropical genus of ants characterised by nine-segmented antenna together with the dorsum of the anterior mesosoma being flattened and projecting to form a shield, often with regular protruding edges separated by translucent 'windows'.

<==Meranoplus Smith 1854 TB85
    |--*M. bicolor (Guérin-Meneville 1844) Z01 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. aureolus Crawley 1921 TB85
    |    |--M. a. aureolus TB85
    |    |--M. a. doddi Santschi 1928 TB85
    |    `--M. a. linae Santschi 1928 TB85
    |--M. barretti Santschi 1928 TB85
    |--M. belli Forel 1902 B03
    |--M. dichrous Forel 1907 TB85
    |--M. dimidiatus Smith 1867 TB85
    |--M. diversus Smith 1867 TB85
    |    |--M. d. diversus TB85
    |    |--M. d. duyfkeni Forel 1915 TB85
    |    |--M. d. oxleyi Forel 1915 TB85
    |    `--M. d. unicolor Forel 1902 TB85
    |--M. excavatus Clark 1938 TB85
    |--M. fenestratus Smith 1867 TB85
    |--M. ferrugineus Crawley 1922 TB85
    |--M. froggatti Forel 1913 TB85
    |--M. hilli Crawley 1922 TB85
    |--M. hirsutus Mayr 1876 TB85
    |    |--M. h. hirsutus TB85
    |    |--M. h. minor Forel 1902 TB85
    |    `--M. h. rugosa Crawley 1922 TB85
    |--M. hospes Forel 1910 TB85
    |--M. laeviventris Emery 1889 B03
    |--M. leveillei Emery 1883 E14
    |--M. malaysianus N-ZLI11
    |--M. mars Forel 1902 TB85
    |    |--M. m. mars TB85
    |    `--M. m. ajax Forel 1915 TB85
    |--M. mcarthuri H09
    |--M. minimus Crawley 1922 (see below for synonymy) TB85
    |--M. mjobergi Forel 1915 TB85
    |--M. mucronatus Smith 1857 B03
    |--M. oceanicus Smith 1862 TB85
    |--M. pubescens (Smith 1854) [=Cryptocerus pubescens] TB85
    |--M. puryi Forel 1902 TB85
    |    |--M. p. puryi TB85
    |    `--M. p. curvispina Forel 1910 TB85
    |--M. radamae BS06
    |--M. rothneyi Forel 1902 B03
    |--M. rugosus H09
    |--M. similis Viehmeyer 1922 TB85
    `--M. testudineus McAreavey 1956 TB85

*Meranoplus bicolor (Guérin-Meneville 1844) Z01 [=Cryptocerus bicolor TB85; incl. Me. dimicans Walker 1859 B03, Myrmica tarda Jerdon 1851 Z01, Me. villosus Motsch. 1859 B03]

Meranoplus minimus Crawley 1922 [=M. crawleyi Viehmeyer 1925, M. minor Crawley 1918 non M. hirsutus minor Forel 1902] TB85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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