Pachodynerus nasidens, copyright rjspeer.

Belongs within: Vespidae.
Contains: Delta, Paralastor, Acarodynerus, Antamenes, Stenodyneriellus, Pseudalastor, Australodynerus, Ischnocoelia, Rhynchium, Discoelius, Eumenes, Odynerus, Pseudepipona, Montezumia, Euodynerus, Ancistrocerus, Stenodynerus.

The Eumeninae, potter and mason wasps, are a group of vespid wasps including both solitary and presocial species (Hines et al. 2007). The name 'potter wasp' refers to the pot-shaped nests built by species of Eumenes and related genera; members of this clade (the first branching in the tree below) also have the first segment of the metasoma modified into an elongate petiole (Carpenter & Cumming 1985).

Characters (from Carpenter 1982): Mandible: clypeus ratio 0.78-2.00. Occipital carina forked, with a branch running to the mandibular base and one running toward the hypostoma (either branch may be secondarily lost, usually the hypostomal). Parategula present. Hind coxa with dorsal carina. Claws bifid. Male genitalia with basal ring short, encompassing bases of parameres; volsella with digitus a broad pincerlike lobe, cuspis a reduced scalelike lobe attached mesally to parameres. Larva with labrum as wide as clypeus and narrowed where these join, dorsally bisinuate and ventrally bilobed.

<==Eumeninae [Discoeliinae, Raphiglossinae]
    |--+--Alphamenes campanulatus HH07
    |  |--Eumenes HH07
    |  |--Minixi mexicanum CC85
    |  `--Omicron CC85
    |       |--O. argentina [=Eumenes (Omicron) argentina] B06
    |       |--O. bonariensis (Brèthes 1905) [=Eumenes (Omicron) bonariensis] B05
    |       |--O. globicollis [=Eumenes (Omicron) globicollis] B05
    |       `--O. spegazzinii (Brèthes 1905) [=Eumenes (Omicrom) spegazzinii] B05
    `--+--+--Symmorphus cristatus HH07
       |  `--+--Pterocheilus CC85
       |     |--Odynerus CC85
       |     |--Paravespa CC85
       |     |    |  i. s.: P. spinigera GS61a
       |     |    `--P. (Gestrodynerus Giordani Soika 1961) GS61a
       |     |         |--P. (*G.) gestroi [=Odynerus gestroi] GS61a
       |     |         |--P. (G.) minutepunctata Giordani Soika 1961 GS61a
       |     |         `--P. (G.) violaceipennis Giordani Soika 1961 GS61a
       |     |--Tropidodynerus CC85
       |     `--Gymnomerus CC85
       |--Pseudepipona CC85
       `--+--+--+--Pseudodynerus quadrisectus HH07
          |  |  `--+--Paranortonia CC85
          |  |     `--+--Monobia CC85
          |  |        |    |--M. angulosa B06
          |  |        |    |    |--M. a. angulosa B06
          |  |        |    |    `--M. a. cingulata B06
          |  |        |    |--M. anisitsii Brèthes 1906 B06
          |  |        |    |--M. apicalipennis B06
          |  |        |    |--M. caridei Brèthes 1906 B06
          |  |        |    `--M. maxillaris B06
          |  |        `--Montezumia CC85
          |  `--+--Pachodynerus Brèthes 1906 HH07, B06
          |     |    |--P. argentinus (see below for synonymy) B06
          |     |    |--P. brevithorax [=Odynerus brevithorax] B06
          |     |    |--P. erynnis HH07
          |     |    |--P. nasidens [=Odynerus nasidens] B06
          |     |    |--P. nigriculus [=Odynerus nigriculus] B06
          |     |    |--P. praecox [=Odynerus praecox] B06
          |     |    |--P. simplicicornis [=Odynerus simplicicornis] B06
          |     |    `--P. validus Brèthes 1906 B06
          |     `--Euodynerus HH07
          `--+--Ancistrocerus HH07
             `--+--Gastrodynerus CC85
                |--+--Leucodynerus CC85
                |  `--+--Stenodynerus HH07
                |     |--Paraleptomenes miniatus CC85
                |     `--Pseudonortonia CC85
                |          |--*P. difformis [=Odynerus difformis] GS61b
                |          |--P. androcles GS61b
                |          `--P. luzonensis GS61b
                |--+--Cephalodynerus CC85
                |  |    |--C. deformiceps CC85
                |  |    |--C. platycerus CC85
                |  |    `--C. russipes CC85
                |  `--Smeringodynerus CC85
                `--+--Dolichodynerus CC85
                   |    |--D. turgiceps CC85
                   |    `--D. vandykei CC85
                   `--+--Leptochiloides CC85
                      `--+--Hypalastoroides mexicanus CC85
                         `--+--Maricopodynerus maricoporum CC85
                            `--Microdynerus lissomomus CC85

Eumeninae incertae sedis:
  Delta ZS10
  Paralastor ZS10
  Abispa Mitchell 1838 (Abispa) [incl. Monerebia Saussure 1852] C85
    |--*A. (A.) australiana (Mitchell 1838) [=Vespa (*A.) australiana] C85
    |--A. (A.) ephippium (Fabricius 1775) [=Vespa ephippium; incl. A. meadewaldoensis Perkins 1914] C85
    |--A. (A.) laticincta van der Vecht 1960 C85
    `--A. (A.) splendida (Guérin-Méneville 1838) [=Odynerus splendidus, *Monerebia splendida] C85
         |--A. s. splendida C85
         `--A. s. australis Smith 1857 C85
  Subancistrocerus Saussure 1855 C85
    |--*S. sichelii (Saussure 1855) [=Odynerus sichelii] C85
    |--S. clavicornis GS61b
    |--S. kankauensis GS61b
    |--S. monstricornis (Giordani Soika 1941) [=Ancistrocerus (Subancistrocerus) monstricornis] GS61b
    |--S. palauensis [=Pseudonortonia palauensis] GS61b
    |--S. thalassorctos GS61b
    `--S. yapensis [=Pseudonortonia yapensis] GS61b
  Acarodynerus GS61b
  Parifodynerus Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--*P. parificus Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    `--P. alariformis (Saussure 1856) (see below for synonymy) C85
  Leptomenoides Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--*L. placidior Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--L. cairnensis Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--L. exilis (Saussure 1855) C85 (see below for synonymy)
    |--L. histrio Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--L. mackayensis Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--L. pachymeniformis Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    `--L. pronotalis Giordani Soika 1962 C85
  Antamenes GS61b
  Diemodynerus Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--*D. diemensis (Saussure 1853) [=Odynerus (Leionotus) diemensis] GS61b
    |--D. decipiens (Saussure 1867) [=Odynerus (Leionotus) decipiens, O. (Rhynchium) decipiens] C85
    |    |--D. d. decipiens C85
    |    `--D. d. positus Giordani Soika 1977 C85
    |--D. pseudacarodynerus Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    `--D. saucius (Saussure 1856) [=Odynerus saucius] C85
  Stenodyneriellus C85
  Flammodynerus Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    |--*F. subalaris (Saussure 1855) [=Odynerus subalaris] GS61b
    |--F. flammiger (Saussure 1856) [=Odynerus flammiger] C85
    |    |--F. f. flammiger C85
    |    `--F. f. nigroflammeus Giordani Soika 1962 C85
    `--F. pseudoloris Giordani Soika 1962 C85
  Pseudalastor C85
  Australodynerus C85
  Acarozumia Bequaert 1921 C85
    `--*A. amaliae (Saussure 1869) (see below for synonymy) C85
  Alastoroides Saussure 1856 (nom. cons.) [=Paralastoroides Saussure 1856 (nom. inv.)] C85
    `--*A. clotho (Lepeletier 1841) [=Alastor clotho, *Paralastoroides clotho] C85
  Allorhynchium van der Vecht 1963 C85
    |--*A. argentatum (Fabricius 1804) [=Vespa argentata] C85
    `--A. iridipenne (Smith 1861) [=Rhynchium iridipenne] C85
  Bidentodynerus Giordani Soika 1977 C85
    `--*B. bicolor (Saussure 1855) [=Odynerus bicolor, O. (Rhynchium) bicolor, Pseudepipona bicolor] C85
         |--B. b. bicolor C85
         |--B. b. aurantiopicta (Giordani Soika 1941) C85 (see below for synonymy)
         |--B. b. flavescentulus (Giordani Soika 1941) C85 (see below for synonymy)
         `--B. b. nigrocinctoides (Giordani Soika 1941) C85 (see below for synonymy)
  Ectopioglossa Perkins 1912 C85
    `--E. polita (Smith 1861) C85
         |--E. p. polita C85
         `--E. p. australensis (Meade-Waldo 1910) (see below for synonymy) C85
  Elimus Saussure 1852 C85
    |--*E. australis Saussure 1852 C85
    `--E. mackayensis Meade-Waldo 1910 C85
  Epiodynerus Giordani Soika 1958 C85
    |--*E. alecto (Lepeletier 1841) [=Odynerus alecto, Pseudepipona (*Epiodynerus) alecto] C85
    |--E. decoratus (Saussure 1855) [=Rhynchium decoratum, Pseudepipona (Epiodynerus) decorata] C85
    |--E. nigrocinctus (Saussure 1853) (see below for synonymy) C85
    |--E. tamarinus (Saussure 1853) (see below for synonymy) C85
    |    |--E. t. tamarinus C85
    |    `--E. t. inviolatus Giordani Soika 1977 C85
    `--E. tasmaniensis (Saussure 1853) C85 (see below for synonymy)
  Eudiscoelius Friese 1904 [incl. Euchalcomenes Turner 1908] C85
    |--*E. metallicus Friese 1904 C85
    `--E. gilberti (Turner 1908) [=*Euchalcomenes gilberti, Nortonia gilberti, Pachymenes gilberti] C85
  Katamenes Meade-Waldo 1910 C85
    `--K. fluctuans (Saussure 1852) [=Eumenes fluctuans] C85
  Ischnocoelia C85
  Macrocalymma Perkins 1908 C85
    |--*M. smithianum Perkins 1908 C85
    `--M. aliciae Meade-Waldo 1914 C85
  Orancistrocerus van der Vecht 1963 C85
    `--O. drewseni (Saussure 1857) [=Odynerus drewseni] C85
  Pachycoelius Giordani Soika 1969 C85
    |--*P. brevicornis Giordani Soika 1969 C85
    |--P. carinatus (Meade-Waldo 1910) [=Discoelius carinatus] C85
    `--P. mediocris Giordani Soika 1969 C85
  Ancistroceroides Saussure 1855 C85
  Parodynerus Saussure 1855 C85
    `--P. bicincta (Fabricius 1781) (see below for synonymy) C85
  Pseudabispa van der Vecht 1960 C85
    |--*P. abispoides (Perkins 1912) (see below for synonymy) C85
    |--P. confusa van der Vecht 1960 C85
    |--P. ephippioides van der Vecht 1960 C85
    `--P. paragioides (Meade-Waldo 1910) [=Abispa paragioides] C85
  Pseudozethus Perkins 1914 C85
    |--*P. australensis Perkins 1914 C85
    |--P. confusus Giordani Soika 1969 C85
    |--P. elongatus GS61b
    |--P. ephippium (Saussure 1855) [=Discoelius ephippium] C85
    |--P. insignis (Saussure 1856) [=Discoelius insignis, Macrocalymma insignis] C85
    |--P. pseudospinosus Giordani Soika 1969 [=Deuterodiscoelius pseudospinosus] C85
    |--P. spinosus (Saussure 1855) [=Discoelius spinosus] C85
    `--P. verreauxii (Saussure 1852) [=Discoelius verreauxii, Deuterodiscoelius verreauxii] C85
  Rhynchium C85
  Syneuodynerus Blüthgen 1951 C85
    |--*S. egregius (Herrich-Schaeffer 1839) [=Odynerus egregius, Euodynerus (*Syneuodynerus) egregius] C85
    |--S. aurantiopilosellus (Giordani Soika 1962) (see below for synonymy) C85
    |--S. longebispinosus (Giordani Soika 1962) [=Pseudepipona (Syneuodynerus) longebispinosa] C85
    `--S. occidentatus (Giordani Soika 1962) [=Pseudepipona (Syneuodynerus) occidentata] C85
  Nortozumia amaliae GS77
  Hypodynerus CC85
  Cephalochilus CC85
  Ctenochilus CC85
  Raphiglossoides CC85
  Alastor CC85
    |--A. angulicollis B06
    |--A. anomalus B06
    |--A. argentinus B06
    |--A. clypeatus Brèthes 1906 B06
    |--A. elongatus B06
    |--A. nitidus Brèthes 1906 B06
    |--A. persimilis B06
    |--‘Nysson’ rottensis Meunier 1915 BM76
    `--A. schrottkyi B06
  Paramischocyttarus buyssoni CC85
  Micreumenes CC85
  Synagris Latreille 1802 CC85, L02
    |--*S. (Synagris) cornuta (Linnaeus 1758) L02, BM76 [=Vespa cornuta BM76]
    `--S. (Paragris) abyssinica Guérin in Lefebvre 1848 GS61a
  Hypancistrocerus CC85
  Paragymnomerus CC85
  Plagiolabra Schulthess-Rechberg 1903 CC85, B06 [incl. Leontiniella Brèthes 1903 B05]
    |--P. andina Brèthes 1906 B06
    `--P. nigra [incl. Leontiniella argentina] B06
  Raphiglossa CC85
  Pseudopterocheilus CC85
  Antepipona CC85
  Eustenancistrocerus CC85
  Chlorodynerus CC85
  Allodynerus rosi CC85, A-B91
  Anterhynchium CC85
  Knemodynerus CC85
  Parazumia CC85
  Psiliglossa CC85
    |--P. algeriensis CC85
    `--P. zeppelini CC85
  Pseumenes depressus CC85
  Tricarinodynerus guerinii CC85, GS61a
    |--T. g. guerinii GS61a
    |--T. g. deserticola Giordani Soika 1961 GS61a
    |--T. g. neptunus GS61a
    `--T. g. rubens GS61a
  Hemipterochilus CC85
  Pseudochilus CC85
  Parachilus CC85
  Pteromenes CC85
  Pseudomicrodynerus CC85
  Discoelius B05
  Labus De Saussure 1867 B06
    |--L. floricola B06
    |--L. humbertianus B06
    `--L. spiniger B06

*Acarozumia amaliae (Saussure 1869) [=Nortonia amaliae, Montezumia (*Acarozumia) amaliae; incl. M. australensis Perkins 1908] C85

Bidentodynerus bicolor aurantiopicta (Giordani Soika 1941) C85 [=Odynerus (Rhynchium) bicolor aurantiopictus C85, Pseudepipona bicolor aurantiopicta GS61b]

Bidentodynerus bicolor flavescentulus (Giordani Soika 1941) C85 [=Odynerus (Rhynchium) bicolor flavescentulus C85, Pseudepipona bicolor flavescentula GS61b]

Bidentodynerus bicolor nigrocinctoides (Giordani Soika 1941) C85 [=Odynerus (Rhynchium) bicolor nigrocinctoides C85, Pseudepipona bicolor nigrocinctoides GS61b]

Ectopioglossa polita australensis (Meade-Waldo 1910) [=Eumenes (Pareumenes) australensis; incl. *Ec. australensis Perkins 1912 non Eumenes australensis Meade-Waldo 1910] C85

Epiodynerus nigrocinctus (Saussure 1853) [=Odynerus (Leionotus) nigrocinctus, Pseudepipona (Epiodynerus) nigrocinctus] C85

Epiodynerus tamarinus (Saussure 1853) [=Odynerus (Leionotus) tamarinus, Pseudepipona (Epiodynerus) tamarina] C85

Epiodynerus tasmaniensis (Saussure 1853) C85 [=Odynerus (Leionotus) tasmaniensis C85, Pseudepipona (Epiodynerus) tasmaniensis GS61b; incl. Rhynchium abispoides Meade-Waldo 1910 C85, Odynerus (Rhynchium) abispoides GS61b]

Leptomenoides exilis (Saussure 1855) C85 [=Odynerus (Leionotus) exilis C85; incl. O. (L.) extraneus Saussure 1855 C85, Leptomenoides extraneus GS61b, Pachymenes extraneus C85]

Pachodynerus argentinus [=Odynerus argentinus; incl. O. argentinus var. andinus, Pachodynerus argentinus var. andinus] B06

Parifodynerus alariformis (Saussure 1856) [=Odynerus alariformis; incl. O. (Stenodyneroides) subalaris Giordani Soika 1941 non Saussure 1855] C85

Parodynerus bicincta (Fabricius 1781) [=Vespa bicincta; incl. Odynerus bizonatus Boisduval 1835, *Parodynerus bizonatus] C85

*Pseudabispa abispoides (Perkins 1912) [=Odynerus abispoides non Rhynchium abispoides Meade-Waldo 1910 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)] C85

Syneuodynerus aurantiopilosellus
(Giordani Soika 1962) [=Pseudepipona (Syneuodynerus) aurantiopilosella, P. aurantiobispinosa] C85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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