Polistes gallicus, photographed by Carlogalliani.

Belongs within: Vespidae.

The Polistinae include the paper wasps, a group of eusocial wasps that get their vernacular name from the material of their nests, though they are not the only wasps to make paper nests. With about 800 known species, the Polistinae are much more diverse than their sister group, the Vespinae (Hines et al. 2007).

Characters (from Carpenter 1982): Mandible: clypeus ratio 0.71-1.38. Clypeus dorsally straight, ventrally produced into a point, sharp or rounded, with lateral angles produced. Mesosoma with secondary spiracular entrance present. Male genitalia with basal ring short, dorsally narrow and laterally expanded; volsella with digitus a broad pincerlike lobe, cuspis short. Larva with lower margin of clypeus dorsal to level of mandibular bases.

    |--Ropalidiini HH07
    |    |--Ropalidia HH07
    |    |    |--R. aethiopica (Du Buysson 1906) [=Icaria aethiopica] GS61
    |    |    |--R. cincta (Lepeletier 1836) [=Epipona cincta, Icaria cincta; incl. I. tricinctella Gribodo 1895] GS61
    |    |    |--R. opifex HH07
    |    |    `--R. plebeiana B88
    |    `--Belonogaster HH07
    |         |--B. brachystomus Kohl 1894 GS61
    |         |--B. filiventris (Saussure 1853) [=Raphigaster filiventris; incl. B. braunsi Kohl 1894] GS61
    |         |--B. juncea (Fabricius 1781) [=Vespa juncea; incl. B. colonialis Kohl 1894] GS61
    |         `--B. lateritius Gerstaecker 1857 GS61
    `--+--+--Apoica pallida HH07
       |  `--+--Parachartergus fraternus HH07
       |     `--Metapolybia cingulata HH07
       `--+--Mischocyttarus HH07
          |    |--M. drewseni H79
          |    |--M. flavitarsis BS06
          |    `--M. mexicanus HH07
          `--Polistes HH07
               |--P. (Polistes) chinensis H02
               |--P. dominulus WD04
               |--P. fuscatus WD04
               |--P. gallicus YS10
               |--P. humilis WD04
               |--P. jadwagae SS99
               |--P. jokohamae T06
               |--P. marginalis (Fabricius 1775) [=Vespa marginalis] GS61
               |    |--P. m. marginalis GS61
               |    `--P. m. africanus Palisot de Beauvais 1805 [=P. africana] GS61
               |--P. metricus HH07
               |--P. opinabilis YS10
               |--P. rothneyi T06
               |--P. smithii Saussure 1854 GS61
               |    |--P. s. smithii GS61
               |    `--P. s. defectivus Gerstaecker 1871 GS61
               `--P. variabilis R54

*Type species of generic name indicated


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