Baeomyces rufus, photographed by Bernd Haynold.

Belongs within: Lecanoromycetes.

The Baeomycetaceae are a family of lichens containing green algae, found growing on soil, rocks or similar substrates (Cannon & Kirk 2007).

Characters (from Cannon & Kirk 2007): Thallus varied, usually crustose or squamulose. Ascomata sessile or shortly stipitate, sometimes clustered, formed on specialised generally non-lichenised thalline branches, flat or convex, pink or brown, the wall of interwoven hyphae. Interascal tissue of simple or sparingly branched paraphyses, often swollen at the apices. Hymenial gel J+ or J-. Asci thin-walled, not thickened at the apex, with a J+ or J- apical pore. Ascospores hyaline, simple or transversely septate. Anamorph pycnidial.

Baeomycetaceae [Baeomycetales]
    |--Phyllobaeis EB03
    `--Baeomyces Persoon 1794 F33
         |--B. subg. Eubaeomyces Mueller 1862 F33
         |    `--B. roseus Persoon 1794 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |         |--B. r. var. roseus F33
         |         `--B. r. var. complicatus Erichsen ex Frey 1933 F33
         `--B. subg. Sphyridium (Flotow) Mueller 1862 [=Sphyridium Flotow 1843] F33
              |--B. placophyllus Acharius 1803 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |--B. rufus (Hudson) Rebent. 1804 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |    |  i. s.: B. r. f. exilis Erichsen in Frey 1933 F33
              |    |         B. r. f. fuscorufescens (Vainio) Frey 1933 [=B. fuscorufescens Vainio 1922] F33
              |    |         B. r. f. lignorum Acharius 1814 F33
              |    |         B. r. f. parasiticus (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |    |         B. r. f. rupestris (Persoon) Harmand 1895 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |    |         B. r. f. sessilis (de Candolle) Nylander 1860 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |    |         B. r. f. sorediatus Frey 1933 F33
              |    |         B. r. f. subsquamulosus (Nylander) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |    |         B. r. f. terrestris (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927 (see below for synonymy) F33
              |    |--B. r. var. rufus F33
              |    |--B. r. var. callianthus (Lettau) Lettau 1919 [=B. callianthus Lettau 1912] F33
              |    `--B. r. var. carneus (Flk.) Nylander 1860 [=B. carneus Flk. 1821] F33
              |         |--B. r. var. c. f. carneus F33
              |         `--B. r. var. c. f. polycephalus (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927 (see below for synonymy) F33
              `--B. speciosus (Körb.) Lindau 1913 [=Sphyridium speciosum Körb. ex Stein in Cohn 1879] F33

Baeomyces placophyllus Acharius 1803 [=Biatora placophylla (Acharius) Fries 1831, Lecidea placophylla (Acharius) Link 1833, Lichen placophyllus (Acharius) de Lamarck 1813, Ludovicia placophylla (Acharius) Trèvis. 1857, Patellaria placophylla (Acharius) Sprengel 1827, Sphyridium placophyllum (Acharius) Fries 1861] F33

Baeomyces roseus Persoon 1794 [=Lichen baeomyces Linnaeus 1781; incl. Baeomyces ericetorum (Linnaeus) de Candolle in de Lamarck & de Candolle 1805] F33

Baeomyces rufus (Hudson) Rebent. 1804 [=Lichen rufus Hudson 1762, Ba. rupestris var. rufus (Hudson) Acharius 1810, Sphyridium byssoides var. rufum Fries 1874; incl. Lichen byssoides Linnaeus 1767, Ba. byssoides (Linnaeus) Gartner, Meyer & von Schreber 1801, Ba. rufus f. byssoides Oliv. 1900, Ba. rupestris var. byssoides (Linnaeus) Acharius 1810, Biatora byssoides (Linnaeus) Fries 1845, Lecidea byssoides (Linnaeus) Link 1833, Sphyridium byssoides (Linnaeus) Beltram. 1858, Lichen cinereofuscus Jacquin 1762, Li. fungiformis Scopoli 1772, Stereocaulon fungiforme (Scopoli) Schaerer 1833, Sphyridium fungiforme (Scopoli) Flotow 1843] F33

Baeomyces rufus var. carneus f. polycephalus (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927 [=Sphyridium byssoides f. polycephalum Fries 1874, B. byssoides var. carneus f. polycephalus; incl. S. carneum f. botryosum Flot. 1849] F33

Baeomyces rufus f. parasiticus (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927 [=Sphyridium byssoides f. parasiticus Fries 1874] F33

Baeomyces rufus f. rupestris (Persoon) Harmand 1895 [=Ba. rupestris Persoon 1803, Biatora byssoides f. rupestris (Persoon) Fries 1831, Sphyridium byssoides f. rupestre Rabenhorst 1870, S. fungiforme f. rupestre (Persoon) Körb. 1855] F33

Baeomyces rufus f. sessilis (de Candolle) Nylander 1860 [=B. sessilis de Candolle in de Lamarck & de Candolle 1840; incl. B. sessilis var. rupicola de Candolle in de Lamarck & de Candolle 1840, B. sessilis var. sphagnicola de Candolle in de Lamarck & de Candolle 1840] F33

Baeomyces rufus f. subsquamulosus (Nylander) Frey 1933 [=B. rufus var. subsquamulosus Nylander 1877, Sphyridium byssoides var. subsquamulosum (Nylander) Arnold 1884] F33

Baeomyces rufus f. terrestris (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927 [=Sphyridium byssoides f. terrestre Fries 1874] F33

*Type species of generic name indicated


Cannon, P. F., & P. M. Kirk. 2007. Fungal Families of the World. CABI.

[EB03] Eriksson, O. E., H. O. Barah, R. S. Currah, K. Hansen, C. P. Kurtzman, G. Rambold & T. Laessøe (eds.) 2003. Outline of Ascomycota—2003. Myconet 9: 1-89.

[F33] Frey, E. 1933. Cladoniaceae (unter Ausschluss der Gattung Cladonia), Umbilicariaceae. In Die Flechten (Dr. L. Rabenhorst’s Kryptogamenflora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz vol. 9) sect. 4, part 1. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft M. B. H.: Leipzig (reprinted 1971. Johnson Reprint Corporation: New York).

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