Dark clouded yellow Colias croceus, photographed by Hans Hillewaert.

Belongs within: Pieridae.

Colias, the clouded yellows, is a subcosmopolitan genus of butterflies with larvae feeding on Vicia species and other Papilionaceae.

<==Colias Fabricius 1807 F55
    |--C. baeckeri Kotzsch 1929 F55
    |--C. caesonia [=Zerene caesonia] FS54
    |    |--C. c. caesonia FS54
    |    `--C. c. centralamericana Röber 1909 FS54
    |--C. chlorocoma F55
    |    |--C. c. chlorocoma F55
    |    `--C. c. thatschukovi Bang-Haas 1936 F55
    |--C. cocandica F55
    |    |--C. c. cocandica F55
    |    |--C. c. culminicola Kotzsch 1936 [incl. C. cocandica culminicola ab. xantha Kotzsch 1936] F55
    |    `--C. c. tartarica Bang-Haas 1915 F55
    |--C. croceus (Fourcroy 1785) (see below for synonymy) F55
    |--C. eogene F55
    |    |--C. e. eogene F55
    |    `--C. e. francesca [incl. C. eogene francesca ab. mahdii Bang-Haas 1936] F55
    |--C. europomone Ochsenheimer 1808 B08
    |--C. heos F55
    |    |--C. h. heos F55
    |    `--C. h. thia Bang-Haas 1934 [=C. aurora thia] F55
    |--C. hyale (Linnaeus 1760) F55
    |--C. palaeno I92
    |    |--C. p. palaeno I92
    |    |--C. p. aias Fruhstorfer 1903 I92
    |    |--C. p. poktussana Bang-Haas 1934 F55
    |    `--C. p. sugitanii Esaki 1929 I92
    |--C. staudingeri F55
    |    |--C. s. staudingeri F55
    |    `--C. s. leechi (see below for synonymy) F55
    `--C. wiskotti F55
         |--C. w. wiskotti F55
         `--C. w. aurea Kotzsch 1937 [incl. C. wiskotti aurea ab. blanda Kotzsch 1937] F55

Colias croceus (Fourcroy 1785) [incl. C. edusa ab. decurtata Kitt 1924, C. croceus f. decurtata, C. croceus f. helice (Hübner 1799)] F55

Colias staudingeri leechi [incl. C. leechi ab. carnea Bang-Haas 1937, C. leechi ab. flammula Bang-Haas 1937, C. leechi ab. impunctata Bang-Haas 1937, C. leechi ab. nana Bang-Haas 1937] F55

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B08] Bálint, Z. 2008. Lepidoptera collections of historical importance in the Hungarian Natural History Museum. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 100 (17-35).

[F55] Franz, E. 1955. Die Typen und Typoide des Natur-Museums Senckenberg, 16). Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pieridae. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 339-367.

[FS54] Franz, E., & H. Schröder. 1954. Tagfalter (Lep. Rhopalocera) aus El Salvador. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35: 75-87.

[I92] Iwahashi, J. (ed.) 1992. Reddo Deeta Animaruzu: a pictorial of Japanese fauna facing extinction. JICC: Tokyo.

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