Eastern tube-nosed bat Nyctimene robinsoni, photographed by Michael Pennay.

Belongs within: Pteropodidae.
Contains: Cynopterus.

The Cynopterini is a group of generally smaller fruit bats including the dog-faced fruit bats (Cynopterus) and the tube-nosed fruit bats (Nyctimene).

    |--Cynopterina KJ70
    |    |--Cynopterus KJ70
    |    |--Dyacopterus spadiceus KJ70, IT07
    |    |--Chironax melanocephalus (Temminck 1825) KJ70, K92
    |    |--Aethalops alecto (Thomas 1923) KJ70, K92
    |    |--Penthetor lucasi (Dobson 1880) KJ70, K92
    |    |--Haplonycteris fischeri Lawrence 1939 KJ70, K92
    |    |--Sphaerias Miller 1906 KJ70, M07
    |    |    `--*S. blanfordi [=Cynopterus (Thoopterus) blanfordi] M07
    |    |--Balionycteris Matschie 1899 KJ70, M07
    |    |    `--*B. maculata (Thomas 1893) M07, K92 [=Cynopterus maculatus M07]
    |    |--Thoopterus Matschie 1899 KJ70, M07
    |    |    |--*T. nigrescens (Gray 1870) MY12 [=Cynopterus marginatus var. nigrescens MY12; incl. C. latidens M07]
    |    |    |--T. spadiceus M07
    |    |    `--T. suhaniahae Maryanto, Yani et al. 2012 MY12
    |    |--Ptenochirus Peters 1861 KJ70, M07
    |    |    |--*P. jagori (Peters 1861) M07, K92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--P. lucasi M07
    |    |    `--P. minor Yoshiyuki 1979 K92
    |    `--Megaerops Peters 1865 KJ70, M07 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--*M. ecaudatus (see below for synonymy) M07
    |         |--M. kusnotoi IT07
    |         |--M. niphanae IT07
    |         `--M. wetmorei IT07
    `--Nyctimenina KJ70
         |--Paranyctimene raptor KJ70, BWB05
         `--Nyctimene Bechstein 1800 (see below for synonymy) M07
              |--*N. cephalotes [=Vespertilio cephalotes] M07
              |--N. aello [incl. N. celaeno] M72
              |--N. albiventer M72 [=Cynopterus albiventer M07, *Uronycteris albiventer M07]
              |    |--N. a. albiventer M72
              |    |--N. a. bougainville M72
              |    |--N. a. minor M72
              |    `--N. a. papuanus M72
              |--N. cyclotis M72
              |    |--N. c. cyclotis M72
              |    `--N. c. certans M72
              |--N. draconilla IT07
              |--N. lullulae M07
              |--N. major [=Harpyia (*Bdelygma) major] M07
              |--N. malaitensis IT07
              |--N. masalai IT07
              |--N. minutus IT07
              |--‘Harpyia’ pallasii G66
              |--N. rabori Heaney & Peterson 1984 K92
              |--N. robinsoni M07
              |--N. sanctacrucis FS01
              `--N. vizcaccia IT07

Megaerops Peters 1865 KJ70, M07 [=Megaera Temminck 1841 nec Wagler 1830 nec Robineau-Devoidy 1830 M07, Megera M07]

*Megaerops ecaudatus [=*Megaera ecaudata, Cynopterus (Megaerops) ecaudatus, Ptenochirus (Megaerops) ecaudatus] M07

Nyctimene Bechstein 1800 [incl. Bdelygma Matschie 1899, Cephalotes Geoffroy 1810, Gelasinus Temminck 1837, Harpyia Illiger 1811 non Ochsenheimer 1810, Uronycteris Gray 1862; Harpyiana, Nyctimeninae] M07

*Ptenochirus jagori (Peters 1861) M07, K92 [=Pachysoma (*Ptenochirus) jagori M07, Cynopterus (*Ptenochirus) jagori M07]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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