Yellow-breasted fruit dove Ptilinopus occipitalis, photographed by Talalak.

Belongs within: Treroninae.

Ptilinopus includes the fruit doves, an assemblage of generally compact, short-tailed, brightly coloured doves found in southeast Asia and Australasia. Fruit doves are diverse in appearance, and some authors have divided them between separate genera. Phylogenetic analysis also suggests that the cloven-feathered dove Drepanoptila holosericea of New Caledonia and the blue pigeons Alectroenas of Madagascar and the Mascarenes are nested within Ptilinopus in the broad sense.

<==Ptilinopus Swainson 1825 (see below for synonymy) B94
    |--+--P. magnificus JT12 [=Carpophaga magnifica T62, Megaloprepia magnifica T62]
    |  |    |--P. m. magnificus T62
    |  |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. alaris T62
    |  |    |--P. m. assimilis M03 [=Megaloprepia magnifica assimilis T62]
    |  |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. interposita T62
    |  |    |--P. m. keri M03 [=Megaloprepia magnifica keri T62]
    |  |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. poliura T62
    |  |    |--‘Megaloprepia’ m. puella T62
    |  |    `--‘Megaloprepia’ m. septentrionalis T62
    |  `--+--P. leclancheri JT12 [=Leucotreron leclancheri RN72]
    |     `--P. occipitalis JT12 [=Leucotreron occipitalis RN72]
    `--+--+--P. melanospilus JT12
       |  |    |--P. m. melanospilus T62
       |  |    |--P. m. margaretha T62
       |  |    `--P. m. xanthorrhoa R02
       |  `--+--P. luteovirens JT12
       |     `--P. victor JT12 [=Chrysoena victor A61]
       `--+--+--Drepanoptila holosericea JT12
          |  `--Alectroenas Gray 1840 JT12, B94 [Alectroenadinae]
          |       |--A. madagascariensis JT12
          |       |--A. nitidissima FS01
          |       |--A. pulcherrima JT12
          |       |--A. rodericana FS01
          |       `--A. sganzini JT12
          `--+--+--P. solomonensis JT12
             |  `--+--P. rivoli JT12
             |     `--P. superbus JT12
             `--+--P. pulchellus JT12
                |    |--P. p. pulchellus T62
                |    `--P. p. decorus T62
                `--+--P. regina JT12
                   |    |--P. r. regina T62
                   |    `--P. r. flavicollis T62
                   `--+--P. rarotongensis JT12
                      `--P. richardsii JT12
                           |--P. r. richardsii T62
                           `--P. r. cyanopterus T62

Ptilinopus incertae sedis:
  P. arcanus JT12
  P. aurantiifrons JT12
  P. bernsteinii JT12
  P. chalcurus JT12
  P. cinctus T62 [=Leucotreron cincta A61]
  P. coralensis T62
  P. coronulatus JT12
  P. dohertyi JT12
  P. dupetithouarsii JT12
  P. eugeniae JT12
  P. ewingii Gould 1842 WS48 [=P. regina ewingii M03]
  ‘Ptilopus’ fasciatus S13
  P. fischeri JT12
  ‘Megaloprepia’ formosa T62
  P. granulifrons JT12
  P. greyii T62 [=Ptilopus greyi S13]
  P. huttoni JT12
  P. hyogastrus JT12
  P. insolitus JT12
  P. insularis JT12
  P. iozonus JT12
  P. jambu T62
  P. layardi JT12
  ‘Ptilopus’ madagascariensis S66
  P. marchei JT12
  P. mercierii FS01
  P. merrilli JT12
  P. monacha JT12
  P. naina JT12
  P. ornatus JT12
  P. pelewensis JT12
  P. perlatus JT12
  P. perousii JT12
  P. porphyraceus JT12 [=Ptilopus porphyraceus S13]
    |--P. p. porphyraceus S13
    `--‘Ptilopus’ p. clementinae S13
  P. porphyreus JT12
  P. purpuratus T62
  P. roseicapilla FR98
  ‘Ptilopus’ sganzini S66
  P. subgularis JT12
  P. tannensis JT12
  P. viridis J06
    |--P. v. viridis J06
    |--P. v. lewisii J06
    `--P. v. pectoralis J06
  P. wallacii T62

Ptilinopus Swainson 1825 [incl. Chrysoena Bonaparte 1854, Leucotreron Bonaparte 1854, Megaloprepia Reichenbach 1853, Ptilopus Strickland 1841; Chrysoeninae, Leucotreroninae, Megaloprepiinae, Ptilinopodinae, Ptilopodinae] B94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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