Arran brown Erebia ligea, photographed by Harald Süpfle.

Belongs within: Satyrinae.
Contains: Euptychia.

The Satyrini are a diverse group of butterflies with larvae that feed mostly on grasses. Members of the Satyrini include the ringlets of the Holarctic genus Erebia, which are mostly dark brown to black butterflies with submarginal orange blotches or bands on the wings.

    |--+--Dirina J03
    |  |--Melanargia P01 [Melanargiina J03]
    |  |    `--M. japygia [incl. M. japygia var. suwarovia] P01
    |  `--+--Pronophilina J03
    |     `--Satyrus P01 [Satyrina J03]
    |          |--S. autonoe [incl. S. autonoe var. sibirica] P01
    |          `--S. dryas [incl. S. dryas var. sibirica non S. autonoe var. sibirica] P01
    |--Hypocystina J03
    |    |--Zipaetis J03
    |    |--Lamprolenis J03
    |    |--Xenica J03
    |    `--Hypocysta Westwood 1851 B00
    |         |--H. adiante (Hübner 1831) B00
    |         |    |--H. a. adiante B12
    |         |    `--H. a. antirius Butler 1868 B12
    |         |--H. angustata Waterhouse & Lyell 1914 B00
    |         |--H. euphemia Westwood 1851 B00
    |         |--H. irius (Fabricius 1775) B00
    |         |--H. metirius Butler 1875 B00
    |         `--H. pseudirius Butler 1875 B00
    `--+--+--Maniola WWN03 [Maniolina J03]
       |  |    `--M. jurtina WWN03
       |  `--Coenonympha B66 [Coenonymphina J03]
       |       |--C. hero P01
       |       |--C. iphis P01
       |       |--C. oedipus [=Neonympha oedipus] B66
       |       |    |--C. o. oedipus I92
       |       |    `--C. o. annulifer Butler 1877 I92
       |       `--C. pamphilus P01
       |--+--Euptychia J03
       |  `--Ypthimina J03
       |       |--Austroypthima J03
       |       `--Ypthima Hübner 1818 B00 [incl. Xois Hewitson 1865 J03]
       |            |--Y. arctous (Fabricius 1775) [=Xois arctous] B00
       |            |--‘Xois’ fulvida PP02
       |            |--Y. masakii Ito 1947 I92
       |            |--Y. pusilla B00
       |            |--Y. riukiuana Matsumura 1906 I92
       |            |--‘Xois’ sesara PP02
       |            `--Y. yayeyamana Nire 1920 I92
       `--Erebia B66 [Erebiina J03]
            |--E. afra P01
            |--E. cassioides P74
            |--E. euryale P01
            |--‘Papilio’ florimel Fabricius 1793 [=Neonympha florimel, Satyrus florimel] B66
            |--E. ligea I92
            |    |--E. l. ligea I92
            |    |--E. l. rishirizana Matsumura 1928 I92
            |    `--E. l. takanonis Matsumura 1909 I92
            |--E. niphonica I92
            |--E. nivalis P74
            |--E. palarica WWN03
            `--E. theano NT77

Satyrini incertae sedis:
  Heteronympha Wallengren 1858 WWN03, B00
    |--H. banksii (Leach 1814) B00
    |    |--H. b. banksii B00
    |    |--H. b. mariposa Tindale 1953 B00
    |    `--H. b. nevina Tindale 1953 B00
    |--H. cordace (Geyer 1832) B00
    |    |--H. c. cordace B00
    |    |--H. c. comptena Couchman 1954 B00
    |    |--H. c. kurena Couchman 1954 B00
    |    |--H. c. legana Couchman 1954 B00
    |    `--H. c. wilsoni Burns 1948 B00
    |--H. merope (Fabricius 1775) B00
    |    |--H. m. merope B00
    |    |--H. m. duboulayi (Butler 1867) B00
    |    `--H. m. salazar Fruhstorfer 1911 B00
    |--H. mirifica (Butler 1866) B00
    |--H. paradelpha Lower 1893 [incl. H. paradelpha deervalensis Burns 1946] B00
    |--H. penelope Waterhouse 1937 B00
    |    |--H. p. penelope [incl. H. penelope maraia Tindale 1952, H. penelope sterope Waterhouse 1937] B00
    |    |--H. p. alope Waterhouse 1937 B00
    |    |--H. p. diemeni Waterhouse 1937 B00
    |    `--H. p. panope Waterhouse 1937 B00
    `--H. solandri Waterhouse 1904 [incl. H. solandri angela Tindale 1953] B00
  Cercyonis pegala WWN03
  Aphantopus hyperanthus WWN03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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