Northern crescent Phyciodes cocyta, photographed by Gilles Gonthier.

Belongs within: Nymphalinae.

The Melitaeini include the checkerspots, a primarily Nearctic group of butterflies. Checkerspots generally have wings marked with red, orange and black or brown. The genus Melitaea, fritillaries, contains about 80 species found in the Palaearctic region.

    |--Euphydryas WWN03
    |    |--E. aurinia [=Melitaea aurinia] G91
    |    |--E. chalcedona D37
    |    |--E. desfontainii WWN03
    |    `--E. editha S85
    |         |--E. e. editha D37
    |         `--E. e. wrightii D37
    `--+--Chlosyne WWN03
       |    |--C. janais Drury 1782 FS54
       |    `--C. lacinia (Geyer 1837) FS54
       `--+--Melitaea WWN03
          |    |--M. arcesia P01
          |    |--M. athalia [incl. M. athalia ab. navarina] P01
          |    |--M. cinxia P01
          |    |--M. didyma [incl. M. didyma var. alpina] P01
          |    |--M. didymoides WWN03
          |    |--M. neumoegeni D37
          |    |--M. scotosia Butler 1878 I92
          |    |--M. theona (Ménétriés 1857) FS54
          |    `--M. wrightii D37
          `--Phyciodes WWN03
               |--P. albescens Röber 1913 FS54
               |--P. cocyta WWN03
               |--P. elaphiaea Hewitson 1868 S55
               |--P. liriope S55
               |    |--P. l. liriope S55
               |    `--P. l. fragilis (Bates 1864) S55
               `--P. perilla S55
                    |--P. p. perilla S55
                    `--P. p. lugubris Röber 1913 S55

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 18 August 2017.

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