Lactarius scrobiculatus var. pubescens, from here.

Belongs within: Russulales.

Lactarius is a genus of fungi producing mushroom-like fruiting bodies with an abundant latex. Molecular analysis indicates that the gasteroid genera Arcangeliella and Zelleromyces are nested within Lactarius (Miller et al. 2001).

Characters (from Miller et al. 2001): Basidiome with an abundant latex, radially arranged lamellae, a pileus, a well developed stipe, heteromerous tissue composed of sphaerocytes and filamentous hyphae, relatively few sphaerocytes (especially in lamellae), amyloid ornamentation on basidiospores.

Lactarius Gray 1821 MM01
    |  i. s.: L. chrysorrheus NU03
    |         L. corrugis HB02
    |         L. volemus HB02
    |--+--L. (sect. Lactifluus, subsect. Albati) deceptivus MM01
    |  `--L. sect. Panuoidei [=Pleurogala Redhead & Norvell 1993] MM02
    |       `--L. panuoides MM02
    `--+--L. (sect. Lactifluus subsect. Allardii) peckii MM01
       |--L. (sect. Piperites subsect. Scrobiculati) scrobiculatus MM01
       |    |--L. s. var. scrobiculatus MM01
       |    `--L. s. var. pubescens MM01
       |--L. sect. Plinthogalus MM01
       |    |--L. (subsect. Fumosi) fumosus MM01
       |    `--L. (subsect. Plinthogalus) lignyotellus MM01
       `--+--‘Zelleromyces’ sculptisporus MM01
          |--L. (sect. Lactarius subsect. Lactarius) subpurpureus MM01
          |--Arcangeliella MM01
          |    |--A. parva MM01
          |    `--A. variegata MM01
          `--+--L. (sect. Piperites subsect. Aspideinii) speciosus MM01
             `--+--L. (sect. Russularia subsect. Russularia) subdulcis MM01
                `--Zelleromyces MM01
                     |--Z. daucinus MM01
                     |--Z. stephensii BB02
                     `--Z. striatus MM01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BB02] Binder, M., & A. Bresinsky. 2002. Derivation of a polymorphic lineage of Gasteromycetes from boletoid ancestors. Mycologia 94 (1): 85-98.

[HB02] Hibbett, D. S., & M. Binder. 2002. Evolution of complex fruiting-body morphologies in homobasidiomycetes. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B—Biological Sciences 269: 1963-1969.

[MM01] Miller, S. L., T. M. McClean, J. F. Walker & B. Buyck. 2001. A molecular phylogeny of the Russulales including agaricoid, gasteroid and pleurotoid taxa. Mycologia 93 (2): 344-354.

[NU03] Nagao, H., S. Udagawa, N. L. Bougher, A. Suzuki & I. C. Tommerup. 2003. The genus Thecotheus (Pezizales) in Australia: T. urinamans sp. nov. from urea-treated jarrah (Eucalyptus marginatus) forest. Mycologia 95 (4): 688-693.

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