Dark green fritillary Argynnis aglaia, photographed by Adrian Hoskins.

Belongs within: Nymphalidae.
Contains: Heliconius.

The Heliconiinae are a clade of butterflies including such taxa as the passion-vine butterflies (Heliconiini) and fritillaries (Argynnis).

Synapomorphies (from Freitas & Brown 2004): Egg yellow; last instar larva with dorsal scoli absent from segment 1A to 7A, no additional dorsal scolus on 8A, median scoli on 2T and 3T shifted to anterior portion of segment, additional scolus present on 9A dorsal to filiform setae, filiform setae from 3A to 8A inserted on the base of the scolus or above it; adult with cyanogenic present; ratio between abdomen and total body length between 0.5 and 0.7.

<==Heliconiinae [Argynninae]
    |--Pardopsidini WWN03
    `--Heliconiini WWN03
         |--+--Clossiana WWN03
         |  |    |--C. freija I92
         |  |    |    |--C. f. freija I92
         |  |    |    `--C. f. asahidakeana (Matsumura 1926) I92
         |  |    `--C. selene WWN03
         |  `--Argynnis [Argynnini] WWN03
         |       |--A. adriaste D37
         |       |    |--A. a. adriaste D37
         |       |    `--A. a. atossa D37
         |       |--A. aglaia TYM08
         |       |    |--A. a. aglaia TYM08
         |       |    `--A. a. matsumurai Nakamura 1932 TYM08
         |       |--A. macaria D37
         |       `--A. paphia WWN03
         `--+--Vagrans egista WWN03
            |    |--V. e. egista PP02
            |    `--V. e. vitiensis PP02
            `--+--Heliconius WWN03
               `--+--Vindula arsinoe WWN03
                  `--Acraeini [Acraeinae] WWN03
                       |--Acraea andromacha PP02
                       `--Actinote WWN03
                            |--A. demonica (Hopffer 1874) S55
                            |--A. lapitha FS54
                            |    |--A. l. lapitha FS54
                            |    `--A. l. zilchi Franz & Schröder 1954 FS54
                            |--A. leucomeles (Bates 1864) FS54
                            `--A. stratonice WWN03

Heliconiinae incertae sedis:
  Colaenis FS54
    |--C. julia (Fabricius 1775) FS54 [incl. C. iulia iulia f. titio Stichel 1907 S55]
    `--C. phaetusa (Linnaeus 1758) S55
  Dione FS54
    |--D. juno (Cramer 1779) S55
    |    |--D. j. juno FS54
    |    `--D. j. huascama (Reakirt 1866) FS54
    `--D. vanillae (Linnaeus 1758) S55
  Algiachroa J03
  Cupha J03
  Cirrochroa J03
  Algia J03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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