Tremella fuciformis, photographed by Eduardo A. Esquivel Rios.

Belongs within: Tremellales.

Tremella is a genus of fungi parasitic on other fungi. Fruiting bodies, when present, are gelatinous; many species also have an anamorphic yeast form.

Characters (from R. J. Bandoni): Sporocarps conidial or basidial; conidia not arising as conjugating pairs; basidia typically single, terminal, rarely catenate and virtually always producing epibasidia and ballistospores; basidiospores mostly abstricted forcibly.

    |--T. caloceraticola KS01
    |--T. encephala KS01
    |--T. exigua KS01
    |--T. foliacea KS01
    |--T. fuciformis KS01
    |--T. giraffa KS01
    |--T. globispora KS01
    |--T. mesenterica KS01
    |--T. microspora KS01
    |--T. moriformis KS01
    |--T. mycophaga KS01
    |    |--T. m. var. mycophaga KS01
    |    `--T. m. var. obscura KS01
    |--T. neofoliacea KS01
    |--T. nivalis KS01
    |--T. occultiferoidea KS01
    |--T. penetrans KS01
    |--T. simplex KS01
    `--T. taiwanensis KS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[KS01] Kirschner, R., J. P. Sampaio, M. Gadanho, M. WeiƟ & F. Oberwinkler. 2001. Cuniculitrema polymorpha (Tremellales, gen. nov. and sp. nov.), a heterobasidiomycete vectored by bark beetles, which is the teleomorph of Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 80: 149-161.

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