Charaxes jasius, photographed by Siga.

Belongs within: Nymphalidae.

The Charaxinae are a group of fast-flying butterflies with thick bodies and sharp wings that live in the canopy of trees (Wahlberg et al. 2003).

    |  i. s.: Polyura PP02
    |           |--P. caphontis PP02
    |           `--P. eudamippus I92
    |                |--P. e. eudamippus I92
    |                `--P. e. weismanni (Fritze 1894) I92
    |         Agrias beatifica GE05
    |--Euxanthini WWN03
    |--Prothoini WWN03
    |--Pallini WWN03
    |--Anaea S55 [Anaeini WWN03]
    |    |--A. ates (Druce 1877) S55
    |    |--A. glauce (Felder 1862) S55
    |    |--A. lineata (Salvin 1869) S55
    |    |--A. onophis (Felder 1861) S55
    |    |--A. perenna Godman & Salvin 1884 FS54
    |    |--A. xenocles (Westwood 1850) S55
    |    `--A. xenocrates (Westwood 1850) S55
    |--Preponini WWN03
    |    |--Archeoprepona demophon WWN03
    |    `--Prepona S55
    |         |--P. demophon (Linnaeus 1764) S55
    |         |--P. laertes (Hübner 1806) S55
    |         |--P. meander S55
    |         |    |--P. m. meander S55
    |         |    `--P. m. magos Fruhstorfer 1916 S55
    |         `--P. omphale S55
    |              |--P. o. omphale S55
    |              `--P. o. amesia Fruhstorfer 1904 S55
    `--Charaxes [Charaxini] WWN03
         |--C. affinis B66
         |--C. argynnides B66
         |--C. castor WWN03
         |--C. euryalus B66
         |--C. fabius [incl. Papilio euphanes Esper 1801] B66
         |--C. galaxia B66
         |--C. horatius B66
         |--C. jahlusa B66
         |--C. jasius AN-A04
         |--C. latona B66
         |--C. pleione (Godart 1819) [=Nymphalis pleione, Paphia pleione] B66
         `--C. pyrrhus B66

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AN-A04] Askew, R. R. & J. L. Nieves-Aldrey. 2004. Further observations on Eupelminae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Eupelmidae) in the Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands, including descriptions of new species. Graellsia 60 (1): 27-39.

[B66] Butler, A. G. 1866. Corrections and addenda to certain papers on Lepidoptera published during the years 1865-66; with additional notes on some of the species described. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 451-458.

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[I92] Iwahashi, J. (ed.) 1992. Reddo Deeta Animaruzu: a pictorial of Japanese fauna facing extinction. JICC: Tokyo.

[PP02] Patrick, B., & H. Patrick. 2002. Butterflies of Fiji. Weta 24: 5-12.

[S55] Schröder, H. 1955. Eine Falter-Ausbeute aus dem westlichen Bolivien. (Ins. Lepid. Rhopal.) Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 329-338.

[WWN03] Wahlberg, N., E. Weingartner & S. Nylin. 2003. Towards a better understanding of the higher systematics of Nymphalidae (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 28: 473-484.

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