Charaxes jasius, photographed by Siga.

Belongs within: Nymphalidae.

The Charaxinae are a group of fast-flying butterflies with thick bodies and sharp wings that live in the canopy of trees (Wahlberg et al. 2003). Larvae mostly lack noticeable hairs or spines and usually bear two pairs of prominent tapering horns on the head (Braby 2000b).

    |--Euxanthini WWN03
    |--Prothoini WWN03
    |--Pallini WWN03
    |--Anaea S55 [Anaeini WWN03]
    |    |--A. ates (Druce 1877) S55
    |    |--A. glauce (Felder 1862) S55
    |    |--A. lineata (Salvin 1869) S55
    |    |--A. onophis (Felder 1861) S55
    |    |--A. perenna Godman & Salvin 1884 FS54
    |    |--A. xenocles (Westwood 1850) S55
    |    `--A. xenocrates (Westwood 1850) S55
    |--Preponini WWN03
    |    |--Archeoprepona demophon WWN03
    |    `--Prepona S55
    |         |--P. demophon (Linnaeus 1764) S55
    |         |--P. laertes (Hübner 1806) S55
    |         |--P. meander S55
    |         |    |--P. m. meander S55
    |         |    `--P. m. magos Fruhstorfer 1916 S55
    |         `--P. omphale S55
    |              |--P. o. omphale S55
    |              `--P. o. amesia Fruhstorfer 1904 S55
    `--Charaxes Ochsenheimer 1816 B00b [Charaxini WWN03]
         |--C. affinis B66
         |--C. argynnides B66
         |--C. brutus B01a
         |--C. castor WWN03
         |--C. cithaeron B01b
         |--C. euryalus B66
         |--C. fabius [incl. Papilio euphanes Esper 1801] B66
         |--C. galaxia B66
         |--C. horatius B66
         |--C. jahlusa B66
         |--C. jasius AN-A04
         |--C. latona Butler 1865 B00b
         |    |--C. l. latona B00b
         |    `--C. l. meridionalis B00b
         |--C. manica B01a
         |--C. neanthes B01a
         |--C. pleione (Godart 1819) [=Nymphalis pleione, Paphia pleione] B66
         |--C. pollux B01b
         |--C. pyrrhus B66
         |--C. rosae B01a
         |--C. sempronius (Fabricius 1793) B12
         `--C. varanes B01a

Charaxinae incertae sedis:
  Polyura Billberg 1820 B00b
    |--P. andrewsi (Butler 1900) B00b
    |--P. caphontis PP02
    |--P. eudamippus I92
    |    |--P. e. eudamippus I92
    |    `--P. e. weismanni (Fritze 1894) I92
    |--P. jupiter (Butler 1869) B00b
    |--P. pyrrhus B00b
    `--P. sempronius (Fabricius 1793) [=P. pyrrhus sempronius] B00b
         |--P. s. sempronius B00a
         `--P. s. tiberius B00a
  Agrias beatifica GE05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 27 February 2021.

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