Mitchell's hopping mouse Notomys mitchelli, photographed by Gary Lewis.

Belongs within: Muridae.

Notomys includes the Australian hopping mice, a group of long-tailed mice with well-developed hind legs, species of which are brown or fawn above and pale grey or white below (so sayeth Wikipedia).

    |--N. alexis R64
    |    |--N. a. alexis R64
    |    |--N. a. everardensis Finlayson 1940 R64
    |    `--N. a. reginae Troughton 1936 R64
    |--N. amplus Brazenor 1936 R64
    |--N. aquilo BP87
    |--N. carpentarius Johnson 1959 J59
    |--N. cervinus BP87
    |--N. filmeri Mack 1961 R64
    |--N. fuscus R64
    |    |--N. f. fuscus R64
    |    `--N. f. eyreius Finlayson 1960 R64
    |--N. longicaudatus FS01
    |--N. macrotis FS01
    |--N. mitchelli R64
    |    |--N. m. mitchelli R64
    |    `--N. m. alutacea Brazenor 1934 R64
    `--N. mordax FS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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