Euptychia westwoodii, from Butterfly Photography.

Belongs within: Satyrini.

Euptychia is a diverse Neotropical genus of butterflies, species of which are brown, grey-brown or blue.

Characters (from Seitz 1924): Small to medium sized, rarely reaching a wing-expanse of nearly 6 cm. Eyes hairy; forewing with costal and median strongly inflated at base, submedian somewhat inflated. Precostal of hindwing short, distally curved, mostly arising before subcostal. Upper discocellular of hindwing varying in length. Forelegs of male weak, long-haired. Wings mostly rounded, forewing with apex rounded and little produced, distal margin almost straight; distal margin of hindwing mostly undulate, sometimes completely round, occasionally more strongly dentate, inner margin of hindwing sometimes somewhat emarginate. Stripes and row of eye-spots generally present on underside of wings (rarely dots in place of eye-spots); wing colouring brown or grey-brown, sometimes brilliant blue or with blue reflection or white ground-colour; eye-spot between medians 1 and 2 on hindwing usually present, usually larger than other ocelli, eye-spot between two radials on hind wing next most developed, if one or more eye-spots present on forewing then one placed between two radials.

<==Euptychia [incl. Cissia, Megisto, Neonympha; Euptychiina] B66
    |--E. acmenis (Hübner 1806) [=Megisto acmenis, Neonympha acmenis] B66
    |--E. aegrota Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. affinis Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. agatha Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. ambigua Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. antonoe (Cramer 1779) [=Papilio antonoe, Neonympha antonoe] B66
    |--E. archebates [=Satyrus archebates] B66
    |--E. areolata (Smith & Abbot 1797) (see below for synonymy) B66
    |--E. argante (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio argante; incl. Satyrus argulus Godart 1819] B66
    |--E. argyrospila Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. atalanta Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. austera Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. ayaya Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. batesii Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. binalinea Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. brixiola Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. brixius (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus brixius] B66
    |--E. byses (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus byses] B66
    |--E. callichloris Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. camerta (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio camerta, Neonympha camerta] B66
    |--E. celmis (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus celmis] B66
    |--E. chloris (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio chloris; incl. E. chlorimene Hübner 1816] B66
    |--E. clarissa (Cramer 1782) [=Euptychia clarissa] B66
    |--E. clorimena (Stoll 1791) [=Papilio clorimena, Neonympha clerimene, N. clorimene] B66
    |--E. cluena (Drury 1782) [=Papilio (Nymphalis) cluena, E. clueria, P. clueria, Satyrus clueria] B66
    |--E. coelestis Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. cosmophila (Hübner 1806) [=Neonympha cosmophila; incl. Satyrus argenteus Swainson 1820-1823] B66
    |--E. crantor (Fabricius 1793) [=Papilio crantor, Satyrus crantor] B66
    |--E. divergens Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. doxes (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus doxes] B66
    |--E. ebusa (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio ebusa; incl. P. aranea Fabricius 1793, Satyrus aranea] B66
    |--E. electra Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. enyo Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. eous Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. erichtho Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. erigone Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. eriphule Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. erycina Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. eurytus (Fabricius 1775-1778) (see below for synonymy) B66
    |--E. fallax (Felder 1862) [=Neonympha fallax] B66
    |--E. furina Hewitson 1862 B66
    |--E. galesus (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus galesus, Neonympha galesus] B66
    |--E. gemma (Hübner 1806) [=Neonympha gemma, Satyrus gemma] B66
    |--E. gemmula (Doubleday 1847) [=Neonympha gemmula] B66
    |--E. gera Hewitson 1850 B66
    |--E. gigas Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. grimon (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus grimon, Neonympha grimon] B66
    |--E. harmonia Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. helle (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio helle] B66
    |--E. hermes (Fabricius 1775) S55 (see below for synonymy)
    |--E. herse (Cramer 1779) [=Papilio herse, E. herseis, Satyrus herseis] B66
    |--E. hesione (Sulzer 1776) S55 [=Papilio hesione B66]
    |--E. hewitsonii Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. hiemalis Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. huebneri Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. insignis Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. insolita GE05
    |--E. itonis Hewitson 1862 B66
    |--E. junia (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio junia] B66
    |--E. junonia Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. latia Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. lea (Cramer 1779) [=Papilio lea, Satyrus lea] B66
    |--E. lethe Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. libye (Linné 1766) [=Papilio libye] B66
    |--E. libyoidea Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. lydia (Cramer 1779) [=Papilio lydia, Satyrus lydius] B66
    |--E. lysidice (Cramer 1779) (see below for synonymy) B66
    |--E. maepius (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus maepius] B66
    |--E. marmorata Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. metagera Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. mima Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. modesta Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. mollina Hübner 1806 [=E. molina, Neonympha mollina] B66
    |--E. myncea (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio myncea, Satyrus myncea; incl. Neonympha clerica Herrich-Schäffer 1864] B66
    |--E. nebulosa Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. necys (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus necys] B66
    |--E. nortia Hewitson 1862 B66
    |--E. nossis Hewitson 1862 B66
    |--E. obscura Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. ocirrhoe (Fabricius 1776) (see below for synonymy) B66
    |--E. ocnus Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. ocypete (Fabricius 1776) [=Papilio ocypete, Satyrus ocypete] B66
    |--E. pacarus (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus pacarus, Neonympha pacarus] B66
    |--E. paeon (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus paeon] B66
    |--E. pagyris (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus pagyris] B66
    |--E. palladia Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. periphas (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus periphas] B66
    |--E. pharella Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. phares (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus phares, Neonympha phares] B66
    |--E. philippa Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. phineus Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. phronius (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus phronius, Neonympha phronius] B66
    |--E. picea Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. pieria Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. pilata Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. pimpla (Felder 1862) [=Neonympha pimpla] B66
    |--E. poltys (Prittwitz 1865) [=Neonympha poltys] B66
    |--E. polyphemus Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. pyracmon Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. quantius (Godart 1819) [=Satyrus quantius, Neonympha quantius] B66
    |--E. renata (Cramer 1782) [=Papilio renata, Neonympha renata] B66
    |--E. salvini Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. saturnus Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. saundersii Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. sericeella Bates 1865 B66
    |--E. similis Butler 1866 B66
    |    |--E. s. similis FS54
    |    `--E. s. themis Butler 1867 FS54
    |--E. sosybius (Fabricius 1793) [=Papilio sosybius, Satyrus sosybius] B66
    |--E. terrestris Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. tolumnia (Cramer 1779) [=Papilio tolumnia, Satyrus tolumnia] B66
    |--E. tricolor Hewitson 1850 B66
    |--E. undulata Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. urania Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. usitata Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. variabilis Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. vastata Butler 1866 B66
    |--E. vesta Butler 1866 B66
    `--E. westwoodii Butler 1866 B66

Nomina nuda: Euptychia angularis Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia armilla Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia fumata Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia liturata Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia ochracea Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia pronophila Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia straminea Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia vesper Butler 1866 B66
             Euptychia vestigata Butler 1866 B66

Euptychia areolata (Smith & Abbot 1797) [=Papilio areolatus, Neonympha areolatus, Satyrus areolatus; incl. Oreas helicta Hübner 1806, Neonympha helicta, Papilio phocion Fabricius 1793, N. phocion, Satyrus phocion] B66

Euptychia eurytus (Fabricius 1775-1778) [=Papilio eurytus, Neonympha eurytris, P. eurytris, Satyrus eurythris; incl. P. cymela Cramer 1779, Megisto cymelia] B66

Euptychia hermes (Fabricius 1775) S55 [=Papilio hermes B66, Neonympha hermes B66, Satyrus hermes B66; incl. Oreas canthe Hübner 1806 B66, Euptychia canthe B66]

Euptychia lysidice (Cramer 1779) [=Papilio lysidice, Erycina lysidice, Oreas lysidice; incl. Papilio doris Cramer 1779, Euptychia doris] B66

Euptychia ocirrhoe (Fabricius 1776) [=Papilio ocirrhoe, Oreas ocyrrhoe, Satyrus ocyrrhoe; incl. Papilio cissia Cramer 1782, Euptychia cissia] B66

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B66] Butler, A. G. 1866. A monograph of the genus Euptychia, a numerous race of butterflies belonging to the family Satyridae; with descriptions of sixty species new to science, and notes on their affinities &c. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 458-504.

[FS54] Franz, E., & H. Schröder. 1954. Tagfalter (Lep. Rhopalocera) aus El Salvador. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35: 75-87.

[GE05] Grimaldi, D., & M. S. Engel. 2005. Evolution of the Insects. Cambridge University Press: New York.

[S55] Schröder, H. 1955. Eine Falter-Ausbeute aus dem westlichen Bolivien. (Ins. Lepid. Rhopal.) Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 329-338.

Seitz, A. (ed.) 1924. The Macrolepidoptera of the World: A systematic description of the hitherto known Macrolepidoptera vol. 5. Alfred Kernen Verlag: Stuttgart.

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