Common gull Cepora nerissa, photographed by Raju Kasambe.

Belongs within: Pieridae.

Cepora, the gulls, is an Indoaustralian genus of butterflies.

<==Cepora Dalman 1820 [incl. Huphina Moore 1881] F55
    |--C. aspasia (Stoll 1790) [=Pieris aspasia] F55
    |    |--C. a. aspasia F55
    |    |--C. a. emma (Vollenhoven 1865) [=Pieris aspasia var. emma] F55
    |    |--C. a. fulcinia (Fruhstorfer 1911) [=Huphina aspasia fulcinia] F55
    |    |--C. a. irma (Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910) [=Huphina aspasia irma] F55
    |    |--C. a. olga (Eschscholtz 1821) [=Huphina olga] F55
    |    |--C. a. olgina (Staudinger 1889) [=Huphina aspasia olgina, H. emma var. olgina] F55
    |    |--C. a. orantia (Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910) [=Huphina aspasia orantia] F55
    |    |--C. a. poetelia (Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910) [=Huphina aspasia poetelia] F55
    |    |--C. a. rhemia (Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910) [=Huphina aspasia rhemia] F55
    |    `--C. a. tolmida (Fruhstorfer 1911) [=Huphina aspasia tolmida] F55
    |--C. boisduvaliana (Felder 1862) [=Huphina boisduvaliana] F55
    |    |--C. b. boisduvaliana F55
    |    |--C. b. balbagona (Semper 1890) [=Huphina boisduvaliana var. balbagona] F55
    |    |--C. b. cirta Fruhstorfer in Seitz 1910 F55
    |    `--C. b. semperi (Semper 1890) [=Huphina boisduvaliana var. semperi] F55
    |--C. nerissa F55
    |    |--C. n. nerissa F55
    |    `--C. n. dissimilis Rothschild 1892 F55
    `--C. perimale F55
         |--C. p. perimale F55
         |--C. p. bolana (Fruhstorfer 1903) F55
         `--C. p. inopinata PP02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F55] Franz, E. 1955. Die Typen und Typoide des Natur-Museums Senckenberg, 16). Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pieridae. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36: 339-367.

[PP02] Patrick, B., & H. Patrick. 2002. Butterflies of Fiji. Weta 24: 5-12.

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